Shoei Z7 motorcycle helmet opening experience


Shoei Z7 motorcycle helmet opening experience

I feel that I must buy a personal product to go to Japan, but there will be tragedy if you do not do your homework. But this is not the point. Anyway, the only possible tragedy is that it is not the cheapest to buy.

Shoei Z7摩托车头盔开箱体验

The box must start with the kick to the box. Basically, the z7 is a well -known helmet. There is no need to make too many introductions, just the picture can be presented.

Standard kick to the box to start

Shoei Z7摩托车头盔开箱体验

It’s the whole picture of the plain color Z7

They are related small parts (the top is a chin cover, and the lower nose is a small nose)

Shoei Z7摩托车头盔开箱体验

After watching the price of Kyoto and Osaka, I was about to die 4,000 yen. I opened the box and found that the clerk in Osaka sent me a set of cheeks.

Shoei Z7摩托车头盔开箱体验

Therefore, in order to show the differences in my boxing text, let’s compare it. At present, the differences in the helmets in hand.

The helmets often wear from left to right are: AGV K5S, ARAI CROSS3, Shoei Z7, OGK Air Knife 3, etc.

Shoei Z7摩托车头盔开箱体验

Let’s talk about the conclusion of your own evaluation

As far as the design of the helmet is concerned, the Japanese helmet is very similar (ARAI is the off -road helmet naturally, the helmet on the top is removed along the usual commute), and the design of the European helmet is slightly different. The biggest difference is that the AGV K5s cannot be placed on the desktop flat. The part of the chin is more prominent. On the plane, it will turn into the back end of the chin and the back end of the helmet.

In terms of ventilation, the off -road helmet is really winning, Z7 small wins, but this part is far from getting rid of the performance of the AGV K5s.

The front of the off -road helmet is very large. If it is raining, the rain will even run in from the part of the mouth. The metal mesh on the left and right sides, the inner side of the helmet has a ventilation switch. Like AGV K5s’s chin, the switch is inward).

Shoei Z7摩托车头盔开箱体验

There are four ventilation ports on the rear, which are two above, and there is a ventilation hole below the left and right ARAI logo.

But there is an interesting problem here. If it is concerned, it can be found that the ventilation holes of the AGV K5 are not relatively small! At least it is much better than the air knife (the air knife is less directly above the hole), but the actual ventilation performance is worse than the air knife. No wonder some people say that AGV eats brands (I don’t know if it is because of this? But it is really high in pricing).

Shoei Z7摩托车头盔开箱体验

There are three ventilators above the AGV K5S lens

Shoei Z7摩托车头盔开箱体验

OGK air knife has only two left and right ventilation design

In addition, the below AGV K5S’s ventilatory is also different from the whole design below the Japanese system. It is divided into the left and right sides. The lens is foggy.

Shoei Z7摩托车头盔开箱体验

However, the relative mid -high -speed wind cutting sounds, Shoe and AGV’s performance is better. Compared with the situation of me riding and listening to music, the speed is up to 100, OGK and ARAI basically do not know what the singer is singing. , But both AGV and Shoei can also clearly understand the lyrics of the singer.

In terms of inner lining comfort, AGV and ARAI are difficult to distinguish. Shoei is relatively balanced, and OGK is obvious to accompany the last seat.

If the AGV K5S is better than ARAI in terms of comfort, but unfortunately because of the ventilation problem, it has been worn for a long time, and the bonus of the soft lining gradually lower.

The lining of AGV is really first -class. It is a comfortable and soft feeling on the face. ARAI is its special design. The comfort will not be particularly high, but it will not be worse. The comfort just worn is not as good as that of AGV or Shoei, but after riding for a while, it will not have the feeling of wet lining and getting on the face.

Everyone is almost the same, there are nothing to compare with, there are reserved positions, barely compared to the design of AGV and ARAI, there are other coverage designs. OGK just reserves a hole in a hole. Just. But because I use the high-end speaker of the BK-S1, in fact, the part of the headset is comfortable, so it is almost the same for me.

In the part of the glasses ditch, the AGV design is relatively unreasonable. If it is a larger glasses at the back, it is difficult to wear it, but it is okay.

After all, it is currently the only helmet in my hand. It is very convenient for commuting.

At the end, I found that the Z7 comments were the least. Therefore, it is really a helmet with no obvious disadvantages. In terms of more than 2,000 plain models, it may be my most recommended helmet.

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