Dili Reba runs the rooftop to take an advertisement, wear an umbrella in the rainy shoulder service rain, 90 degrees of one -foot standing standing mirror


In order to stand out, actresses often choose different clothes when shooting cover or walking on the red carpet. At the same time, they also try to highlight their own uniqueness on shooting props. Secondly, you show your uniqueness, so you will find that the current women are becoming more and more stunning.

Di Lierba can be said to be the most open female star among the post -90s actresses, especially in dresses and dressing. Di Lierba in his early 30s is very queen. During business shooting, Dili Reba also tried to show different shapes, making many female stars want to imitate her.

Wear small knowledge: white dress skirt, high -level atmosphere showing gas field

Damn dresses are different from traditional dresses. As a derivative model, the dress skirt focuses on a advanced level, so the color cutting is relatively single, because the simpler the more it can show the charm of the controller, of course, there are very individual styles. But in terms of tailoring, it is a stunning.


This time, Dili Reba, who ran to the rooftop to shoot advertisements, wearing a dress and short skirt, you can see that the goddess dress is a proper dress skirt, stunning and personality. Although it is a pure white element, it is It is still difficult to block its amazing effect, which is very beautiful.

Putting on small knowledge: lace bubble sleeves+single cuffs, large -scale exposed skin and sexy

In order to cater to the current aesthetics, the dresses skirt today can be said to have been upgraded a lot. First of all, the skirts were placed and the cuffs were closed. Nowadays, in the face of those unique occasions, the skirt is shortened to say it. The cuffs also changed a lot, just to highlight its sense of advancement.

This is what Dili Reba is this. It can be seen that this pure white dress short skirt, the skirt is short to the thigh, and at the same time, the design of the unilateral off -the -shoulder and a single cuffs looks very personal, a large area of ​​dew exposed, a large area of ​​dew The skin is sexy and charming, very beautiful, with umbrellas in the rain. The picture is really beautiful.

Wear small knowledge: bow high heels, one foot is 90 degrees picture too grabbing mirror

Shoes are an indispensable part of women’s skirts. It has many benefits. First of all, it can improve your altitude and cover up the flaws of your insufficient height. Secondly, the quality of the shoe style can show the beauty of the shape. The choice of shoes pays attention to the choice of shoes. In the face of large -scale activities, you will not choose very basic high -heeled shoes.


Take Dili Reba this time on the rooftop, for example, these white fine needle high heels, tied with white mesh bows, fashionable and romantic and very beautiful. Special grabbing mirror is beautiful.

Wear small knowledge: long hair+big earrings, face full of face


In the face of dresses and skirts, there is a little bit of skin exposure, especially the neck, so women must not forget the makeup and accessories, otherwise it will look very monotonous. Of course The whole shape is not the same. Instead of increasing the eye -catching rate, it looks small.


This point is well versed in Dili Reba. A black waterfall long hair goddess Fan is full, wearing a large personalized earrings, a small face, although there is no more modification in the neck, but with Reba’s swan neck, the swan neck of Reba There are also clavicle, which is superfluous, too sexy.

QS: How is Dili Reba going to work and life?


Choose tips: cool handsome personality


It is said that suits are standard in the workplace, but with the changes in the trend, the suit has also become one of the items in women’s daily life. In a small way, it seems that the controller’s body is petite. It is also a lot of changes in the match. The casual and casual sense of vision is very chic.


Choose TIPS: Domineering Emperor Fan Fan

Di Lierba is really better than her acting skills in the fashion interpretation. It is really ate and tender, and she can hold this stunning woman’s dress. Take this off -the -shoulder dress. Say, let ’s not talk about beauty or not, this mature curve, plus this straight shoulder, it is enough to make people unable to look at a few more glances, partial red lips and black hair, Royal Sister Fan is full of greasy Essence

Choose TIPS: Sexy Queen Fan

As a must -have item for actresses to attend the event, its charm is naturally beyond doubt. Although it is limited by style, the style is relatively single, but that fashion fan is really not presented by general items, so For example, the bright and off -shoulder and ground skirt of Di Lierba, the body and temperament are all displayed, combing the curly hair of the old Hong Kong star, and the red lips are too beautiful.

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