The plug screen is generally a single fan, the shape is large and small, the difference is very large


The screen is the most common on the market. The wood selected by the wood, the craftsmanship, the size of the sculpture, and the size are different. The screen gives a gorgeous and elegant feeling. Various patterns are described on the screen. Under the craftsman’s ingenuity, flowers, birds, insects, characters, etc. are lifelike. If you like the elegance and beauty of Chinese furniture, then the Chinese screen is undoubtedly a good match.


The plug screen is generally a single fan. The shape is large and small. The big one is more than 3 meters high, and the small ones are only 20 cm. The big ones are mostly located indoors. According to the size of the room and the portal, the height of the screen is determined. The role of inserting screens and multiple fan screens is similar, mainly used to block the wind and cover. In the room, it has a decorative effect. This kind of inserting screen is better with the double -sided heart. Because landscapes and landscapes have the characteristics of near and far, clear, although they are placed indoors, they can have the effect of broadening their horizons and eliminating fatigue, giving people a sense of comfort.

Of course, even if the home style is not based on Chinese design, you can choose a Chinese -style screen. Under the reconciliation of different design elements, it may bring unexpected results.


Maintenance of wood inserting screen

If it is a fabric panel, the most common is of course layout dirt. A small part of the dirt can be wiped with a clean soft cloth with a clean soft cloth with a small part of the dirt. Avoid wiping with oil will cause fading and spots. If it is a glass panel, it is easy to leave the dirt when wiping. You can wipe it with a soft cloth with water and wipe it with a newspaper.

Cleaning of wood plug screens

First use a clean and soft cloth to wipe the screen surface, brush the dust and debris of the surface layer, then spray the cleaned medicinal water with a watering pot, then use a clean cloth or soft brush for cleaning, clean it with a dry soft cloth, and then use dry soft cloth to perform dry soft cloths. Wipe lightly and remove water stains.

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