The beautiful and beautiful lace underwear, the comfort is also a bar


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Comfort is becoming the first consideration for young women to choose underwear. If the appearance is beautiful and fashionable, it will be even more divided. Today I recommend this rever HSIA lace underwear, which is light and comfortable, with excellent support.

Cage assessor summarizes


Comfortable, becoming the primary consideration of young women to choose underwear, if the appearance is more fashionable. This 6 reverie HSIA underwear is recommended. The fabric is as thin as 1mm. It is lightweight and unknown. The design is mostly French and elegant style. If it is a girl with bold dressing style, in party, performance and other occasions, you can also try the current popular underwear with outer jackets, handsome and fashionable.

After trials of underwear throughout the month, many trials praised it. Three large breasts are small, with a size covering 70c to 90E. The blessing of soft steel rings, wide side -to -side, and wide shoulder straps, light and comfortable, and provides sufficient support. The two girls with small breasts, some trials said that they have no sense of presence and show their chests upright.

In terms of the safety of textile products, it randomly extracts one of the underwear delivery authoritative institutions for testing. The report shows that the pH value of the sample meets the requirements of the national bid. No harmful substances such as formaldehyde, can differentiate cancer aromatic amine dyes, can be used with confidence. In addition, considering that lace underwear is easy to draw, it is recommended to wash as much as possible. If you have to use it as a last resort, it is recommended to wash the bags and dry it.

Research and screening process


brand history

The rever (English name HSIA) founded in Shenzhen in 2010 belongs to the brands of Shenzhen Game Industrial Co., Ltd. At present, it already has more than 200 sales terminals in the country, and has established six foreign offices including Guangdong, Shanghai, and Anhui. The physical stores are covered with more than 30 cities, with a large scale and a stable supply chain.

The brand is mainly for the 20-35-year-old urban white-collar female population. The underwear style design is fresh and elegant. Most of them are thin cups of the bra. They give up thick chest pads and hard steel rings to reduce the pressure on the breast and emphasize the concept of natural and comfortable dressing.


HSIA currently has online channels such as Jingdong, Tmall flagship store, and the stores cover underwear, swimwear, men’s underwear, home clothes, etc. The price is located in the middle. The underwear is priced at 100-250 yuan. Around Yuan, it is more cost -effective during the event. In close clothes, we also recommend going to the physical store to try on and buy, and the size is more fit.


Quality Assurance


A number of senior experts in the industry, from multiple perspectives such as fabrics, versions, and craftsmanship to ensure that the quality of selection is excellent.

The safety of textiles is also very important. We send samples to third -party authoritative agencies for safety testing.

Gai De Jerer tried to penetrate

Experimental performance


Hand washing color test


Experimental explanation

Soak the clothes for about 15 minutes, simulate daily scrubbing, and observe whether the clothes have faded.


Add tap water to the washbasin, put the clothes and rub the clothes a few times, soak for about 15 minutes, take out the clothes and observe the color of the water.

Conclusion: After fully soaking for about 15 minutes, the underwear did not have any fading.

Show details

This underwear is very friendly to the big breasts. The whole cup has a good wrapping on the chest, and there are many options, covering 70c to 90E. This reduced chest underwear uses high chicken heart positions and smaller steel rings to push the chest to raise the chest to make it look less prominent on the front.

The side ratio and the back are widened. The wrap of the chest is better, and the back is also comfortable to support. Moreover, the skin has a larger area, and you won’t feel it if you put on your body.

Compared with the thin shoulder straps, this shoulder band is widened to 1.5cm, providing sufficient support for big breasts.


The treatment of small details also requires comfort. It can be seen in the inside, such as steel rings, glue bones, and back buckles. The surface is wrapped in the pill cloth. The skin feels soft and it is not easy to wear it.

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