Prepare it! These urgent small things can always be used


There are always “surprises” in life, such as::


I was happy to work in new shoes and went to work. I felt that I was the most beautiful babies on the street in the first second. I was grinded by the shoes in the next second.

Seriously skin care, lamenting that your recent skin condition is really good. The face was beaten the next day, and a few bright big acne rushed on the face;

Playing up with pets, I did not pay attention to being scratched by its sharp claws, and the red marks were bulged instantly on the arm;

… …


At this time, if there is a “treasure chest”, like Doraemon’s magic pocket, what you need will be, how good it will be.



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Although we can’t do everything like a Doraemon, we can do everything,

But today’s limited -time snap -up, we have brought you all kinds of emergency and care that we can use everyday.


and! A few of them are only 9.9 yuan, and the limited time is 24 hours. Come and see.


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Medical -grade waterproof wound sticker

30 pieces only cost 9.9 yuan

The wound stickers are almost the same small things in most people, especially families with children. After all, the beasts love to mischievous, and they can’t help but bump.

The pioneering sticker led by belongs to a class of medical devices,

The medical -grade water colloid material can be used to fit the skin well.

Record number: Zhejiang -Hangzhou Instalid No. 20210168

Looking at the appearance is a bit similar to acne stickers. After absorbing the exudation liquid, the application pad will form a closed wet environment on the surface of the skin, which is conducive to the healing of the wound.

and! You can enter the water, adhere to force, and absorb well.


It won’t change the mouth sticker once every time you wash it, and you don’t have to worry about the blood stains at the wound and change it frequently.

It has two specifications of 15 mm and 11 mm, which can choose the appropriate size according to the size of the wound.

It is indeed one of the creative nursing representatives that integrate a number of advantages.


Adults and children can use it.

You can buy a total of 30 pieces of band -aids in a total of 30 pieces of band -aids in a total of 9.9 yuan this time.

Essence You need to know how to buy the same amount daily, how can you have to be about 58 yuan.


This time, Mrs. Tu is cost -effective. I just bought it!

Warm heart reminder:

If it is a scald ulcer wound, the infected wound, or serious trauma, and the pollutants are not cleaned up, it is recommended to seek medical treatment in time, do not bandage at will ~

Essential invisible acne stickers in summer

78 pieces 9.9 yuan

Acne may be one of the most headaches for contemporary people. Especially in summer, the temperature is high, the skin is prone to oil, and the acne king can’t hold the head.

The acne sticker is a good helper at this time. Perfect COVER you covering acne + makeup + eliminating acne.

This time it costs only 9.9 yuan to harvest a total of 78 pieces,

A total of 3 acne stickers! You can use one summer once.

Don’t look at it, it looks only a small pack, but

It contains daily models (52 stickers) and night use (26 stickers).

During the day, using a thinner daily model to make acne becomes a “invisible person”, normal makeup is not a problem. Use a thicker night model at night to make the acne “sleep” well.


There are different sizes to choose from,

Just like S, M, L, you can choose suitable according to the shape of the acne.

In addition, its “invisible” effect on the skin is also very good. If you have makeup needs during acne, you can really choose it!

As for safety, it is better than ordinary acne stickers. After all, it is the first type of medical equipment approved by the State Drug Administration, which can start with peace of mind.

This weight can be at least 69.9 yuan a box every day! It only costs 9.9 yuan this time, don’t hesitate! It’s really impossible to grab!

03 Must -free disinfection gel must be installed


3 43.9 yuan

More than a year has passed, the epidemic is still staying on earth, and the new crown has changed from a child to the vast Delta today.


In addition to paying attention to consciousness, we must always be vigilant, we should also do daily protection, and to wash our hands is standard. After all, there are too many things in hand, especially in public places.


And Shu Jiajia’s free washing gel, the alcohol content is 70%to 80%, the bactericidal rate is as high as



Mainly killing Golden Bacillus, E. coli, and Copper Aluminum Singles.

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In addition, gel texture can not only ensure refreshing skin feel, but also effectively clean. Moisturizing ingredients such as glycerin and glycol in the ingredients can also reduce skin tightness.


Compared with other washing hand -free hand washing solution, its taste is not pungent.

The design of the pump is convenient and hygienic, and a small bottle is very convenient to put it in a bag or pocket. After taking buses, subways, elevators, and before meals, etc., you can use it at any time.

The limited time to buy this time, as long as 43.9 yuan can get 3! Each 56 ml is enough for you to use it for 1 month.


If you want more first aid, good care, such as blood pressure meters, cold compresses, warming guns, and so on. At 9 o’clock every day, Laixia’s home has been snapped up for a limited time, all kinds of


Home daily necessities

, Food, skin care, oral good things, limited time and limited grab, and the lowest is only 9.9 yuan!

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