History of Austria: Austria and Shifen of the Bubenburg family


The Austro -Hungarian Empire in the early 20th century

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In 19962, almost the same period as the Song Empire of the East, the Holy Roman Empire in Europe was established. The Ba Benburg family, one of the top ten families of the Holy Roman Empire, originated in Frankinia (now central Germany). It has ruled Austria and Shifen, but the ending is to be a wedding dress for others. Fall into the hands of other families.

The ancestor of the Kaishan family of the Ba Bambao family was Pop in the early 199th period of the Earl Grap Feld. At the beginning of the 10th century, the three grandsons of Pop, with some people, built Badenburg in the territory of Franknia, thereby Created the Badenburg family.

Shiva was one of the five major princes of the early Germans. The five princes include: Franknia, Saxon, Bavaria, Shiva, Lorin.

Shiva is located in the Baden-Fuetteburg State in southwestern Germany. In the fifth century, one of the Hermann, the Almanni, established the Principality of Almanni, another Frank, the Frank, and established the Frank Kingdom. In the early fifth century, the Frank Kingdom annexed the Principality of Almani, and Almani became an autonomous principality within the kingdom.


In the tenth century, the Carloin dynasty of the Frank Kingdom fell, and many of the Bo countries within the Principality of Almanni were independent. In the end, in 19919, the Earl of Bolxide II unified the public, and the Principality of Almani was changed to Shifen. Principality.

Before and after the founding of the Holy Roman Empire, they defeated the Mazar people and established the eastern border of Bavaria. Later, it was further changed to Boguo, Austria. In 19976, the emperor Orto II sealed Austria’s Lion Ped I of the Badenburg family.

At the same time, after the founding of the People’s Republic of China, the Principality of Shiva has gone through different dynasties. In 1012, the Duke of Shifen’s Duke Herman III died. The Principality of Wa Ben.

At this point, the Buberbao family has formed the Shiwen Department and the Austrian Department, which dominate the Shifen and Austria.

However, the good times did not last long. First of all, the Shiwa was a master of Shiwa in 1038. In the end, Shifa Benben fell into the hands of the Huo Heng Schofu family and became the base of the Huoheng Schola family. The Duke is the Emperor Barbarosa, the emperor Friedrich I, the emperor of the Red Beard.

Since then, there is also an episode. The Bamnababbao family has also received the Bavarian Principality. In 1139, King Conrad III, in order to fight against the vassal Vef family who dared to resist, won the Bavarian Principality from his hands and changed it to Pakistan. The Bao’s family of Pavili Opod IV of the Austrian Austrian.

In 1141, Lioopal IV died, and his brother Hainry II inherited Austria and Bavaria.

In 1145, as the Earl of Austria, Hainry II moved to Vienna.

In 1147, as the princes, Heinrich II followed the King of Crusades III and carried out the second crossing of the Crusades. They encountered the ambush of the Cylord Turkic in Asia and were defeated. Conrad III Injury, his nephew, young red beard Friedrich, and Heinrigg II, fled, ran all the way to Constantinople in the East Roman Empire, and then escaped.

After the death of Conrad III, his nephew, Red Beard, was crowned as the Holy Roman Emperor in 1155 and for Friedrich I. At that time, the young new emperor had a good deal with the Lion Heinrich of the Vef family. Therefore, in 1156, he ordered the Bavarian Principality to the Vef family. The Principality of Austria.

After the founding of the Austrian Principality, the most famous Duke was Leopard V. In 1189, he participated in the third crossing of the Crusades of Qunying, conflicting with the British King Lion Heart King Richard, and was humiliated by Richard. He was resentful and led the Austrian army alone to return to Austria. Later, Richard returned to China, passing by the European continent. Makeup passed through the area of ​​Vienna and was found. The Austrian army captured it. After that, Liopo Verum will be bound to the emperor. Get up and extort to Britain with a large ransom.

In 1246, the last Duke Friedrich II, the last Duke of the Bourbonburg Dynasty in Austria, died. After nothing, the Austrian Department of the Buberbao family was also abrupt.

The Bourbonburg dynasty in Austria was over. Since then, after the Baden and Pressers, in the end, the Habsburg family in Switzerland defeated the Presses family in 1278 and won the Austrian Principality. Base in the Besburg family.

At this point, the two major territories of the Ba Benburg family belong to others.

In 1530, during the reign of the Emperor Habsburg Fast of the Imperial Emperor Karl V, the Austrian Principality was upgraded to the Austrian Great (kingdom level), and the level was higher than other princes such as the Great of Luxembourg. The princes and emperors of the empire are all princes of Austria or Grand Duke of Austria, which is equivalent to the king and the queen.

At the beginning of the nineteenth century, the Holy Roman Empire was overthrown and replaced by the Napoleon Empire, and the Austrian prince was upgraded to the Austrian Empire.

In the late nineteenth century, the Austrian Empire was defeated by the Kingdom of Prussia, and the pressure in inside and outside was large and had to improve the status of the domestic Hungarian. The Austrian Empire was therefore changed to the Austro -Hungarian Empire.

In 1918, the First World War ended, the Austro -Hungarian Empire disintegrated, and Austria established the Republic. The Habsburg family’s rule of Austria for more than 600 years announced the end.

In 1938, the Republic of Austria merged into the Third Empire of Germany and became a state of the empire.

In 1945, the end of World War II, the third empire of Germany disintegrated, Austria resumed independence and rebuilt the Republic.