From tight beam to steel ring, sports model, women’s underwear evolutionary history


Roman era


Simple tube top: Very simple, like today’s tube top.

16th-19th century

Tights: In order to allow women to have an hourglass -like body shape, tight -fitting corset imprisons them as elegant “slaves” until the end of the 19th century, this pursuit of S -shaped figure has developed to the extreme, and at the same time, it has also caused great greatness to women’s bodies. harm.



Birth of the bras: At a ball, the New York social celebrities Mary Phelps made the first bracelet with two handkerchiefs and ribbons, which was favored by women at that time. Later It is the originator of modern underwear.

In the 1920s

Pursuing flat chest: After the feminist movement, the modern girl cuts her hair, listened to jazz, wears men’s women’s clothing and straight clothing. They are pursuing the flat breasts and are more willing to wear underwear that does not emphasize the curve of the body.

In the 1930s

Steel rings and cups: More and more women are working on their jobs. Nylons and steel rings have gradually joined underwear. American underwear companies have begun to divide underwear into different cups.

In the 1940s-the 1950s

Marilyn Monroe: In addition to designing New Look, Dior, a fashion design master, also designed supporting tight underwear to highlight the bumpy curve of women. Sexy star Marilyn Monroe made the cone -shaped bras that appeared at the time.


In the 1970s

Sports underwear: In 1979, three female stars including Lisa Linda invented sports underwear. Entering the 21st century, in order to conform to women’s aesthetics, he no longer emphasizes the perfect figure, and sports underwear is favored.


Underwear is wearing and Madonna: Fashion Master Jean Paul Gattier makes the underwear wearing a trend. The conical bra designed for Madonna’s concert is even more sensational, and now it has become a classic.


1990s-early 21st century

Victoria’s Secret: In the early 1990s, Victoria’s Michelon has become the largest underwear retailer in the United States and has 350 stores in the United States. The Victoria’s Secret Show, which has been held since 1995, has jointly supermodels, and has become the annual “carnival” of the annual fashion circle with the help of television and Internet carriers. The sexy economy has become popular for a while. But now, Victoria’s Secret Products is out of time. The way to develop brand propaganda from a male perspective is no longer suitable for the current female consumption habits. After the epidemic, Victoria’s British company announced bankruptcy.

21st century

The rise of steel -free underwear: With the rise of the “her” economy and self -pleasing concept, women’s demand for underwear has changed from sexy, shaping, gathering to comfort and sports.

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