Jin Chen is really wearing a small skill in one clothes. One white plush jacket has five shapes. It is very fashionable



Hello everyone.


Jin Chen’s girl is really a wonderful person. Personality is particularly good, and people are very dedicated. Recently, she saw her taking pictures by the beach, and she was still shaking in a plush jacket before taking the shot. But as soon as I took off my coat to the camera, I immediately became energetic and full of style. The conversion is really fast.

She took the picture above. Looking at this, she could see that it was not frozen. The orange -red gradient dress she wore was beautiful, bright and elegant. However, some netizens said that the color of this skirt is a bit like “snowflake and fat”. If you don’t say this, you will be very similar to seeing this skirt. It can only be said that netizens have strong imagination. Jin Chen’s dress is beautiful like a fairy. The private server is also very stylish, and she is good at


Wear more

Recently, she has used a white plush jacket with four or five sets of shapes. Each set is beautiful. Let’s take a look today, how she did it.

The white plush jacket is very beautiful, soft and glutinous, and very warm. Jin Chen is short and loose or hooded. Loose and loose, the style is very atmospheric. Plush jackets should be loose, if tight, it will look very stingy. Although it is a bit inflated, it can also be accepted. It is not much bigger than a down jacket. But the gracefulness is incomparable to other clothes. ▲


And the white plush jacket also comes with a fairy. Especially versatile. Jin Chen was orange this time, with a short knitted cardigan with white trim, which was bright and atmospheric. Because the plush jacket is loose, follow

Upper width and narrow


The rules of matching will not make an error. A pair of dark blue denim straight pants are very suitable, simple and comfortable and straight legs. Hats and shoes choose white, and the white plush jacket is smooth, fresh and high -level. ▲


White is a background color that can be matched with any color. As long as there are more than three colors on your body, how to wear it is good. For example, a pink shirt, sweater or sweater is not just pink, like pale yellow, light blue is very beautiful. It is better to be relatively light in color. This is less contrast with white and will be more harmonious. ▲

She paired with a pair of light blue denim straight pants this time, with a small split on this pants. Fashionable and long legs. Light blue jeans are fresher than dark blue. Big pants or tight pants are available. Wide -legged pants are best not to wear, so that the upper width and width will be pressed. In fact, this set is not just a matching style and color matching. This detail is also great. The neckline and hem of the pink shirt she put in her were brilliant. There is a sense of layering and it seems to wear it. ▲


Recently, it is quite popular in white and outside, so it is really immortal. Like a ice and snow elf. This time Jin Chen put on the hat, cool and dreamy. Take a beige round neck sweater inside. The bottom is equipped with a pair of white straight pants. It’s refreshing and warm, and it looks very noble. At first glance, it is a person who is not bad. ▲


The pair of white shoes she wore was also beautiful, a bit thick at the bottom, and the warmth effect was good. It is versatile and refreshing, and it is particularly suitable for this white dress. But light is a bit monotonous. The smart Jin Chen took a rose red bag in his hand, so that this white dress had a bright breath, which was particularly beautiful. ▲

This year is very popular to wear sports suits, and Jin Chen also likes it. She wore a pink -purple sports suit and put on this white plush jacket outside. Fresh and sweet and comfortable, and it is quite feminine. ▲


However, although the sports suite is comfortable and beautiful, the legs of this trousers are a bit loose and compressed. Friends who are not tall should not wear it like this, it will look sloppy and fat. But if you have Jin Chen’s height and figure, it is very tide. In addition to pink purple, any sports suit you like can be matched with this white plush jacket. Of course, the lighter the color of the sports suit, the more girlish. ▲

The white plush jacket and the black inside are the most matched match. This is also the most worry -free match. It is not very picky. But although it is all black inward, Jin Chen’s inside is very tide. She wore a black hooded sweater with a white shirt wearing inside, and echoed the white coat. Fresh and fashionable. ▲


Put it with a pair of black leggings. Whether it is thickened leggings or narrow -leg straight pants. This shows thin legs and has a sense of advanced. ▲

Jin Chen’s vision of choosing a jacket is still good. Almost all are neutral colors, all of which are versatile and advanced. In addition to the white plush jacket, she has recently wore a lot of short down jackets. There are also a lot of good -looking combinations.

It is very common to wear sweaters in the down jacket, but in the past two years, wearing a sweater and sweater. Jin Chen also likes to wear it like this. In the warm room, the button is unlocked to expose the white T -shirt, which is particularly tide. It is very beautiful with a pair of jeans. Her pants and jeans are also very high. ▲


The same camel short down jacket, she put on a green striped sweater and black leggings this time, plus a pair of black thick canvas shoes. Simple and fashionable. ▲

After watching Jin Chen’s dress, I felt that the outer set was white, and the black or earth colors were really practical. One jacket can be paired with a variety of shapes, and each set is beautiful. It is very money to wear like her. Do you like Jin Chen’s private server match?

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