Impressed!Honor 20 series launched self -developed super Bluetooth technology: 200 meters ultra -long connection distance!


Just now, Honor held a new product launch conference in Shanghai and officially released the Honor 20 series of products. During the press conference, Honor officially announced the new technology that had not been mentioned in London’s conference before- “Super Bluetooth”


According to understanding, Honor’s super Bluetooth technology belongs to independent research and development, which perfectly solves the problem of short Bluetooth connection distance.


Zhao Mingliang released the data at the scene, Honor 20 and the mainstream flagship phone link Bluetooth headset played music and conducted a distance test. As a result, the super Bluetooth of Honor 20 was far from the longest distance.The distance between connecting the Bluetooth headset for voice calls has reached 265 meters away, which is really practical.

What do you think of this super Bluetooth function?Is it a reason for you to buy this phone?