Zheng Kai is so wayward, down jackets with ultra -long shirts are full of personality.


Stacking has always been the most common method of matching in winter, and choosing different items for stacking is completely different. Plel jackets are one of the more common jackets in winter. What about the effect? Recently, a set of down stacked with Zheng Kai’s travel was very mirror, and it also made the down jacket look as bloated as expected. Let us take a look at how he matched it together.


On January 8th, Zheng Kai appeared alone at Shanghai Airport. From the matching of his day, the weather was really cold, and a dark and thick down matching was warm. Kai seems to have a good personality, and he will not seem dull and boring. Zheng Kai, who puts on sunglasses, is also full of fanfare.

Looking at Zheng Kai’s match on the front, it is still very delicious. A pure black short thick down jacket is used as a coat, and it becomes thick and warm. This is also the effect that we want in winter. This down jacket looks really true Some are heavy and bloated, but fortunately, Zheng Kai showed up a single product to form a stacking style. At once, the matching has a lot of layers, a lot of interests, and more interesting and not dull.


Zheng Kai chose a white bottoming shirt with an asymmetrical stitching plaid shirt. The white bottoming shirt and the shirt can be exposed at the same time. The style of the shirt makes the shape more fashionable and vibrant, and the down jacket is not easy to show bloated. This is the benefit of Zheng Kai’s zipper pull down the down jacket. Usually, most people in the stacker will choose to use the inside to grow in the jacket item, and Zheng Kai is this. The body is no exception, but the inner shirt is indeed longer. This is indeed not a good thing for people with low legs. Fortunately, Zheng Kai still has height advantages, so you can “willful” matching. Don’t dare to wear it like this.


For dark coat items to avoid dull monotonous, then it is best to choose a beautiful style in the inside. It is a good example to see Zheng Kai. It is easy to show short legs. The lower body Zheng Kai chose a pure black beam -foot sports pants to match it. The color of the down jacket of the upper body belongs to the same color. The color is unified and coordinated. Zheng Kai also looks a lot of calmness. The overall match is calm but not dull, but also highlights the fashionable personality. Zheng Kai’s personal combination skills are still possible.


The last pair of small white shoes is also just right. It can not only brighten the brightness of the whole body to avoid being too dull, but also the presence of small white shoes also makes the matching more relaxed and eagerly reduced. Repressive, of course, it would be better if Zheng Kai’s pants’ feet are slightly shorter. If the leg itself is not long, the effect of the pants and feet will be greatly reduced. Therefore Men’s exquisite and tasteful manifestations.

On the whole, Zheng Kai’s down jacket stacking is still very good, it is worth learning, but the length of the shirt is slightly shorter, which is better. This is important for a small partner. This is the content of this issue, for

Zheng Kai

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