Pluffy warm jeans, beautiful, comfortable and thinner


Too much! This kind of velvet jeans are so thin


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Bazaar bazzar moisturizing pants

¥ 169




After the winter solstice, the weather is the same as the roller coaster, and the cold wind goes out sooner or later and blows directly on the body ~ It can’t help but make people tighten the coats and down jackets on their bodies.


The girl who believes in the beauty is the same as the editor: the upper body is wrapped into a bear, and the lower body is unwilling to wear more, even a pair of autumn pants.

Why? Not because-


Afraid, legs, thick!

So I started buying various “warm artifacts”, what heating warm stickers, light -legged pantyhose … I don’t know, start with one [




] It can solve the problem!

Neither wearing “ball”, keeping warm and good -looking, the key is comfortable.

Such a pair of pants,

Many people love to wear in the fashionable autumn and winter

Essence You think they are “frozen” and wearing less. The actual people use this “careful machine”!

Today I will recommend it to everyone,

Bazaar bazzar moisturizing jeans

In winter, commute nine -point small foot pants, add velvet. The upper body is very comfortable, warm and thin, contracted your entire winter shape.

It looks like a pair of ordinary jeans on the surface, which can be learned inside. Add a velvet and inside, you can wear it in winter to wear a lightly ~

① Full pants plus velvet, a piece of warmth over the winter


The fabric is very thick and the warmth is strong, just like wearing a bar with velvet pants.


The whole pants are like a copper wall and iron wall, which isolate the cold air and wind outside, and the legs are warm.


Just wear it in the northern winter!


Soft and comfortable ~

Every morning when I get up and wear pants, I will never feel cold when I reached into the pants tube.


Not only do you have a velvet in winter,


There are also two specifications of four seasons single pants.

Single pants are suitable for about 15 ° C-25 ° C, and velvet pants are suitable for 5 degrees to -10 ° C temperature, which is very suitable for winter.


② DuPont Leica elastic cotton, comfortable and not tight

Put on the sharp and flat, the elastic support of the thighs, even the calf part is not loose, very fit.

With 3 times high elasticity with ordinary jeans and 3 times comfortable. Free elasticity, two -way elasticity, stretching and stretching,


It can be worn by dancing or even splitting!

It can be imagined when the comfort worn on the body-

Not only that, this pants are also very modified, with high waist and abdomen. As soon as you wear, pull, let your hips are tight and slightly tilted.

Slender, long legs, showing figure.

Such jeans are really rare, and they can also have the need to keep warm in winter. Use it to contracted your entire wardrobe!


3 colors-Tibetan blue, black, carbon gray, fashionable and versatile color color. Two specifications, velvet/conventional models.

80-150 catties girls can wear ↓

Note: The velvet model has no carbon gray yet


Comfortable, good -looking, easy to wear.

Winter fashionable jeans that will not make mistakes in closing eyes,


There are not many inventory, the friends grab it!

Fight in summer, fit in autumn and winter

A pair of jeans are not heavy for a week

Open your wardrobe, the number of pants with half of the pants, presumably jeans are undoubtedly ~

A pair of jeans, which one is easy to wear?

The “good wear” here refers not only to wear comfortable, but also refers to pretty good. Highlighting the figure, lengthening the line, and just to light up our whole body.

Some pants look good, and don’t know why they look thick.


For example, the picture below,


They are also jeans, the version of the 9 -point on the left is thinner than the slightly on the right.

, Can lengthen the leg curve ↓

A simple one is actually versatile. Like many celebrities, they usually wear a lot:

Bazaar Bazzar moisturizing jeans is such a pair of pants,

Simple and inconspicuous but can unlock your autumn and winter wardrobe


It is not heavy for a week!

Southern with good weather, √ with a shirt, intellectual elegance

Wearing a light -colored shirt or top, with a pair of jeans, it has a soft and soft temperament and is not restrained. It is very sunny.

Warm north, √ with sweaters, comfortable and natural


Wrap yourself in a loose hidden meat sweater and wear this comfortable jeans on your lower body;

Both dark or light sweaters can be matched with high heels, exquisite and beautiful ~

√ Use a jacket, simple and neat

A coat or fur coat, with jeans, add a sharp temperament to the original simple match ~

Compared with pantyhose, jeans are more fan, and their legs are slender and slender, showing feminine gas fields.

The version is good, can be versatile, and let this good [bouncing pants] revitalize your wardrobe, a few tops!


Freedom elasticity, soft skin and soft

I want to wear it every day when I feel comfortable

How much is it?


The elasticity is so strong that you can wear it to do yoga and cycling, just like sports pants, soft and soft, without stuck.

Dear soft and comfortable, elasticity is three times that of ordinary jeans! It is no exaggeration to say that this is a jeans that can wear ballet and are not afraid of pulling cracking.

This “magic” fabric, called


DuPont Lyca Elastic Cotton


It is soft and glutinous, with a soft skin and a two -way elasticity. Whether it is vertical or horizontally, it can be extended well.


Strong elasticity and strong tolerance.

No matter what body figure, it can automatically adjust to the personal state, so that the fat is just right.

The three -dimensional parcel is free. It is soft and soft, but not fleshy at all ~


The key is really comfortable! Soft glutinous and smooth,

I feel comparable to the bottom pants

, I’m not tired of wear it every day.

Warm and velvet, hip -lifting shape


Fashionable winter wear depends on it


The average denim fabric is hard. Long -term wear is not only uncomfortable, but it is tight squatting and lift your feet. It is not very breathable.

There is not much elasticity, and the thin waist and long legs are all dependent.

It was uncomfortable. If you add layer of velvet on the basis of jeans, you can’t imagine it: it must be bloated and not carrying it, as if wearing a “big cotton pants” vision …….


However, who can think of this pants so easy to wear? Intersection


Double -layer bonding hip lifting design,

Once we wear, pull, and let the drooping buttocks stiff,


Turning the peach hips in seconds, firming and slightly warp.

This is how the 3D stereo hip type is worn.

Lift hips+high waist abdomen+thinness: the waist part is widened to 18cm, gathered abdomen fat to make it more flat and slender;

Both the front and the side, you can pull the sight back to a vertical line,

Make your legs look longer! Even more!


The personal sensation has a good warmth.

The inside is a thick and delicate fluff with strong warmth, like wearing a bar with velvet autumn pants inside.

There are 3 colors to choose from

-The blue, black, and carbon gray are all fashionable and versatile.

It also uses British floating stone washing process,

On the surface, the texture of different depths

, The color is richer and more layered.

Two specifications, velvet/conventional models. Girls with 80-150 pounds can be worn without choosing a figure:

The details such as the zipper are very particular. Without the line, you know if you get your hand:

How delicate workmanship is, it is worthy of a few wearing in our wardrobe. You don’t have to worry about it, and make the basic models in the wardrobe!