Label machine, nail -free scrap machine, desktop vacuum cleaner … These ultra -unpopular stationery


As time goes,

Students’ stationery is also constantly updated,


If the stationery is in place,

It can make the effect of learning more.

The reporter interviewed Ms. Liao, an operator of the chain stationery store,


Introduce this for everyone

The stationery that is unpopular and easy to use



Low center of gravity automatic pencil

This pen is designed from writing, unlike all the pens designed from the function and beauty, it configures the focus of the pen to be close to the pen tip. It is smoother in writing and painting. In addition to writing, it can also be used. Hand -painted in professional drawing and sketching.

The pen cover indicates that the pen core is 0.7 or 0.5 thickness, and the depth of the pen and ink is 3H-B. The design has won the Japan’s “New Year Stationery Awards” award.


Rotating rubber


The “Red Dot Design Award” award -winning rubber looks like rotating potatoes. The material is ordinary rubber, but the design of the spiral pattern makes each use of sharp corners.

Desktop vacuum cleaner

Terminator of small garbage such as rubber dandruff and paper crumbs. There are round and square, which is the best choice for finishing homework and finishing the desktop.

Ceramic pen knife

It is said that the blade is sharp than the ordinary pen, the design of the knife is very small, and the knife head is not easy to break. You can hold the knife with a hand -holding manner, cut a lot of complex and fine shapes on the paper surface, suitable for art lessons.


The reason why scissors are not convenient to carry are the shape. When the scissors are designed in the form of a pen, and the security of the brush cover is added, then the scissors can be installed in the pencil box or pen bag. The small disadvantage is that there is no ordinary scissors when used.

Nailless Nailor

This is the innovation of the safety and efficiency of the traditional nail machine. The disadvantage is that it has requirements for the thickness of the paper that can be nailed, which is too thick. Use tailoring and folding to make the paper fixing each other to avoid the trouble of disassembling nails. The most important thing is safety, suitable for students to use.


Labeling machines

The label bar in the label can choose the size and color. Paste the names that are easy to confuse stationery, learning supplies, and books can reduce the probability of getting lost missed, and even print patterns and face characters.

What are the good stationery?

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Source: Shanghai Jing’an