One of the main reasons for Iran’s power shortage is that cryptocurrency “mining” consumes too much power


[Text/ Wang Shichun] Recently, Iranian power supply has problems. Iran has begun to take turns to disconnect measures. There has also been no warning of power outage, which has caused dissatisfaction with the Iranian people and parliament. In this regard, a spokesman for the Iranian power department said in an interview with the Iranian media on May 24 that the main reasons for the shortage of electricity are hot weather, the increase in industrial prosperity, the increase in power consumption, the reduction of hydropower, and Iranian private cryptocurrencies “ore “Too much power consumption and so on. The Iranian power department said that Iran will act through peak power, new power plants, and prevent “mining” of cryptocurrencies from “mining”.

Screenshot of the Tehran Times report

Agence France -Presse quoted the local media of Iran on the 23rd that Iran has begun to take turns to disconnect measures, and there have been no warning of power outages before, causing complaints.

The Iranian media “Tehran Times” interviewed Iranian Power Company Tavanir Public Relations Office, the director of the Public Relations Office of the Public Relations Office of the Public Relations Office, to learn about the reasons for the recent large -scale power outage of Iran.

Since last week, the districts of Tehran have taken turns to disconnect, about two hours each time. Iranian Speaker Kalibaf made a speech on the 23rd, expressed dissatisfaction with large -scale power off -aching, and asked the Rouhan government to investigate thoroughly. According to the Iranian National Television, some emergency generators and power equipment installed by some hospitals for new crown patients are old. Due to frequent power failure failure, many new crown patients cannot inhale oxygen.

Salich said that the hot weather caused the decline in water and electricity, the domestic industrial prosperity of Iran and the hot weather caused the rise in electricity consumption, and the “mining” of private cryptocurrencies to consume too much power, which caused the tight power supply of Iran.

In terms of hydropower power generation, Salich said that insufficient rainfall and severe drought have led to the lowest point of the water level of the reservoir in Iran, which reduces the hydropower power plant. For example, Salich said: “Last year, the water storage capacity of the Iranian dam was about 12 billion cubic meters, and this number this year fell to 6 billion cubic meters, which means that our hydropower power generation has been reduced by half. Due to the shortage of water shortage. This year, the power generation of the hydropower station has dropped by 4,000 to 5,000 MW, which is equivalent to the electricity consumption of six large cities. “


A Bitcoin mining institution in Iran Mosque Source: Social Media

At the same time, Iran’s domestic electricity consumption increased. For example, Salich said that on May 22 last year, Iran’s electricity consumption was 45,847 MW on the day, and on May 222 this year, Iran ’s electricity consumption increased to 54448 MW on the day, which means that compared with the same period last year, Iran It consumes 8600 MW of electricity in China, and the electricity consumption increased by 19.2%over the previous year.

Salich said that industrial prosperity, cryptocurrency mining and rising temperatures led to increased electricity in this round. With the prosperity of Iran’s domestic production after the epidemic, Iran’s industrial sector also needs more power this year, and hot weather has also caused increased power consumption of refrigeration equipment.

However, the Iranian power department believes that illegal cryptocurrencies “mining” is the main reason for the increase in electricity in this round. Salich said: “According to a study at the University of Cambridge, since October 2020, Iran’s virtual currency ‘miner’ ‘ The electricity consumption has increased by 4.5 times, and we estimate that the current power consumption is at least 2,000 MW. “

The Iranian government has considered some incentive measures for how to solve the recent problems such as Iranian power tensions to encourage the people and industrial departments to use electricity. For example, industrial units that stop working during peak hours will receive a 50 % discount on electricity costs at other times, and at the same time, people will also obtain electricity discounts.

In addition, Iran will vigorously rectify illegal “mining” to save electricity. The Iranian Ministry of Energy has asked Iranian people to report any illegal activities for mining cryptocurrencies. Salich said that several power plants that are undergoing annual maintenance will also be put into operation in the next few days, hoping that the situation will improve. He hopes that the Iranian people can cooperate to solve the difficulty of power supply.

The new report released by the famous encrypted analysis company Elliptic on May 22 shows that the Iranian revolutionary guards and foreign users can generate up to $ 1 billion in revenue through cryptocurrencies “mining” each year, thereby avoiding some US economic sanctions. The company found that 4.5%of the global Bitcoin “mining” activities were conducted in Iran.

Regarding the reasons for Iran’s vigorous “mining”, ELLIPTIC analysis said that Iran is the 16th major power generation country in the world, and Iran’s electricity price is “the cheapest in the world”. Essence

In addition to “mining”, the relevant persons of the Ministry of Electric Power said in an interview with the Broadcasting Corporation Persian Radio that the Ruhani government does not pay attention to infrastructure construction is the root cause of the frequent power off power. Sources said that during the period of the Hatamie and the APere government, the government has been vigorously built power stations, but during the Rouhani government, many of the power station projects were abolished halfway, and the government did not have money to repair power stations. , Resulting in supply.

On May 23, at the cabinet meeting led by Iranian President Rouhani, the Iranian Minister of Energy urged the intelligence department, judicial department, and economic security police to help find out illegal cryptocurrency miners in response to the peak of summer electricity.


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