Novices enter the pit pedal, it is recommended to be the first choice of ABS; CBS spare tires;


Novices enter the pit pedal, it is recommended to be the first choice of ABS; CBS spare tires;

Every time I chat with Mo You, as long as I talk about the problem of pedal motorcycle ABS, they suddenly have their own rhetoric, the argument is not shallow, some say it is important, and some say it is not particularly important. Then, on this topic, controversy is that there are many discussions, each of them, and in the end. Such arguments often have very similar controversy in some WeChat groups and motorcycle websites, anyway, they are all overwhelmed anyway.

For such arguments, I think first of all we need to understand the principles and functions of ABS:

First, the ABS of the motorcycle is a anti -dead braking system. bai

1. The full name of the ABS of the Anti-Holding brake system is Duanti-Lock Braging System. It is a rubber airbag in the valve body. When stepping on the brakes, the brake oil pressure is given to the valve body of the ABS. At this time, the airbags use the middle air partition to return the pressure to avoid the locking point.


2. The function of ABS is to prevent the wheels from being killed, and the role of the linkage brake is that when a certain brake action is performed, the brake pump will push another brake caliper for braking operation. Some models can be set off by electronic systems. The low -end motorcycle linkage brakes are mechanical. They cannot be closed manually and can only be opened.

2. Extended information:


1. The bicycle is the most stable when riding, and it is easiest to fall when it is stopped, and this principle is also applicable to the two -wheeled motorcycle. The stability of the motorcycle is very poor. Only when the wheels rotate to get a certain speed can the car stable. This is also the only factor that makes the two rounds of stability.

2. The principle of ABS is based on the speed signal of each wheel angle, calculate the speed, the angle of the wheel, and the smoothness of the wheel; according to the above information, reduce the power when the wheel tends to be killed, the angle reduction or slip rate of the wheel angle, or the slip rate Keep the brake in a certain range, and the power of the wheels will be restored after rising the speed of the wheels.

Through the above content, we basically understand some principles and functions about ABS, but as for whether to buy a car, you must have ABS, and this cannot be used as a certain. Because there seems to be a scooter motorcycle in China, and the regulations for implanting ABS during production, this is not recognition and negative, and it is also a two -way selectivity of motorcycle manufacturers. Of course Enterprises can be implanted in ABS, which will naturally bring great results for the sales of motorcycles, which is better than no.


Nowadays, there are still many in the 100CC ~ 400CC pedal motorcycles that are not configured with ABS, especially the 100 ~ 125 series is more common. Both domestic and joint ventures are similar. For example Car: Qiange UU UY NS110 Cracks (CBS models) patrol eagles, etc., are basically the small pedals that brush the streets are just the brakes of the front discs and rear drums. It is recommended that the manufacturer can configure ABS, and then the price will be acceptable by about 1 to 2,000.

The novice who just entered the pit, when choosing a pedal, is more recommended to buy ABS models. If the budget is insufficient, CBS can also be used as a consider range. Of course At this time, you can also choose the pedal of the front disc rear brake. For commuting, the normal road can only be said to be enough. For example, when it comes to rainy days, or slippery ground, high -speed rapid braking, without ABS, it will bring you a little “surprise”. Such a “surprise” will eventually make you feel unforgettable for a lifetime.

If there is a pedal car configured with ABS, when encountering such a kind of situation, the safety factor is relatively high. Such a small surprise will bring you a different feeling. Of course The surprise is completely opposite. As for what it feels, try it, you know


, So it is more important to just enter the pit ABS. If it is an old driver, I wo n’t say much.

Generally speaking, the old driver may have been driving for 5, 6 years or more than ten years. They all started contact with the earliest drum brakes, and then the disc brakes later involved in ABS braking. It may be a long time. Habits and technology have improved to a certain extent. At this time, you may choose ABS, or you may not necessarily choose ABS. Many old drivers have always heard a very reasonable sentence: riding motorcycles for a long time will become smaller and smaller and smaller and smaller and smaller. Slowly, it will not be very important to see it quickly. They are even more like the quality stability of the car and will not throw themselves on the road. Of course, it will not be too tangled in the choice of ABS. You can also choose not to choose. In fact, I still recommend that there are ABS, whether it is an old driver or a novice Xiaobai who has just entered the pit.

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