The results of 20 children’s safety seat comparison test results released by China Consumers Association. These brands are unqualified


□ Dahe Daily · Dahe client reporter Qi Yi

On May 29, the China Consumers Association released 20 car children’s safety seat comparative test results, and some sample quality and safety are difficult to reassuring. Among them, the “Genius Baby” sample can easily cause the child’s head to directly contact the front of the front seat in the car; It may cause symptoms such as headache and nausea.

The ability of individual samples to children’s heads is average

A total of 20 samples of this comparison test were purchased by the Chinese Consumer Association staff as ordinary consumers from some shopping malls and Tmall and other e -commerce platforms. Test and compare the safety performance, material safety, manual and identification content of the front collision of the sample.

In the collision test test, the simulated vehicle was a protective effect of the child’s safety seat at the main part of the 3 -year -old doll at the front of 50km/h at a speed of 50km/h. The collision safety performance mainly involves the acceleration of the chest synthesis, the acceleration of the vertical direction of the chest, the intrusion of the abdomen, the horizontal displacement of the head, and the vertical displacement of the head.

After the collision test was tested, there were no problems of cracking, damage or out of the 20 samples, but after the sample was hit, the protection of individual samples on the child’s head was average. Moving forward and upward, it is easy to contact the internal structure of the vehicle and cause children to be injured.

The head collision test mainly evaluates the size of the child’s head during the collision. The larger the number of displacement, the more likely it is to contact or even bump with the parts of the car. The test results show that only the “Gifted Baby Genius Baby” sample’s movement in the head horizontal does not meet national standards, which can easily cause children’s heads to directly contact the front seats in the car.

Some children’s safety seat chair fabric 锑 elements exceed the standard

中消协发布20款儿童安全座椅比较试验结果 这些品牌不合格

Children’s contact with safety seats is similar to contact with toys. The fabrics and seat belts in children’s safety seats that children can contact may contain harmful chemicals. If these harmful chemicals are high, once they enter the body through skin contact, sucking, swallowing, etc., they will band their children’s body. Comes to adverse effects.

After testing, the detection of the 20 samples of the sample meets the standard. Only the sample “Baidi is suitable/Evolution Evolution1-2-3 Super hundreds of king white gold version”. In the case, other sample test results are within the limit requirements. It is worth noting that the detection value of the sample 锑 element is 217mg/kg, which is 3.6 times the standard value of 60mg/kg.

According to analysis, if the element is absorbed by the human body excessively, it may cause symptoms such as headaches and nausea. In addition, this comparison test found that the warning and guidance of some products explained the documents were not significant, and it was easy to cause consumers to fail to install and install errors when using the product. The lack of information in the product manuals of “Genius Baby” and “Bettele” samples.

中消协发布20款儿童安全座椅比较试验结果 这些品牌不合格

The test results show that the purchased sample performed well in terms of material safety. The more expensive children’s safety seats on the market are mostly connected by ISOFIX. Some low -cost children’s safety seats will write the words “ISOFIX interface” on their purchase website, but the main fixed method is still mainly car seat belts. Consumers should pay attention to the difference when buying. The warning and guidance of some product description files are not significant, and it is easy to cause consumers to be unable to use the product correctly when using the product, causing problems such as failure to install and install errors.