Treatment of spleen deficiency, is it good to eat atractylodes, or is it better to eat Poria? How to eat Poria Baiist?



In the cognition of traditional Chinese medicine, the spleen acts on the digestive system of the human body, helping the body to transform the grain grain that is transported from the gastrointestinal and stomach, and store it as the purest energy. Not only that, the spleen is also a “regulator” of human water circulation. The water conservancy supply of each organ is transferred from the spleen to maintain the normal mechanism of the human body. But in contrast, if the spleen is weak or overwhelmed, there will be problems with the nourishment of the entire body, and then there will be hidden dangers of health and disease.

The most common spleen symptoms are spleen deficiency. According to

“Typhoid and Miscellaneous Diseases


“The relevant records, most of the spleen deficiency is not running well in water conservancy,

The spleen is sluggish, and the body organs will be affected one after another

On the surface, people will have common symptoms such as fat tongue, pale complexion, loss of appetite, and low emotions. As a kind of symptoms of Chinese medicine, spleen deficiency naturally relies on the nourishment and tonic of traditional Chinese medicine and Chinese medicine to achieve better results.

However, many friends have made difficulties in treating spleen deficiency. According to related academic records

Both Atractylodes and Poria are effective Chinese medicines with water conservancy and spleen deficiency.

Essence However, some friends choose to treat spleen deficiency or Poria to treat spleen deficiency, which often has a different effect with others. It feels like

The spleen deficiency is even more “virtual”,

How to choose these two Chinese medicines?

Is it better to treat spleen deficiency symptoms? Or is it better to eat Poria?

Let’s take a look at the specific effects of the two first:

Look at Atractylodes first

: According to the “Compendium of Materia Medica”

, Gyllastine is warm, sweet, bitter, spleen, stomach meridian. A supplemental drugs belonging to the category of supplement to supplemental drugs

Essence It can indeed be used as a representative Chinese medicine for the spleen.

And Chinese medicine believes that atractylodes can be mainly able to

Spleening the spleen and qi, dry and damp water,

If there is

Hympimulites, edema, decreased appetite


Symptoms can be adjusted through atractylodes.

Look at Poria again: “

Records of the Compendium of Materia Medica, Poria is flat, sweet, light, and belongs to the stomach and stomach meridians

It belongs to the damp drugs that clear the heat.

In the efficacy record of Poria, it can detoxify and diuretic, know the joints,

Symptoms such as leakage, diarrhea, weakness, etc.,

It can have a good response effect. Mr. Sun Siyi said that “Poria Jiufu Hundred Diseases” said similar effects.

I believe that through the comparison of the two drugs, many friends may still not see the difference between the two for spleen deficiency. Next, analyze the different types of spleen deficiency with you:

Spleen deficiency also has a different division,

They are spleen yin deficiency and spleen yang deficiency.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the human body is mixed with yin and yang, and the yin and yang balance can be feasible and healthy. The same is true for various organs of the body.

If the spleen is hypoxic, then it means

Symptoms of spleen and yang deficiency


Too much loss of temper, then sluggish

, Normal physiological operation cannot be performed.

The solution is “supplement”.


The spleen lacks yin fluid, indicating that there are symptoms of spleen yin deficiency

, A large amount of blood can not be accumulated without spreading,

The method of replenishment is “diarrhea”

Therefore, the answer is clear at a glance. Whether it is atractylodes or Poria, it is not a single drug that can include all symptoms of the spleen deficiency.


Summarized as follows:

If you have symptoms of spleen and yang deficiency

The direction of nourishing is “tonic”, then it is attributed to the spleen meridian. It belongs to the influenza of the subordinates and the qi.

If you exist

Symptoms of spleen yin deficiency

, Nourish the direction of “sparse”, then it can clear heat and decline, detoxify and water,

Poria with clear heat and dryness is more suitable

Essence Please consider yourself.

Incidentally, the diseases of each patient have their uniqueness and similarity. Some patients with spleen deficiency may exist in parallel symptoms. Specific medication should still be carried out according to their physical condition and the doctor’s guidance.

I believe that through the above, friends with spleen deficiency should also know more about the drugs that they can use. In fact, whether it is atractylodes or Poria, as long as it is used, it can be used scientific and reasonable, and it can have a very good effect in the corresponding fields.

Atractylodes and Poria, how to eat more reasonable and healthier? Doctors answered

Practice of Atractylodes

Generally speaking, the highest utilization value form of the Atractylodes should be

Motorized Atractylodes

Therefore, when we buy atractylodes, it is best to choose atractylodes for use.

In addition, if you want the Atractylodes to eat healthier, the general Chinese medicine will cooperate with the osteopractic

Red dates for qi and blood, wolfberry matching

It is often possible to achieve more effort, and I recommend everyone to try.

But it should be noted that although atractylodes can supplement spleen and yang deficiency, because the special nature of the spleen is the special nature, for some

Friends who have a stagnation of the evil stasis, the dense liquid consumption of serious losses

It is not recommended to take it alone to avoid the negative situation of ecstasy.


Poria use

Poria have more usage and wider use than atractylodes, such as summer and autumn communication time


Common situations such as damp heat into the body, cold and summer gas are mixed,

You can adjust it by intake Poria.

The choice of Poria is mostly recommended

Choose a large and more plump Poria tablet,

You can clearly observe Poria

Insurance and growth status, ensure the strength of medicine

Essence Try not to choose the processed Poria, the loss of medicinal effects may be greater, and the effect of nourishing the spleen may be discounted.

But don’t be too rigid for everyone’s thinking. If your body does not have symptoms similar to spleen deficiency, just simply want to health through traditional Chinese medicine fried tea. Atractylodes and Poria can also be eaten together, complement each other, and the two losses are complementary. It can also have a good spleen effect.


Poria and Atractylodes are Chinese medicines that are greatly beneficial to the spleen. A healthy friends can also take appropriate intake to achieve the effect of health. The choice of efficacy is the correct and conducive to the nourishment of the spleen.