“Last Lecture” before retirement, Merkel persuaded “fast vaccine”


Source: Xinhua News Agency


Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, December 5th. The German Detention Government Prime Minister Merkel delivered a weekly routine video speech on the 4th, calling on the public to unite the new crown epidemic, vaccinate vaccines as soon as possible, and strictly implement epidemic prevention measures. German media reported that Merkel is expected to step down next week, which is the last weekly video speech before retirement.


Merkel said in his speech: “We are now experiencing the fourth wave of epidemic, and the situation is very severe. In some areas of my country, the situation of the epidemic can be described as violent. We must treat this dangerous virus seriously.”

This is a live video of the German Chancellor Merkel, which was filmed in front of the German Christian Democratic Democratic Alliance (CDU) headquarters in Berlin, Germany on September 26. (Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Liyang)

The recent epidemic in Germany has tightened. According to data from the Robert Koch Research Institute of CDC, more than 64,000 new crowns had been added in Germany in the past day, with a total diagnosis of 6.11 million cases; 378 new deaths were added, and more than 100,000 deaths were accumulated.

After Bavaria and Baden-Fotenburg reported that there was a case of mutant new crown virus infection in the infection of the new crown virus, the capital Berlin also reported on the 2nd that the new poison strain “appeared”.

Merkel expressed concerns about the current outbreak of Germany in his speech. She mentioned “the severe care unit of people”, “extremely high number of deaths”, and forced patients to be transferred to other regions for treatment due to insufficient beds. “The departure of each patient made relatives and friends feel shocked and helpless. This can be avoided … We have the key to fighting the epidemic, that is, a safe and effective vaccine.”

She appealed: “Go vaccine quickly. Whether it is the first needle or enhanced needle, every needle is useful.”

Merkel thanked the public for their rational and understanding in the epidemic, and hoped that they would continue to strictly implement epidemic prevention measures. According to her, it will be very difficult in the next few weeks, and we must unite to overcome difficulties. “I sincerely hope that we can succeed together.”

On December 3, a woman left from a new crown detection point from Frankfurt, Germany. The German Federal Federation and the state governments reached an agreement on the 2nd to strengthen social restrictions on those who have not vaccinated new crown vaccines to curb the spread of the country’s fourth wave of epidemic. (Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Liyang)

Facing the fierce epidemic, Germany has increased the epidemic prevention measures. According to an agreement reached by the federal government and the state governments on the 2nd, non -living essential stores, restaurants, gymnasiums, cinemas, theaters and other cultural and leisure places will allow only new crown vaccines or new crowns to enter. These places can further require people to provide negative proof of new coronal virus detection.

Those who have not vaccinated vaccines need to undergo virus testing and negative results to go to work. The number of private parties is also limited.

German media reported that Merkel will step down next week. The successor is the candidate for the Prime Minister of Social Democratic Party, the current Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of Finance Olaf Tushu. Tsubitz said earlier this week that he advocated forced vaccination for the new crown vaccine to curb the spread of the epidemic, hoping to start implementation at the latest in March next year. (Zhang Jing)