“Tyrannosaurus glasses” associated company was fined; 10 catering companies including “Zhang Liang Spicy Spicy” were notified


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Shanghai: The “Specification of the Quality Acceptance of House Decoration and Decoration” group standards drafted by the Consumer Protection Commission issued the introduction


On October 13, the “Specifications for House Decoration Quality Acceptance” group standard drafted by the Shanghai Consumer Rights Protection Committee was issued. It is reported that this standard is a specification for the acceptance requirements and acceptance methods of hydropower, mud, paint, and completion in the process of interior decoration. Many of the quality indicators are higher than the national standard requirements of the national standards. Legal rights and interests provide a strong basis and guarantee.


The release of illegal advertising Tyrannosaurus Correction Company was fined more than 218,000 yuan

Due to the release of illegal advertisements, the Tyrannosaurus Correction Company Xiamen Yarui Optical Co., Ltd. was recently fined more than 218,000 yuan. After investigation, the parties Yarui Optics’ account registered and operated on Sina Weibo was the account of “Molsion Moson Glasses” from March 7, 2020 to March 5, 2021, and released directly or indirectly introducing related company sales The 12 constellations, flower eyes, dreams, colorful, and blooming series of contact lenses products have 38 graphics and video advertisements. The above -mentioned contact lenses advertisements have not been reviewed by the market supervision department. Among them, the topic published by the parties on August 29, 2020 In the interactive activity advertisement of “Breaking the Wind and Fighting for EYE”, the picture uses a portrait of a doctor with a portrait of the picture and attached a brief introduction. The above behavior violates the relevant provisions of the “Advertising Law”. According to Article 58 (14) of the “Advertising Law”, the Siming District Bureau of the Xiamen Market Supervision Bureau of Fujian Province shall Times, that is, a fine of 218310 yuan.

Wenzhou, Zhejiang: Yijiu Company’s production of fake wine fictional “wine age” was fined more than 10 million yuan

A few days ago, the market supervision comprehensive administrative law enforcement team of Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province investigated and dealt with a case of false labels in Wenzhou wine industry Co., Ltd. without permission. In the case, the parties produced the local well -known years of wine “old drinking sweat” without permission, and fictional “wine age” was fictional through false labeling production date.

Beijing: 10 catering companies including “Zhang Liang Spicy Hot” have been notified

Recently, the Beijing Shunyi District Market Supervision and Administration Bureau continued to carry out a major inspection of food safety in the catering industry. Law enforcement officers found that Beijing Jingridong Grand Food Co., Ltd. (brand name: Jingri), Beijing Lijun Wanjia Trading Co., Ltd. (brand name: Zhang Liang Soma Spicy), Beijing Hongyuan Yuanhang Catering Co., Ltd. (Brand Name: Ah Thai Baozi) and other 10 catering companies have different degrees of food safety issues, mainly for unpredictable environment, dirty and unclean trash cans, and irregular food processing operations. Law enforcement officers demanded rectification immediately, warning and punishment for Beijing Jingridong Grand Food Co., Ltd. and Beijing Hou Fengli Snack Department, and stopped operating online in Hou Fengli Snacks in Beijing. At present, all rectification has been completed.

Chengdu, Sichuan: 48 items for investigation and punishment for off -school training chaos

Sichuan Market Supervision Bureau, which was launched in mid -June this year, special rectification actions of the off -campus education and training market behavior. As of the end of September, a total of 2006 households in teaching and training institutions were inspected, and 146 were inspected network education institutions. 81 households were rectified, and 48 violations such as false publicity, false advertising, price fraud, and format clauses were filed for 48 cases. Among them, the “second price ¥ 1788.00, the original price ¥ 1988.00” marked during the promotion of a training institution in Tianfu New District cannot provide the price basis, which is a false price information. A training school in Wuhou District has not announced the teaching and training charging standards at the operating venue, and its courses sold on the online platform have not been traded at a line price, nor have it been sold at a group purchase price. The two training institutions were fined 80,000 yuan and 150,000 yuan for price fraud due to price fraud.

Zhejiang Yongkang: A hotel was fined 250,000 yuan for sale of fake Moutai


In September 2021, the Yongkang Market Supervision Bureau of Zhejiang Province made an illegal act on the exclusive right of registered trademarks in Yongkang Hotel Management Co., Ltd. to order the parties to stop the infringement immediately, confiscate and destroy the infringing goods, and impose a fine of 250,000 yuan in administrative administration. Penalty. It is found that the parties in early June 2021, they claimed to be a business to return to a group of Moutai wines at a price of 2,000 yuan/bottle to purchase 9 boxes of Moutai, a total of 54 bottles. By the end of the incident, the parties sold 3 bottles at a price of 2700 yuan/bottle, and their friends drank 3 bottles when they dinner. The other 48 bottles were seized by the Yongkang Bureau, and the total illegal operation was 13,7700 yuan. The party’s sales of counterfeit Moutai violated the provisions of Article 57, paragraph 3 of the Trademark Law, and Yongkang Market Supervision Bureau imposed the above administrative penalties in accordance with the law.

