Did you buy oatmeal? These are really worth buying


Whether you are usually paying attention to diet, but you must have heard that oats are a healthy food.

People who want to lose weight say that eating oats is not afraid of fat;

People with high blood sugar say that eating oats can control blood glucose;

The health group said that eating oats is healthier and can relieve constipation.


Is oats really so magical food? Today we will talk to the nutritionist about “oats”.

Lan Xiaofang



Master of Food Processing and Safety of Food Processing and Safety of China Agricultural University


Eat some oats a day

Nutrition and healthy


Speaking of “all -valley miscellaneous grains”, many people think of first -oats!

The nutritional value of oats is very high, with an average protein content of about 16%. It is the highest in common grains. It also contains the lack of lysine in other grains. Its B vitamin and dietary fiber are also particularly rich.

For those who want to maintain their figure, eating oats can bring a strong sense of satiety and control calories to a certain extent, because oats contain a large amount of soluble dietary fiber, which can absorb water several times the weight of their own weight and form high in the gastrointestinal and intestines. A viscosity gel delays the stomach emptiness.

For those who have already had blood sugar and blood lipids, they are also very good choices. The β -glucan in oats is proven to have a variety of health benefits, such as enhanced satiety, slow blood sugar, and cholesterol.


The “Dietary Guidelines of Chinese Residents” also suggested that adults consume 50-150 grams of whole grains per day. Oats are very good choices. Use it instead of some white staple foods to make nutrition more balanced and the quality of diet.

And the taste of oats is gentle, and most people are easy to accept.

Not all oats are worth buying


You have to see clearly when you choose

There are many types of oatmeal products on the market, with granularity, pressure slices, and can be eaten directly like small snacks. In addition to different forms, there is a gap in nutrition. When you pick it, you must look carefully.

The oatmeal products that can be bought on the market can generally be divided into oat rice, raw oats, oats, fruit oats, oatmeals, and oatmeal. Next, let’s take a look at which oatmeal we can buy and which one is more suitable for different candidates.

General principle: identify through the ingredient table. Pure oat products, the simpler the ingredients, the better, the fruit oats choose not to add sugar and oil.

I want to buy healthy oats, see here


We have selected a few healthy and delicious

This time, according to the above selection criteria, we found 3 oatmeal, namely raw oats, crushed oats, and fruit oats to meet different people’s needs for nutrition and taste.

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Oats full 99 minus 10 ▼


• No additive oatmeal


Recommended reason:


High -quality and low GI staple foods, blood sugar rises slower, suitable for people with blood sugar.


45 yuan/ 3 bags (280g per bag), 1 bag, 4 bags at hand, can also participate in the audience for 99 minus 10 yuan.

To be honest, at the beginning, we did not have much expectations for this raw oatty taste, but when we tasted it, we had a stunning feeling.

Add milk to cook ▼

At the moment of the pan, the aroma was overflowing, and the fragrance of the ingredients permeated the ingredients. It was chewing carefully, very tough and elastic, and the sweetness of a trace of grain.

Out of the pan, the soft and glutinous aroma is shed

Both the elderly and children love to eat ▼

The market price is 57.5 yuan / 3 bags,

Lilac Family opened 45 yuan / 3 bags, and also gave you 1 bag, which is equivalent to 45 yuan to 4 bags.

You can also participate in a 10 yuan activity of 99 minus, buy a set of raw oats (45 yuan / to 4 bags) + a group of fancy oats (75 yuan / 2 bags), settled by 10 yuan, and only 110 yuan.

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• Pressive oats


Pure Australian oatmeal 0 sodium is not added, brewed, and the food is completely full. It is suitable for most people. It is suitable for the school to make fast -handed breakfast.

29.9 yuan / 2 bags (each bag 681g), 10 yuan at 99.

This one is basically suitable for most people. It is an instant type. You can eat it directly. If you want to taste better, you can soak milk, with some fruits and yogurt, it is very delicious and nutritious. It is also very convenient to do, get breakfast in 5 minutes.

The market price is 49.9 yuan / 2 bags,

Dingxiang family opened a group 29.9 yuan/ 2 bags, and could also participate in 10 yuan activity for 99 minus, buy two groups of crushed oats (29.9 yuan/ 2 bags* 2) + a group of raw oats (45 yuan/ to 4 bags), standing up A minus 10 yuan, only 94.8 yuan to hand.


• Non -sucrose non -fried fancy fruit oatmeal

A variety of fruits are dried and dried, oatmeal has been puffed (non -fried), which is relatively healthy, and at the same time is relatively rich in nutrition. It is suitable for going to work as a snack and breakfast for meals.

75 yuan / 2 bags (400g per bag), 10 yuan at 99.

This one is more suitable for young people. The taste is fragrant and crispy. It is mixed with dried fruit and sweetness. It is delicious. You can open a bag for food. It is also very good as a meal snack. good.

And this fancy oatmeal is still participating in the research and development of Dr. Lilac Dr. Dr. Lilac, which integrates nutrition and taste, healthy and delicious ~


Market price 179.8 yuan / 2 bags,

Dingxiang family opened a group 75 yuan/ 2 bags, and could also participate in a 10 yuan activity of 99 minus, buy a set of fancy oats (75 yuan/ 2 bags) + a group of crushed oats (29.9 yuan/ 2 bags), settled by 10 Yuan, only 94.9 yuan.

In addition to oatmeal, we also prepared more healthy and nutritious foods this time. There are nuts and milk. You can return a 90 yuan coupon package for the purchase of 29 yuan (food and home department stores). Bar.

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