Come and watch, Baoma needs items that need to prepare


I have been engaged in children’s vaccine prevention outpatient work for 10 years and has rich outpatient experience. If you do n’t understand or other needs to consult, you can pay attention to the private message. thanks.

Below are dry goods, I do n’t thank it, but remember to like it:

1. 2-3 sets of breathable cotton pajamas, sweating need to be replaced in time (the hospital’s set 50 yuan, not forced to prepare for it, the hospital is hard and uncomfortable)

2. 1 pair of confinement shoes (there are a lot of Taobao, less than 20 free shipping, soft foundation)

3. About 4-5 antibacterial cotton underwear (there are many postpartum dew, need to be replaced in time)

4. 2-3 pieces of breastfeeding bras (Recommended BRAVADO in Canada, Taobao can be available)

5. Maternal care pads (the hospital has it, it is counted in the expenses, but it may not be able to prepare another pack of it. The pharmacy is sold. There is no special adult urine pad. It’s not cheap, I don’t think it is necessary)

6. Brown sugar (should be drinking 7-10 days after giving birth, promoting the dew, not too long to drink. The supermarket is basically industrial processing brown sugar. I have tried the handmade brown sugar of the strong family. I have micro-business cheaper than Taobao, 40-50 pounds); chocolate (smooth birth)

7. Anti -cream pads (this is the same as paper towels, and Lansinoh in the United States is a one -time anti -overflow pad, Taobao has more than 60 points a box)

8. The breast pump (Lansinoh in the United States is more than 1200 points in bilateral electricity, cost -effective and practical are much better than virtue. According to the actual situation, it can be prepared)

9. Maternal sanitary napkin (commonly used sanitary napkins, 2-3 packs long, short 1-2 packs, this can be prepared a few packets, recommended Hua)

10. Little barrel (This is because the body was weak within one to two days after giving birth. In the past, the hospital had a mother who went to the bathroom to go to the toilet or fainted. Let’s)

11. Washing supplies (toothbrushes -I do n’t dare to brush my teeth, I use my mouthwash; the washbasin -two dedicated; a few more pieces of the towels; the hot kettle -Bao Ma wash my hands and wash my face or something, something must be used or something. Warm water; other soaps of soap are thinking about preparation; then the toilet pad can prepare some one -time unprepared)

12. Tableware (I don’t say it, prepare a few straws, it is really convenient to just lie down and drink water)

13. The clothes discharged, and the hat -connected jacket is good. Pay attention to windproof! Intersection

14. The thick socks of loose mouth (when you have a child during confinement, you can easily pain in the heels in the later period)

15. Personal documents (identity cards, inspection manuals, all inspection forms, medical insurance cards, neighborhood committees’ notification forms, etc.), and the payment list must be retained.

16. Postpartum restraint belt depends on individuals, anyway, my sister -in -law sent me, I haven’t used it

17. Maternal and baby special paper (all major brands are available. The color paper and bamboo fiber paper such as spring forests, gull dew and other color paper and bamboo fiber paper is not bleached and not added. Babies are much more convenient to use paper pumping paper than toilet paper. Recommended bamboo fiber, use more, can be hoarded)

Baby Supplies

1. Clothing (natural color cotton texture can be)

Two pieces of bellybands (pay attention to size)

2-3 pieces of Kazakhstan (single shirt or jacket, the summer I prepared at the time was not used at the time), 3 sets are thicker in winter, and heating is not very thick.

2. Diab trousers (the minimum NB of NB is 90 pieces, which is basically enough. It is enough to go to the hospital to bring 10 films. Now we use cards to cute. Not to genuine)

3. diapers (Recommended gauze or bamboo fiber, Taobao is more expensive, breathability is better than pure cotton, bamboo fiber is soft than gauze)

4. Hug (the hospital has it, it should be forced to buy, I think it is enough to prepare 1 person, so don’t need to use it because of less)

5. Covering a blanket and a towel (can also be used as a hug, it is also recommended for gauze or bamboo fiber. This can be prepared a few more, thin and thick, and the size is generally 1.2 meters*1.2 meters.

6. Two bottle bottle (separate water and drink milk, one big and one small, for example 150ml.240ml, recommended Beta intelligent, imitation female nipples, what else can be, you can check it again)

7. Bottle brush, use it! Intersection (Beta I use, matching horse hair, online shopping 80, expensive but more useful than others, Xiaoder was born now)

8. Milk powder (may be difficult to open milk in the early stage, a small can with the smallest preparation, loves other beauty, cattle bar, and then in Australia, there is a kind of A2 closest to breast milk now)

9. 2-3 pieces of urine pads (I often wash the sheets when not prepared), color cotton

10. Baby wet towel (In principle, the baby is washed with water and dry it with clean cloth, but if the baby pulls more for a day, it is convenient to get the wet towel, but it is not harmful to buy)

11. Hip cream (The baby is used in the early stage, in fact, I think it is best not to use it.

12. Baby bath (with a bath net, you can wash it at home with Yueyue Tianyi), washbasin (dedicated, at least 2 separate faces, buttocks, and babies must be dedicated), water thermometer (not allowed to feel the feel is not allowed , Bathing the water temperature)

13. Babies dedicated shampoos and dew moisturizing (California Baby for Tuer)

14. Baby special laundry solution (South Korea Paining), laundry soap (South Korea Paining, good diapers)

15. Smooth towel small towels (cotton or fine gauze can be more prepared, face, buttocks, baths are separated) cotton socks set pillow

16. Nail scissors (small scissors for babies are easy to use. Do n’t use nail clamps if you are smaller. Nail tongs can be removed from pouring)

17. Sleeping bag (The anti -kick quilt mainly protects the chest and abdomen, mainly to sleep more at ease, generally not to cover it)

18. Special small pot or steam pot (can also be disinfected with bottle bottle), constant temperature flush milk pot (recommended Beatian, convenient milk powder, especially at night)

19. Shuang body powder pink pink powder (use less, depending on the situation)


twenty one. Vitamin D

twenty two. Baby paper (paper towels are more convenient than toilet paper, it is best not to rub it)


Plastic big box, separate the Baoma and the baby’s things when they are hospitalized, one bag and a special package, the box is convenient and clean (buying the Yangyang market), no big bags and small bags, hospital cabinets ~~~ A one of a hospital ~~~ One of them ~~~ One is a one. Box

Plastic bags (what do you use for garbage and temporarily)