Mosquito repellent (original)


Summer is here, the weather is sweltering, and the mosquitoes have gradually increased.

In fact, it is not easy to encounter a mosquito.

The building is higher and higher, and the height of ten or twenty floors is already cold for small mosquitoes. With its own strength, mosquitoes may be the limit of flying height on the night of the dark and windy night. Most of the mosquitoes in the high -rises came up the elevator or flew up layer by layer by layer. In addition, the sanitary environment in modern cities is better, and mosquitoes are becoming more and more common.

Until college graduation, my summer has been spent under the bombing of mosquitoes.

When I was a kid, I lived in a bungalow in the countryside. There were chickens and pigs in the courtyard, and a variety of straws piled up. It would not be dry for a few days without hardening the ground. Essence

At that time, there was no air conditioner, no electric fan, and even the screens, and the bedroom was not transparent north to south. When sleeping at night, close the door and window is extremely hot, and the doors and windows are unobstructed when you open the doors and windows. Lu Xun said in “Mr. Fungo” that he was bite for mosquito when studying in Sendai, Japan, wrapped his whole body, leaving only his nostrils to breathe. In fact, this requires a premise that the weather should not be too hot. Because if the quilt wrapped in the body is too thin, the pyramided mouthpiece of mosquitoes can still be pierced. There is no anti -mosquito effect. If it is too thick, it is estimated that it will have a heat stroke before being bitten by a mosquito. So this method of anti -mosquito only makes it easy to make mosquitoes after autumn.

You may ask, why don’t you need a mosquito net?

Too young too simple. At that time, the family was not rich, and the mosquito net was not a necessity of life. Many people would rather be bitten by mosquitoes and are reluctant to buy mosquito nets. The second is to be limited by materials and production technology. At that time, there was no light and breathable mosquito net created by the popular chemical fiber materials. Almost all mosquito nets are made of cotton lines. The cotton lines will have fine fluff around the cotton line, and the holes of the mosquito nets should not be too large. In this way, the holes of the mosquito net are almost blocked by the fluffy fluff on the cotton line. After drilling into the mosquito net, the existence of the wind outside the tent can not be scratched into the mosquito net. It is one to two stuffy in the mosquito nets than the outside of the mosquito net. Therefore, people living in the north would rather feed mosquitoes, nor did they want to get into the mosquito nets to suffer from steamed cades.

So I must do mosquito repellent before going to bed at night, although it cannot be guaranteed to clean 100 %. Leave one or two, this thin body is enough to feed it for one night. When the next day is clear, the mosquitoes who will not fly too fast after eating my blood will also be revenge.

There was no mosquito coil at that time, because most people would rather not solve all things that can be solved.

Mosquito repellent is also on the spot. If there are not many mosquitoes, use the physical removal method. Take the big banana fan and fan the corner of the bedroom. The mosquitoes are disturbed, or they are killed, or they are expelled from the country, and then quickly close the doors and windows.

If there are too many mosquitoes and the physical dispellation of the driving, the chemical removal method is adopted. A few days ago, there was a vectic Amazan on the street before and after the Dragon Boat Festival. In fact, when I was a kid, it was the raw material for chemical mosquito repellent.

There is a mooror at the water. When I went to the ground, I cut it back a few times, compiled it into a rope, and exposed it, but do not dry too much. This kind of Ai rope is ignited in the bedroom before going to bed at night, and the semi -dry murmur will emit thick smoke with a special smell. The mosquito can’t stand the smoke, and it will fly out of the room. Of course, the house was not stayed in the house when using this method. After the Ai rope is almost burned and the mosquitoes are expelled from the country, the people enter the house to quickly extinguish the Ai rope and close the doors and windows, which can basically be artificially creating a mosquito -free environment.

Of course, sleeping in such an environment, we still need to endure the special taste of the muns after the burning of the Muso.

The mosquitoes in the north are relatively gentle. They are generally not large, the whole body is yellow and white, and the bite bag is generally not large.

I have lived in Wuhan for three years, and Fang has taught the power of southern mosquitoes.

The mosquitoes there are three times larger than the north. In addition to the black and white zebra patterns, the whole body is black, and the bite can be bite across the clothes. Do not retreat. Could it be “Orange Born in Huainan, and Orange Born Huaibei”, will it be fulfilled in mosquitoes?

There is really no good way to drive this large mosquito. When I was studying at night, try to sit below the hanging fan to let the wind blow away the mosquitoes that try to attack. The mosquito net is a must -have. The summer in Wuhan is stuffy and hot, and the mosquito nets are the same. It is like putting another small steamer in a large steamer. The natural buns are lifeless, and it doesn’t matter which steamer.

At that time, the mosquito nets were opened on the side. After entering the mosquito net, the side door was clamped with a clip. When sleeping, the body cannot lean on the mosquito nets and has a little contact. The group mosquitoes that look at the mosquito nets will attack.

The young man in his twenties, where he sleeps is honest, it is also common to kick the mosquito net out of the gap at night. The mosquitoes waiting and seeing the mosquito nets will swarm in.

What’s more terrible is that the dormitory was powered off at night. It was not a blind man who had practiced the magical and united heaven and man.

Fortunately, among the mosquito nets, I decided at midnight and prepared a flashlight in advance. Even so, mosquitoes who want to kill flexibly flying in the night still have a little effort. The flashlight should be sandwiched under the armpit to kill the mosquitoes. In the process of finding and killing, you must also adjust the direction of the light by twisting the body to make it accurately fall on the mosquito. Fortunately, the body was thin at the time, and he had the ability to compare with mosquitoes.

At that time, there were eight people in the dormitory. Only I had a flashlight. The mosquitoes in other classmates in the dormitory entered the mosquitoes and went to my bedside to touch the flashlight. Mosquito feelings appeared in the clear mosquito nets. They are all classmates, and I can’t get angry.

At that time, a professor of Chinese department taught an ancient literature lesson, which was very funny. He gave us a riddle called “The Beauty in the Red Luo Tutor was sleeping, but I was stolen by me a little red.” Yes, in summer, you can get close to the beautiful women. In addition to the lover, there are only mosquitoes.

What do you learn?