The colorful glass balls you played when you were a kid, it turned out to be done so


Have you played glass balls? That is the marble, the type with pattern inside.


As a child, boys generally love to play a game, it is the glass ball.

At that time, the common kind of small glass ball, 2 cents, each boy will be so full of a can.

In addition, the glass ball must be green and green, without duplication, and then everyone shows off each other. Who collected better, or who collected more transparent.

But do you know? In ancient times, it was a luxury that the emperor’s generals and senior officials could only play.


Glass beads unearthed from Taiyuan 2,000 years ago

The invention of glass technology began in ancient Egypt around 2500 BC,

It is also known as Liul in ancient times


After the invention of glass technology, it is first used to make beads.

About the middle of the Western Zhou Dynasty to the middle of the spring and autumn

The manufacturing technology of glass beads was introduced into China.

This colorful, brilliant West Asian glass bead,


It was once loved by the Chinese Wang Gong aristocracy at that time

The earliest glass products in China are a “glazed dragonfly eye” from Xinjiang.


The so -called “Dragonfly Eye” is inlaid with some round patterns similar to the eyes on the glass beads

Like the compound eye of the dragonfly.

In the late Spring and Autumn Period, these beads have entered North China, and they were found in Shanxi, Henan, Shandong and other places.

Among them, the most remarkable is us


Thirteen “Dragonfly Eyes” of Zhao Qing Tomb of Taiyuan

These thirteen little beads are bottomed with light green, slightly spherical, with a round hole in the middle.


The surface of the bead is inlaid with a dark blue dot on the white edge. The pattern is clear and glorious.

After the Qin Dynasty, this technique was lost,

“Liuli Dragonfly Eye” has disappeared for more than 300 years in China.

And this kind of glass beads we are common now,

Born in 1846,


It was invented by a German glass craftsman.

By 1890, Martin ·


Dansen invented a machine that could produce glass beads in large quantities, and later opened a factory in Ohio, USA.


By 1914, his factory could produce millions of glass beads per month.


How to put the pattern of glass beads in

The size of the glass beads is usually 1.5 cm and the larger is 5 cm.

A glass bead with transparent, embedded color

, Internal can be inlaid with only one color or inlaid with multiple colors.


In addition, this opaque glass bead,

Most of the white bottom, the surface can be colorful or no color.

So this crystal clear, colorful glass beads,

How did the pattern inside put it in?

In fact, this kind of glass beads that are regarded by the little friends are not as complicated as expected.

The pattern inside is also taken from the glass,

It’s just colorful glass.

The secret of production is that when two different colors of glass softened, in the furnace

The material of the color marble needs to be placed in the middle of the transparent glass bead


That is the so -called “sandwich”.

The two materials will enter the molding and cooling stage together. At this time, the glass beads will continue to rotate under the influence of the machine, and the internal non -ferrous materials will be continuously shaken at the same time.


Before cooling, each glass bead is this brown cat eye

After cooling, it is five light and ten colors.


Glass beads are playing skills

Playing glass beads, also known as marbles, bouncing,

Whether it is abroad or in China, many children have played marbles.

Children put their pockets drums, go to play beads,


The two sides played around and played to win each other’s marbles

There are generally two ways to play maggots.

One is to enter the hole,

You can play with two people, or you can play multiple people.

In this process, you must complete the cave as soon as possible, but also do everything possible to prevent the opponent from scoring the glass ball into the need to enter.

The second method is also called fighting



It is to use your own glass bead to hit the glass beads of others.

The glass beads are not allowed to roll, and they must be rotated at a point, otherwise they will lose.

Winning many children are often worshiped by other children, because this represents the powerful maggots.

Sometimes, people who win, the sound of glass beads in the schoolbags and pockets.


In addition to playing beads, glass beads can also be used as checkers,


Different colorful glass marbles checked against the battle, and their fun was endless.

Do you have other ways to play?