How to choose your baby’s socks? In the cotton era, baby cotton socks are worthy of reference


As the saying goes, “cold starts from your feet”, the baby’s feet need to keep warm in autumn and winter. At this time, how to choose baby socks becomes an indispensable topic between Baoma. In order to help you to solve this problem, Xiaobian prepared the baby’s socks to choose cheats today. Let’s learn together!


01 Socks are best to choose cotton

Cotton socks are soft, breathable, and sweat -absorbing, which is very suitable for babies to wear. When choosing, pay attention to check the ingredients of the socks and recognize 100%full cotton texture socks. Like I often entered the cotton cotton socks, the cotton materials it uses for more than 12 hours, softer and more shiny; at the same time, this cotton socks use a combed process, which only retains long cotton fiber. In addition to miscellaneous and short fiber, the cloth surface is smoother and more smooth and more comfortable.


02 Socks need to be dense and firm

When choosing socks, carefully check the workmanship inside and outside the socks, and check it out to see if there are any decorations such as line heads, beads, and beads. If you have any, try not to choose. At the same time, pay attention to whether the seams of the socks are dense and firm, and choose the thick socks of the socks. Like the cotton era, this cotton socks are pure hand -to -eye sock tip. The suture of the bones can make the sock tip flat.


03 Socks need to choose a regular big brand

Moms are best to choose brand socks in infant products, so that the quality will be guaranteed. Do not buy socks at the stall or unconventional shops for the convenience of greed. The quality of socks you buy is often unqualified. Most of them are mixed with inferior cotton or a lot of Qinglun. Like the cotton era is a subsidiary of stable medical care, with reference to the strict system of stable medical treatment, focusing on details, meticulous and excellent professionalism, integrate into each pair of socks, the quality of the product is high, and you can use it.

For the sake of the baby’s health, mothers should understand how baby socks are selected. The three small points shared above, remember to write it down ~