Fujian Lianjiang: Search the counterfeit “adidas” sneakers with more than a thousand doubles

Recently, the Lianjiang County Market Supervision Bureau of Fujian Province has seized a number of special rights sports shoes for a group of “adidas” registered trademarks, with a value of 2.687 million yuan. When the law enforcement officer was inspected on the third floor of a factory building in Tatou Village, Pukou Town, he found that the party Lu Moumou was suspected of producing sports shoes for the special rights of “adidas” registered trademarks. The bureau was investigated in accordance with the law and seized the 1415 pairs of sneakers involved in the case and some raw materials. At present, the case has been transferred to Lianjiang County Public Security Bureau.

Guangxi Liucheng: Investigate and deal with 11 sales venues


Home appliances are pretending to be sold to the elderly for medical devices, and the price is as high as 8,800 yuan; ordinary 400 grams of sheep milk powder is priced at 600 yuan, because the merchant claims that “the prevention of osteoporosis is conducive to the recovery of diabetic patients” … The reporter recently learned that The Liucheng County Market Supervision Bureau of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region vigorously governed the sales behavior of the elderly as the target. In three months, 11 sales venues were checked in three months, and more than 1 million yuan of goods used for sales were seized. Among the 11 cases that have been investigated and punished, the operators’ methods and routines are basically the same. They are fictional product effects and exaggerated product functions. They also attract the elderly to participate in the class with small gifts to “brainwash” the elderly and let the elderly unknowingly unknowingly Fall into the trap.


Fujian Fuzhou: The use of expired vinegar “The taste of hometown” was fined 90,000 yuan

A few days ago, the Fuzhou Market Supervision Bureau announced six cases of illegal operations of catering merchants. Among them, the “taste of hometown” Liming shop was fined 90,000 yuan for use of expired vinegar. In the inspection, law enforcement officers found that the operating environment of the Tangshi restaurant (the “taste of the” hometown “) in Taijiang District was unclean and the food processing area was covered with sewage and oil and pollution; 1 box of breasts, 1 bag of pepper without labels, 4 bottles of Hengshun Jiangxiang vinegar in Hengshun Town, which have been unpacked than the shelf life. The behavior of the parties violated the relevant provisions of Article 33, Fifty4 of the Food Safety Law.

Sampling inspection

Shanghai: Meituan and JD.com’s 3 batches of food sampling inspections are unqualified

Recently, the Shanghai Market Supervision and Administration Bureau released the provincial food safety sampling information in the 38th issue of 2021. The sampling information involved 657 samples of 9 categories of food, of which 3 batches were not qualified. Unqualified samples are: large celery (unqualified items: phosphorus) sold on Meituan.com, Beicai Town, Pudong New District, Shanghai, Shanghai; leek sold by Lanchong Edible Agricultural Store, Chongming District, Shanghai (Unqualified items: Rotten and Milde); Pudong New District Puxing Road Street, Lixue Agricultural Product Store, Pudong New District, organized organic cucumbers (unqualified items: anezole) sold on JD.com.

Fujian Xiamen: 2 store drinks are unqualified and removed from the shelves, recalled

On October 15, the Market Supervision Bureau of Xiang’an District, Xiamen City, Fujian Province notified two batches of unqualified beverage inspection and risk control. After inspection, beverage and polysmis grapes sold by Lu Shuichi beverage stores in Xiang’an District (product production date: July 1, 2021) The amaranth project is unqualified; Date: July 1, 2021) The sunset yellow project is unqualified. The above -mentioned beverage shops suspended production, sales and unqualified foods in accordance with regulations, and issued a recall announcement.


Imported drugs or medical devices must have Chinese logo


Recently, the Jinhua Market Supervision Bureau of Zhejiang Province carried out special inspections that can be used for medical aesthetics and medical device, severely cracking down on medical beauty chaos, and reminding consumers to choose medical beauty projects to pay attention: choose medical cosmetic institutions that hold the “medical institution practice license” Select medicines and medical devices registered in accordance with the law. Imported drugs or medical devices must have Chinese logos; products used in medical beauty, if they are approved in accordance with medical devices, there are medical device registration certificates or filing numbers on the packaging; It can be recorded as a “public inquiry” inspection of the website of the State Drug Administration; pay attention to preserving consumer vouchers.

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