A number of innovative patents “small black pants” in Hansawu solve the eight problems in autumn and winter pantyhose


Nothing girls don’t like to dress in autumn and winter, and even the appearance of pantyhose, especially pills and pantyhose, makes autumn and winter show a realistic figure. However, because of the limitation of technology, traditional pantyhose is difficult to keep warm, self -cultivation and comfort. According to the survey, most of the girls wearing pantyhose have encountered the following problems: not warm, bloated, stitching feet on the feet, impatient crotch, kicking up, felling, deformation, waist curl edge edge edge Wait.


Sakura House is developed, and the ergonomic patented technology design has doubled the effects of the upper body. The layered patented technology brings different stretching of pantyhose itself, and wearing is thinner. The “600D ergonomic layered pantyhose”, which is “small black pants”, has become an innovator in the era of pantyhose.


“Little Black Pants” uses imported yarn and memory aminion to increase the shrinkage performance of pantyhose. The patented wire removal technology, the soles of the feet become thinner, the ankle is more fit, the steps are designed with the edges without trace, comfortable and not separated, low -top shoes and loafers are randomly. Wide -side high -waist pants, perfect waist and bending over the side, the hips are tailored, and the hip hips are reshaped. The inside inside is delicate and warm, does not fall off, does not fall down, and wore “small black pants” in cold days, saying goodbye to bloated and warm winter.

In addition to the explosive “small black pants” of the Internet, there are many highlights in the new pantyhose products this season. For example, “Basic 60D Anti -Ball Colorful Pantanic Pantanic Stockings” Select five popular colors to meet women’s fashion needs; Anene fiber effectively reduces odor. “80D Little Demon tablet with abdomen and hip -hip pantyhose” tighten the waist and abdomen’s excess fat and effectively lift the hips. The ingredients of ginger and pepper can keep warm, and the sheath fruit can moisturize the skin. Sakura House, the domestic leading pro -fabric collection store brand, has been committed to improving the comfortable experience of personal fabrics and meeting more consumer needs.