Business and practical TUMI Alpha Bravo Knox men’s bag


Author: Eight Clouds Sound

When I touched the fish to visit Aunt Zhang, I saw this news.

商务又实用的 TUMI Alpha Bravo Knox 男包

TUMI Alpha Bravo KNOX shoulder computer bag

商务又实用的 TUMI Alpha Bravo Knox 男包

Recently, the friends are full of strength, but they have been snatched all later. I also carried Tumi, and at the end of the year, I still had a little more caution. In addition, I put together a cosmetic bag of Kaipilin, and hurriedly asked (Hui) to show that the queen was approved. What is the reaction to this west network …

商务又实用的 TUMI Alpha Bravo Knox 男包

The webpage shows that this time it is a direct mail in the United States, which can be paid by Alipay, which is also convenient. The order also uploaded the ID information and used it during customs clearance. After the photo was uploaded, I also added a special watermark for customs clearance. This is a praise.

This American direct mail, although the literal means “direct mail”, is actually sent to domestic warehouses and then transferred to domestic express delivery. Is this benefit that will not be taxed? (I do n’t understand, ask for advice.) After the order is placed, there is a long waiting information. There was almost no movement in the first few days. I asked the customer service and said that it could be received about 7-15 working days. Then wait. There is another point here that the APP version has been revised a few days ago. It almost changed a mess. The order status information could not be queried. There was also a login and registration button that run through the entire app.

In the end, the little brother SF was successfully delivered a year ago and gave a praise for the little brother! The box has been dismantled. It is a paper packaging box. If you lose it, you will not take pictures.

The first feeling of getting the bag is smaller than the imagination, because the impression of my original bag is that there are no types that cannot be controlled by 180+.

The front TUMI standard, as well as the word engraved next to it. I plan to wait for the weather to warm up, but I don’t think about it yet.

Zipper with logo.

商务又实用的 TUMI Alpha Bravo Knox 男包

The nameplate can fill in personal information. To put it bluntly, I rarely see those with TUMI in the office building. When I see it, I feel so kind when I see it.

商务又实用的 TUMI Alpha Bravo Knox 男包

The handle of the handle above Tumi was very good. It turned out that it felt when I was holding Tumi’s shoulders. It was very comfortable and not tired, leather.

For the first time, I used this ballistic nylon, which felt soft and not hard, much softer than the original nyl of Tumi.

The opening is also very large. Don’t worry about letting go. The part of the back has a certain hardness. It can protect the computer.

A 14 -inch computer is still rich in the computer warehouse. It is not like other computer bags. There is a magic sticker in the position of the computer warehouse. Fix it to prevent the computer from shaking inside.

商务又实用的 TUMI Alpha Bravo Knox 男包

15 inches written on the tag. Try the 15.6 inches at home. You can put it in.

商务又实用的 TUMI Alpha Bravo Knox 男包

It is almost the top zipper on it after putting it in, and you can pull it up after trying it. You need to be careful not to scratch the two corners of the notebook when you pull it on the zipper.

There is also a zipper below, which can increase the thickness of the packet after all pulling. This is very good to prevent it from putting something big. Essence Do a test, the computer warehouse is released 15.6 notebooks, and the previous iPad warehouse (should not be guessed, you can put the tablet anyway) 14 inches. The bottom space is more than enough, and a few glass lunch boxes can be put in in actual measurement, but at this time the bag is bulging, not very beautiful.

商务又实用的 TUMI Alpha Bravo Knox 男包

As mentioned earlier, the 14 -inch notebook will slide here, so I thought about putting a notebook inner bile bag. This bag has a magic patch. The height is enough and will not affect the zipper.

This laptop is also tumi. The original buying shoulder is delivered inside. It is the nylon material outside. Otherwise, it is enough to bring this inner bilots when you meet. It can only be turned into the cold palace before being turned out. Ma Ge’s house is sold. It is not recommended to buy it for the price alone …

Hidden here, block it. By the way, this star who fell off the underground people who stepped on the chair and crushed the chair … Even if you were careful, you can’t escape this kind of …

商务又实用的 TUMI Alpha Bravo Knox 男包

Fortunately, there are small scratches everywhere.

TUMI is very detailed in pocket division, but this time it is only puzzling to give a pocket … It is very suitable for the pocket on the left to put a schedule. There is also a place on the right.

商务又实用的 TUMI Alpha Bravo Knox 男包

There is also a pocket on the outermost, which contains velvet instead of ballistic nylon material.

商务又实用的 TUMI Alpha Bravo Knox 男包

The pots on both sides are the same ballistic nylon material, but this size … the cup of the meal 750ml can’t put it in …

商务又实用的 TUMI Alpha Bravo Knox 男包

Not to mention Kangdik … if you can’t close, you can show your head outside. You can only put the bag inside, and you can see you from the world … or if you have any reason to buy a small cup?

On the other side is the waterproof bag, there is a hole below. It turned out that the back shoulders, the umbrella, or drinking cold drinks in the summer, the bag was wet in the bag, and it was not afraid of inserting it into this bag. Give some like here, it’s really easy to use

商务又实用的 TUMI Alpha Bravo Knox 男包

In the end, the size is compared. On the left is the original Lenovo version of the newly pushed version of it. It is almost the same to put a computer and put a computer. It is completely satisfying to work. The two packets in the data are very close, and it feels like Tumi looks thick and big. On the right is the Tumi shoulder that had been in service for almost two years. I accompanied me over the rain and talked about the contract and packed the box lunch.

It ’s just that the slope of the landlord’ s shoulders in winter has continued to slide, and it ’s inconvenient to move with one hand in the subway to get off work … so I chop my hands.

Advantages: 1. High durability, official propaganda can be used for ten years.

2. Pocket settings are more reasonable, except that there is only one pen and bag.

3. The shoulder strap is very thick and soft, and you will not feel the shoulders when you carry it.

商务又实用的 TUMI Alpha Bravo Knox 男包

4. The opening size is very good, and large items will not work hard.

Disadvantages: 1. When you get your hands, you can see the header.

2. There is no farewell subsidy package, similar to a power package.

3. Self -weight is a bit large, even if you do not carry a computer, it will be a bit heavy.

Summary: The first time I tried direct mail in the United States, waiting for 15 days to get, the time was reasonable, and the price was close to history. The TUMI package has always been durable as the biggest selling point. I can already experience the durability of the original nylon material.

Real beast is exempted, the original poster 187 100kg, will not look particularly small on the back, it is recommended to buy this one with 175+ … Otherwise, I think it will be super wider …