5 types of apartment porch, different shoe cabinet plans, which kind of place for your home? Take a look


Now the development of the developer is becoming more and more rich. Under different types of units, the layout of the porch will be different. Therefore, there will be different solutions in the design of the design. What are the options? Below, I will introduce some common porch units and the corresponding design solutions. You can choose a choice to see which kind of porch that suits your home!

1. Open the door at the long side (open the door to the guest restaurant)

On the left and right sides of the door is the type of living room and restaurant. The door is opened on the long wall between the living room and the restaurant.

This kind of apartment’s shoe cabinet can be customized with the dining cabinet or TV cabinet, so that the shoe cabinet is affixed with the sofa wall/restaurant background wall, which will not affect the moving line of the space, maintain a spacious sense of space, but also allow the space to make the space. It looks modern and generous.


▲ The shoe cabinet and the meal cabinet combined, the door is next to the side cabinet.

2. The door is opened in the long side (the door to the corner)

The gate is opened in the long side of the living room and the restaurant, but the gate is located in the corner, as shown below:


When encountering this porch of this apartment, according to the inside/opening door, and the width size behind the door, generally the wall of the shoe cabinet is installed on the left or right side of the door. Space moving line.

▲ The shoe cabinet is installed on the wall behind the door, and the overall dynamic line process is spacious.

3. Open the door on the long side (open the door to the wall)

The door opens between the living room and the restaurant, but after the door opens, it is tightly facing the type of the wall, as shown below::

This type of apartment is affixed to the wall as soon as the door is opened, which is a relatively special apartment. This kind of porch shoe cabinet can lean on the wall across the door and make custom cabinets around this wall. Add the display cabinet with the gate and put on the decoration, so that people can see exquisite pictures as soon as they open the door.


▲ The door faces a wall, the shoe cabinet is placed on the wall, leaving the display table in the middle, placing vases and decorations, the effect is very delicate.


4. The door is open by the short wall (there is a wall/door next to it)

The door is on the side of the short wall of the guest restaurant, and after entering the door, there is a aisle porch, as shown below:


In this way, the aisle size of the general apartment is enough to make a custom shoe cabinet on the side. Generally speaking, after installing the shoe cabinet, the aisle moving line of the porch should be more than 1 meter. Only to be crowded, to ensure the process and comfort of the moving line;

▲ The aisle porch, the shoe cabinet is placed along the aisle.

If the size of the porch is too small, think about other methods, such as ultra -thin shoe cabinets, removing walls as cabinets.


▲ If there is not a load -bearing wall next to the porch, removing the wall as a cabinet is also a very good choice.


5. The door is on the side of the short wall (through the lobby)

The door is opened in the short -sided corner, and the door of the living room balcony is opened, as shown in the figure below:


This kind of porch is straight to the balcony. As soon as the entrance of the door is basically the entire hall, there are two solutions for the layout of the shoe cabinet -plan 1 is a wall with the door, so the sense of space is relatively bright; solution 2 It is a shoe cabinet to partition between the gate and the hall, so that the porch can be independent to ensure the private sense of the hall.


▲ Make shoe cabinets between the entrance living room, which can be stored and separated.


Basically, more than 90%of the porch includes in the five types of units introduced above. When you encounter these units, you can refer to these solutions I shared!