Huawei Watch D Published: The blood pressure ECG recorder that can be carried with it


On December 23, Watch D, a blood pressure ECG recorder on the Huawei wrist, was officially released at a price of 2988 yuan.

This product that follows the naming rules of the Watch series is actually closer to ordinary smart watch products in appearance. It uses a rectangular table body design and is equipped with 2.5D glass mirror and high -hardness aluminum alloy material. Put the Home button and Health key.

It supports the two major health monitoring functions of blood pressure measurement and ECG collection, and has all passed the second category of medical device registration through the drug supervision bureau. Needless to say, the ECG function has been witnessed on the ECG version of some previous Huawei smart watches, and the blood pressure function is achieved through micro pump and PPG’s Hybrid blood pressure measurement technology.

华为WATCH D发布:能随身携带的腕上血压心电记录仪

Among them, innovative micro -air pumps with double -layer narrow airbags can press the wrist in a similar way of electronic blood pressure meter and perform precise blood pressure data records, which can support the measurement of 40mmHg ~ 230mmHg blood pressure. The PPG’s Hybrid blood pressure measurement technology enables it to monitor non -sensation and continuous blood pressure trends, and escort our blood pressure and health.

华为WATCH D发布:能随身携带的腕上血压心电记录仪

In fact, it is indeed a smart watch product itself, which supports IP68 level dustproof and waterproof, as well as detection technology that supports Truseen 5.0+, and Huawei watches that originally supported sleep monitoring and sports assistance. In general, even if it is not used as a blood pressure meter and an ECG, it is a sufficiently excellent watch.

On December 25, this product will be officially launched. The starting appointment can be at 100 yuan to 200 yuan, that is, the first price is 2888 yuan. From the perspective of pricing, this product is really not cheap to be honest, but its function supports it to be worthy of prices, and even for special groups, it is still very competitive.