So long, what is your “casual pants”?




In the daily wear, in addition to everyone’s well-known jeans, there is also a suits in a suits in the pace of Causal in recent years, there is also a kind of commonly mentioned –

casual pants


But this is too generally called, everyone is inevitably can’t touch the mind, so what is this common “casual pants”?

Nowadays, people often refer to “casual pants” generally said Chino Pants.

It is also called Chino,


Is a casual pants between trousers and jeans

. But many people think that Chino Pants is khanes, and this is not rigorous.


The card is just a pants that represent the color of the card, and the specific trousers are not sure; while Chino Pants refers to a specific trouser type.

Among them, Chino is a professional term. Specially referred to in knitting, a rod-bearing technique is used in a 45-degree angle, and as the name of the Waves, as the name of CHINO PANTS is to use a twill cotton to cut pants according to suit.


Where did China come from?

In order to facilitate the operation of the combat, the British army will change the original red-white military uniform to a thin and durable twill trousers (Chino cloth), and have a yellowish brown, followed by the Philippine soldier. Going back to the United States, becoming a military uniform of the early American war US military.

In order to save cloth and cost, the original military chinos Pants is no pocket, the pants are designed in conical legs; and after the civilians began to wear this pants, they added the classic sticker back bag and obliquely pockets, so That

Classic conical styles and stickers have become the characteristics of Chino pants

This kind of military pants is also because after the end of the World War, the veteran returns to the campus, and the wear-resistant Chino is still as their daily dress, and this trousers are suitable for any dress and occasions. So Chino Pants also set off a American campus boom such as Preppy, Ivy League.

CHINO PANTS is in front of jeans and trousers?

Don’t love wearing jeans and feel that trousers are difficult to take care of it.


Strong and wear and simple


Chino Pants became their best choice.

Early Chino Pants is mainly cotton, and now it is also made of synthesis. Compared with jeans and suit pants, the comfort brought by Chino is a slightly better, especially in spring and summer, Chino pants.


Good gas permeability and water absorption

It is undoubtedly brought pleaded with pleasure.

Due to the demand for the operation background, traditional classic Chino is the main color, so that it is not so compelling; but the evolution is so far, the color of chino pants can be described as a variety of kinds.

Dealing with different scenes or styles are gently easy

What color is selected?

If you are the words of the pants, light-colored



It is my first recommended color, it is neither as deep as brown, and it won’t be like white too bright, there will be too difficult to have it under any wear.

As we all know, khaki is an essential color system in the fake industry, so it will not be wrong.


Second, male tops are often used

Sea blue / ink blue, black

It is also worth trying to use in Chino Pants.

The matching or one Tone is extremely applicable in the colorful clothing color matching of the fresh color and the saturation of the fresh-colored and it is absolutely able to make a hand to it.

In spring, summer,



Chino Pants can be said to be the color of the last color of its big earth.


Due to the specialty of the fever of the season, the visual effect seeking refreshing visual effect in the wearing a spring, summer, which is suitable for any colorful white plus breathable twill cotton, which naturally has become Chino. Colorful selection of pants.


However, in any color system, you must ensure that it is the most important thing to match your skin color.



If it is biased / fat or too thin and small body population, the straight or fitted tailor version is more suitable, and the relative tight level is definitely a deadly mine area. There is no doubt that it will expose your fat or people. It seems that there is a lack of security or even a little unhealthy skeleton feel.

Error demonstration


Slim or normal people choose Slim tailor pants (do not mean tight!), More like their body curve can also modify the leg shape.


What should the chino pants can wear under different styles?


Business Causal


Chino pants with casual charm under the suit style,


No jeans are too casual but more relaxed than in the suit pants.

It has achieved excellent balance between these two, so it is not even generous to use Chino Pants in daily work.

With Chino Pants, the Blazer Suit Jacket will be more close to the leisure style. At the same time, the design of the bag will make the overall image more simple, the harmonious is full; plus the three-dimensional version of Chino pants, and rich The contoured suit has complement.


Use T-shirt as an inner and pants with gentry, the usual practice of leisure suit, considering simple pants, simple and modified characteristics,


Try to choose your version


It is too loose or long long, and it will not be too elegant.

Although pure T is easy to create a casual hurry in gentle, it is actually not suitable for everyone, especially those who have fat, abdomen, have a fat, so the shirt is also inner Excellent choice.

Choosing the dress of the fresh color, such as light blue, Morandi green, gray yellow, etc., can create a sense of hot spring and summer, two can avoid creating grandfather or father’s suit.


Smart Casual

Spring, summer, the best way to create Smart Casual style is that there is a shirt and a pants (it is best to put the shirt into the waist, avoiding seeming too much drag).


The tapered tailored design of Chino and the appearance of the display in the upper and lower shirts, so that the overall lines are distinguished from the head to the end, highlighting temperament, while the wine is red and the khaki is taken out in the casual Different classical atmosphere.

In the shirt, the slightly thin vest, the stretched chest is intentionally disseminated with rigid hormones, and the next Chino Pants seems to be just right, and the trousers and pants are pleasing in the field and street style. Creating a feeling of sexually insemlessness without blowing ash.


Elegant simple Chino Pants is very easy to make thousands of shirts in minimalism, with a single-hearted shirt, with detail tailoring to break the single dress match, no minimalism, no, low-key, can reveal personality .

In addition to avoiding the “Thousands of people” on clothes, the colorful color gameplay can also bring the same effect. It is recommended that the unique to the colored and colors will only choose one of the two, too much, and it is easy to get it.


Originally, a polo shirt called “old shirt” is no longer limited to the parent’s wearing a single product, with the rise of retro wind, the plain slim POLO said it is a good choice for creating classical charms. But can interpret that this flavor is the most negligible, is chino pnats. The weather is getting hot, the shorts is equipped with a belt of pants not only brings a cool comfort, but also adds to the pen.


Street leisure

A simple T-shirt is taking a duckling hat has completed half of the street style theme. The next sports pants evolve into a street sports wind is not what you want; Just talk about it, as long as it is there, the street leisure effect “one wears out”, and the comfort of the fabric plus the cutting design of the pants can bring a self like action.


Simple and modified leg-type Chino pants and tailoring simple veatrine windbreaker, put the street casual style with a piece of elegant, and also break the inherent image of the veatrial windbreaker with trousers, more Highlights the unique charm and style of self-dressing.

In addition, select color personality such as red, yellow, blue, etc. also very easy to create a street leisure effect, take a print t-shirt or a fancy shirt, as well as sneakers, canvas shoes or small white shoes Wait, it is basically completed the overall LOOK, but more importantly, in order to avoid the violations of such personal colors, it is essential, such as package, silk scarves, sunglasses or necklaces.