After entering the spring, wearing a coat with less pants.


Spring is here, wearing a coat with less pants. Now these “half -body long skirts” are popular, elegant and thin.


The return of spring, the weather has become warmer, which is really happy for the little fairy who usually likes to wear skirts. Although the overall temperature has risen a lot, it will still be a bit cold sooner or later. Therefore, you need to prepare a coat to go out to use it to match the skirt, which is more appropriate.

So, what kind of skirt is popular in spring this spring? ↓

Next, follow Lily’s footsteps together. This year, wearing coats and these “half -body long skirts” are not only elegant, but also very thin.

How to look good in coat+half -body long skirt?


How to match the half -body long skirt when wearing a coat? ▼

⑴ To choose the length of the right coat and skirt

If you want to wear a combination of a half -body long skirt, you must first choose the length of the coat and skirt. For a short girl, the length of the coat and long skirt must be grasped. First of all That’s right, the shortcomings of the ankle will neither lower the person, but also cover the shortcomings of the thick legs.

衣 Skirts longer than coats

When wearing a coat with a long skirt, the length of the skirt of the lower body is a little longer than the coat, so it looks better and taller. Moreover, the combination of length can create a sense of layering, and the fashion is much higher.

选 Coat color multi -choice of classic models

When choosing a coat to wear, it is recommended to choose the color of the classic models, such as black and white, khaki, and camel. The colors of these coats are more versatile. Choosing these colors of coats, no matter what kind of long skirts are matched, are not easy to make mistakes!

The coat with these “half -body long skirts” is very elegant

NO.1: with a pleated skirt

When it comes to coats with half -bodies, I believe the first skirt that most girls think of are pleated skirts? This half -body long skirt is really too temperamental and elegant to wear. The key is to cover the meat and thinner. Choose it to match with the coat. Don’t be too beautiful.

Do you see this body, is it very gentle? White cashmere coat, this length is quite reasonable, at least for a short girl, it is very advantageous. Whether you wear it on your body or wear it, it is very good. The top of the top can be made with a smooth color. The lower body is paired with a pleated half -body skirt, which is warm and fashionable.

Spring is here, and you can wear skirts again. In such a warm and cold weather, you can choose a coat to match the skirt. The gray woolen coat seems to be really popular this this this year. It uses stacking inside to create a sense of layering. The lower dress chose a beige pleated skirt, and the whole person became gentle instantly, showing his temperament without losing elegance!

NO.2: coat with grid skirt


This year’s retro style will continue to be popular. If you like to wear retro style, when you wear coats in spring, you can choose a grid or checkered half -body long skirt, so that you can easily create a retro fan. The black coat is considered the most classic existence of many colors. The version and length are very good, especially the length, it is simply tailor -made for the small children ~


The upper body is simply selected for a white tall neck, which is really commensurate with the black coat. The lower body is equipped with a high -waisted lattice half -body long skirt. live. Finally, with a pair of black Martin boots, the sweet and cool style is shaped.

Do you still like this retro but not losing elegance? First of all, let’s talk about its color schemes. The combination of red, yellow, orange, and black all says that the color matching on the whole body is best not more than three types, but Lily feels that as long as you know how to match, the combination of multiple colors is the same, and the same is true. It will look very harmonious.


Light yellow woolen coat, the saturation is relatively not high, it is white and gentle to wear. The length of the coat is medium -length, the small man is very suitable, simple and generous style, it is also doomed to its versatile advantages. The inside still uses the combination of stacking, the combination of high -necked bottom shirt and knitted cardigan, perfect. The red plaid long skirt with the lower body makes the retro breath more rich.


NO.3: coat with broken flower half -bodies long skirt


How can you lack a romantic floral skirt in your wardrobe? Perhaps, in the eyes of many girls, I feel that the skirt of floral skirts is easy to wear out of breath. That is actually you can’t match it! Do not choose too bright styles of floral skirts. Low -key pure color models are more conducive to you. Look at this set.


Very temperamental wool coat with a white high -neck bottom shirt with a white high -neck, a light -colored floral half -body long skirt with a low -key gentleness. The beret worn on his head also added a little literary atmosphere to the entire wear.


Alright, do you like the coats shared by Lily today with a skirt, do you still like it? Spring is here, wearing a coat with less pants, this year’s popular “half -body long skirt”, elegant and thin.

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