Two vests = 10 sets of wear, easily wear a sense of high -level, and the temperament also improves a grade


Good at noon, sisters!

When Xiaqiu changed the season, many sisters began to be confused. Beifeng’s cute little cute message said what to wear, and the little cuteness of Guangdong said that it was still summer. What should I recommend to share with this?

I also wanted to break my head, and finally found it in the place where the weather was warm

Wearing a single

It is also possible


Various inside, practicality burst.

That’s right, it is a stacking weapon–


It can be said to be relatively niche, but it is absolutely outstanding behind the upper body.

Just saw the post -95 Xiaohua

Zhang Ruonan

Check in

Beijing Universal Studios

, Green plaid long skirt stacked black knitted vests, pure and sweet little fresh!

And Korean female artist


Lin Yuner


Recently, I participated in the radio event. The blue knitted vest has a white shirt, pure and pleasant, and ten years of beauty.

and also


Shen Mengchen



Ren Min


Wear together

SeiFini Poetan × Smileyworkd

The joint series of smiley knitted vests, one inner shirt and T -shirt, retro and playful.

Black and white phase with small incense vest with gold retro earrings, and then add color with red peaked caps,

Wu Xin



Best -full brother


The whole wear in the whole wear is simple and fashionable without losing high personality.

I found that if I find my own wardrobe, I find it according to the fabric, I share

Rough flower vest

Knitted vest

Two types, let’s see how I match every day!

Woo woolen vest, create small incense wind

Since the autumn,

Xiaoxiangfeng vest

Suddenly it became hot. This kind of vest is more elegant. After wearing it, you are a young lady who can wear it in the eyes of others.

In addition to the style, this vest is the most attractive is the fabric, which is thin and particularly textured. It is not easy to have texture.

So I started two colors at one time. Let’s talk about this green first, it’s me very


, Take one go out everyday

White shirt

, The shirt collar is to go outside, which is very individual.


Does anyone ask if this green vest is easy to put on pants? Very easy to match,

boot cut pant

As well as



It can be controlled by all.

When paired with a white shirt, I especially like to pair with black pants and stuff the hem in the waist of the trousers.

Black and white contrast

Below, the effect of showing high waist is particularly outstanding.

There are also nine -point length pants are also the first choice, exposing a slender ankle, and can show long legs, even a pair


Flat shoe


It will not be short.


Black style inside

Black shirt

Take another one

Black trousers


This is black from top to bottom, and the effect of visual thinness is unexpected.

This kind of shirt is used

V -neck

The shirt can make your neck more slender. When you wear a dark, you can also wear a necklace like me, which can add a lot.


Since I have these two rough flowers, I can’t help but want to buy it. Unfortunately, there are only these two colors until I see another white. I acted again.

There is a silver silk embellishment in the rough flowers, and the effect of blingBling under the light ~ The white vest must be tried with a white shirt, and the effect is very good.

The bottom is paired with the hottest in this season


Pleated skirt

, Swap the clothes, it is very easy to create

Short -term

The effect helped me optimize the figure. Because there is one piece of black, I stopped temporarily.

Covered vest, intellectual feminine

The knitted vest has a soft touch, and its warmth is outstanding. After putting it on, there is a touch of gentleness, and it also has the effect of age -reducing ~

Recommended first

It is designed with buckle, there are above


There is a very good


Age reduction

The feeling is not as beautiful as words. Whether it is fit or loose, it will look good.


Take one in daily life

White T -shirt

That’s fine, the temperature is just right now. The bottom is also very simple, one

Small black pants

It’s okay.

This is a single product with concave power, and

Two -piece suit


, It’s really a lazy favorite, don’t try hard to match it. Refreshing


Striped shirt


Knitting vest

Create fashionable stacks!

I chose it for you too, it is one

White trousers


, This body is particularly suitable


Wear, not very much.

Large V -neck

The design is just like a high waist. It is inseparable from being thin. This V -neck knit vest is very suitable for autumn and winter stacking to create a sense of layering, and the color of the version is not picky.

The black vest with a white shirt is absolutely bad, making you look more advanced.


Because the upper body shape is relatively loose, a small feet jeans were selected in the lower installation, in the “

Upper width and narrow

“The effect is very thin, especially the legs.

Well, today’s two vests will be shared here. Autumn has arrived, and those who like vests do not hurry up.

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Knitted vest

As well as