Nine cheap mascara are easy to use, let you transform the goddess of electric eyes!


Nine cheap mascara are easy to use, let you transform the goddess of electric eyes!


Kiss ME thick mascara

The first thing to recommend is, of course, the KISS ME Kiss Mei Mei Yang mascara. This mascara has won the top of the COSME many times, almost in Japan. The black tube is an upgraded version of the pink tube. If your eyelashes are not particularly short, it is recommended to choose a thick type. The thick type is the main type of KISS ME. Compared with the slender model, the thickness is more long -lasting, the effect is more obvious. Small color loss, but neither of them will produce flies legs, and finally remind everyone that they must be used with powerful makeup remover!


Mistine 4D double -headed mascara

Where there is a Thai people, there is Mistine. Mistine is called the first makeup of Thailand. Each government has a star product of Mistine. First brush a layer of black paste, and then apply white fiber in the middle of the eyelashes and the periphery. Finally, gently brush the black ointment and gently, no need to paint too many times. Mistine is better than Kiss ME, and it can be removed by facial cleanser, and you don’t have to worry about blooming.


Dolly Wink slender thick mascara

Dolly Wink is a relatively young brand, another killer of Japanese beauty. It is recommended to use thick and slender and long. The two have their own strengths. Some people will ask you where to buy false eyelashes together. The blue is dense, the pink is slender, the perfume taste is superb, and the appearance of the cute princess style will also make the girls want to stop, pink blue, no one can give up. It’s absolutely beautiful to put it on the dressing table!




Yue Shi Feng Yin slim mascara

Girls who like light makeup come over, Han Yue Fengyin can give you a clear supernatural effect. The brush head is extremely thin, which is equivalent to 1/3 of the general brush head. You can take care of each eyelashes without sticky, and the flies and heavy makeup feel will not appear. Regarding makeup remover, just water+facial cleanser. What about makeup removal? On the night, the mascara with Yue Shi Fengyin accidentally fell asleep (please do not imitate). The next day, he was on the eyelashes.


The face shop black rod mascara


The classic Philippine Poems Black Mascara is recommended to the No. 2 dense type. Really affordable, it’s not expensive. In South Korea, Philippine Shop is the largest makeup company. In other words, this brand has been obsessed with from the school days, almost one person. The thick effect is very obvious, at the same time make the eyelashes curl and makeup removal. Now the mascara of various brands on the market is dazzling. When you are at a loss, you can reflect on the Face Shop. It is not a mascara, but feelings.


Meibian Barbie big eye mascara

In 2015, New York’s high -street makeup brand Meibian New York and the most dreamy fashion icon Barbie cross -border cooperation, grandly launched Barbie big eye mascara, supermodel Gigi Hadid out endorsement, makeup perfectly engraved the pretty Barbie dolls, flashes beautiful eyelashes attracted attention Essence Double head design, the order of “black -white -black”, how long if you want, you can brush. Without false eyelashes, you can have a pair of electric eyes and willful Barbie dolls.



Shiseido MJ love magic mirror mascara

It is another Japanese mascara, which has unique brushes. The brush and small comb are combined. The 120%slender effect gives you a sense of vision of false eyelashes. The paste is relatively dry and the fiber has a strong sense of fiber, but the use effect is definitely a first -class, and there is no fly leg effect at all. Some girls don’t like this taste very much. Can you say that good medicine is bitter? When you use it, use the brush first, and then use a small comb z -shaped to dredge it to play a long effect.



3CE encrypted slim long curly curled mascara

Korean NANDA 3CE double -headed mascara is a mascara with unique waterproof gel design. It is said that you can swim with 3CE. However, when removing makeup remover, you must use warm water+makeup remover. Before use, it is recommended to use the eyelashes twice to make the eyelashes curl, and then gently apply it with a transparent gel to format. After the transparent gel is dry, apply it with black gel to let you immediately kill the electric eye. Blamed Korean actresses!


Kate base mascara

Finally, it is recommended to everyone in Japan’s Garbina’s bottom mascara, which can be used with any of the above mascara. Maybe many girls do not know much about the mascara. Straightly, the mascara will make your eyelashes more curled, stable, slender, and dense. Mascularness will increase the difficulty of removing makeup. It is recommended to use special eye lip makeup remover ~

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