Hermes in the down jacket, finally getting cold


Before becoming a “darling of the city”, Canadian geese have always been known for their resistance to extreme cold. Cold Northern Europe is its key sales area.

But as the brand became popular, the trend of cold resistance gradually south, and it became a pursuit of LOGO.

Because the price of Canadian geese is tens of thousands, it is a lot more expensive than ordinary down jackets, so it has been called “Hermes in the down jacket”.

Strangely, the “geese”, which is so unscrupulous, is actually mixed in many countries. Obviously it is a functional clothing, but it has become a symbol of identity like luxury goods.

Chinese and foreign stars, government officials, and commercial tycies are all loyal fans of big geese.

Putin once wore a big goose Chilliwack Bomber classic bomber version through the Siberian jungle; Sister Stone Emma Stone also wore a big goose Kensington Parker coat to go out.

In China, the fan list of Canadian goose can be pulled to infinite long -term: Luhan, Li Yifeng, Yang Mi, Zhou Dongyu, Song Qian, Jia Jingwen and so on.

There is no good future. Since the beginning of this year, this “goose” has been repeatedly tentatively tentatively tentatively tentatively tried on the edge of “death”: September was just punished for administrative punishment for false advertisements, and in October, he was interviewed for refusal to return the goods.

“All specialty stores in mainland China are not allowed to be returned.” Such discriminatory clauses have been verified by Chinese consumers.

Canadian geese are so arrogant, not only because there are too few domestic competitive products, but also because people’s cognition of down jackets is relatively single.


Although in the past two years, down jackets such as Moose Knuckles and the North Face (north) have gradually come out, but they are also foreign brands.

In fact, there are many “can play” down jackets in China, such as Poson, Eliyi, Yalu and so on.

However, in the “down jacket contempt chain” of netizens, Bosideng, the number one domestic brand, has two Levels lower than Canadian goose.

Many people can’t say exactly where these two levels are low.

In fact, we generally have only two requirements for down jackets: good -looking and warm.

If you look good, you are required to have a style.

The design of the Canadian goose is simple and de -gender, which can tolerate most of the age groups.


Most of the down jackets are hooded, which has a windproof effect and can be used for decoration. It is beautiful and practical.

The straight version makes it more convenient to wear and take off. The waist of the clothes is decorated with a loose band style, highlighting the waistline, making the thick down look less bloated.

On the front of the clothes, there is a flip pocket with age reduction design. On the left arm is the iconic logo of the brand. In addition, there are no too much decorations, and the overall looks simple and generous.


In fact, among domestic brands, this design is also a big grasp. The difference is that the design of most domestic brands does not follow the “dedicated” route.

Some styles are simple and generous, and others are fancy and complicated. In this case, it is not easy to make high -end and unique brand images.

However, in terms of quality and warmth, most of the national brand down jackets are comparable to or even crushing Canadian geese.

It’s just that the warm standards of down jackets are in the blind spots of people’s knowledge, so it is easy for everyone to propagate by merchants.

In order to enhance persuasion, this time the penalty decision on Canadian goose was analyzed in a simple way.


Many netizens said: “After reading this penalty decision, I basically learned to buy down jackets.”

For example, Canadian geese claims that the Hutterite down is the duck and goose velvet in the Hutterite community breeding area in northern Canada, and the down of the Hutterite origin is the warmest Canadian down.


However, after two young cadres of the Huangpu District Supervision Bureau of Shanghai in my country, they checked a large amount of Chinese and English materials. After visiting the down and clothing experts, they found that the warmth performance of the down is only related to the two indicators of the fluffy and velvet content of the down.


The official website of FIC (Chinese Food Additives and Equipment Association) also pointed out that under the same situation of birds, the quality of down is related to the maturity of birds and has nothing to do with the origin and climate.

The above is the so -called “hard core face”?

In this case, the blogger@这 这 这 这 Compared with the composition table of the 9900 yuan Canadian goose and 4999 yuan Bosideng discovery:

The quality of domestic down jackets completely hangs Canadian goose.

Now, will you be glad that “poverty” has not paid IQ taxes for Canadian geese? (If you have passed, you will regret it!)


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