Graphene high waist -loading pants, easy shaping without meat


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Tie Virgin Anti-Light High waist Graphene graphene bottom crotch after giving birth to waist hip-lifting artifact thin abdominal panties-Taobao


“Body is the best business card for women” Visually thin waist and thin belly have a way to wear high waist to collect pants! With the high waist -abdomen pants recommended today, fat MMs can’t hold back the boiling heart! My 3 -layer swimming ring is saved ~

Some girls will choose the abdominal pants with a strong sense of oppression for the small waist! Although the abdomen effect is good, it is particularly uncomfortable to squeeze the internal organs. The beautiful eyebrows wearing all have a deep understanding, tight and small elasticity, and the belly has been strangled a few laps of red seal for half a day. Even deep breath is a luxury …. This kind of abdominal pants are obviously not suitable for us. One can put on the waistline and one size, and it is less comfortable. After searching for a circle, I finally found a request! The price is very high ~ Let’s take a look together ~

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— Design highlights –

This body -shaping pants also have more advanced ways. Unique negative oxygen ions help solidify Pei Benyuan, warm the palace to protect the stomach, and usually wearing can promote human blood circulation, help promoting blood circulation to relieve stasis, prevent lower abdomen, internal and external maintenance, internal and external maintenance, internal and external maintenance. Achieve a woman’s natural slender waist.

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– Details interpretation –


Since the research and development of this graphene abdominal pants, hundreds of different body and weight women have tried feedback, and repeated versions have been determined. In the case of ensuring comfortable and non -compression, it can also achieve the effect of light rejection. Suitable for us to pursue small thin waist and be healthy and comfortable ~

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—Ex introduction –

This body shaping pants are designed with seamless knitting process. The entire nylon nylon fabric is made. It feels soft and comfortable to wear, unlike the feeling of hard tied to the body. The abdomen, waist, buttocks, reasonable steel bone pressure design, prevent curls from reducing excess pressure, easily put away the small belly, put on this body shaping pants to relax and not tighten.


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– Review summary –

Seriously ~ With this high -waisted hip -lifting pants, the fat sisters are no longer afraid of slimming clothes. Whether it is a small skirt on the waist or a close high waist pants, it is super thin to wear, especially This high -waisted hip pants are designed with graphene wet bottom crotch. After 3A testing and authentication of the testing agency, bacteriostatic 99%, keeping the private parts with breathable and refreshing, and care for women’s health.