It’s so beautiful! Is this what I don’t spend money to see?


Xuan Bird’s resignation


Flying Xi Lingqiu

Hey, hello ~

This is Lingqiu

Poetry of poetic landscape

Feel the beauty of the world

Lingqiu is located in Datong City, Shanxi Province

The ecological environment here is beautiful

The climate is suitable, the four seasons are clear

There are more than 500 big peaks


55 seats above 1500 meters above sea level

2.2 million acres of natural pasta

Water reserves reach 270 million cubic meters

The content in the spring water is 0.529mg/L

The number of days above the year of air quality over the year is 330 days or more

Beiquan Village is located in Hongshiyu Township, Lingqiu County

Is a national agricultural tourism demonstration site

National Ecological Civilization Village

There are grand rural tourism culture festivals here


Forest fruit picking, aquaculture, rural inn, folk performing arts

The development pattern of revitalizing the revenue of multi -industry linked revenue is formed

Hua Tower Natural Scenic Area is located in Huata Village, Duyu Township

Located in the junction of the three counties of Jinji

In the hill basin in the north branch of Wutai Mountain

Surrounded by mountains, flowing in the water

The vegetation of the ancient village is dense, and the Mo Mo is staggered

The fifth batch of traditional Chinese villages

Provincial ecological folk village, beautiful livable demonstration village

Hongshaling Tunnel is the only channel to enter the flower tower

The total length is 827 meters, and the villagers from Huata Village and neighboring villages


After more than 20 years, one 钎 经 一 一 一

The flower tower under the difference between Baizhang is 558 meters above sea level

Mild and windy throughout the year

The frost -free period throughout the year is as high as 180 days

It is an excellent place for sightseeing, leisure vacation

Chehe Organic Community is located in Chehe Village, Hongshi Township

It is the “hundred enterprises and thousand villages” industry poverty alleviation project

Provincial transformation comprehensive reform key project first phase project

Formed “village reconstruction+organic agriculture+ecological tourism” model

Chehe organic community

700 acres of organic miscellaneous grains and vegetables

There are more than 30,000 organic chickens and more than 5,000 organic green backsama goat


Adventure, entertainment, fitness integrated tourism projects

Taohuashan Scenic Area is located in Shahumen Village, Hongshi Township

There are main attractions such as Shan Temple, Longwang Temple, Taohuadong and other main attractions

Spring under the mountains rushing, peach blossoms on the mountain

Taohua Cave is located at Taohua Mountain at an altitude of 1900 meters

The cave has a history of 1.7 million years away

Natural murals can be seen everywhere on the top of the cave wall

The clock in the cave is forestry, with different forms

After millions of years of nature

A natural cave group was formed

Dadongkongkongzhong Grassland Scenic Area is located in Liuke Township

It is one of the seven major green spaces in Shanxi Province


Located on the border of Jinbei, 2151 meters above sea level


Scenic area is 60 square kilometers

The top of the 30,000 acres of air grassland

The sky is like a dome, covering the four wild

Views from the distance, the heart is refreshing

There are two seasons in summer and autumn, green

Currently set up wild picnic camping, horse riding and other projects

It is a great choice for avoiding the summer

The Black Radium Nature Reserve is located in the southern mountainous area of ​​Lingqiu County

In June 2002, it was approved by the People’s Government of Shanxi Province

The total area of ​​the protected area is 71592 hectares

Vegetarian coverage rate is 76.8%


The peaks are lined with warm climate, and the vegetation is lush


Maintaining 1940 hectares of wetlands along the river along the river


Rich wild species in the protected area

There are about 48 families and 400 species of wild plants

Wildlife 17 Metropolitan 61 Department 258 species

Among them, more than 10 kinds of endangered plants in the country

More than 30 national first- and secondary key protection animals


Black Black is a national first -class protection of treasure birds

It is also one of the world’s rare endangered birds

It is comparable to the giant panda

The tall and beautiful body of the bird

Height 80-90cm

100-120cm length

The color of the upper body, wings, tails and chest feathers are bright black


Great copper, purple -green luster

The chest and abdomen feathers are white

The mouth is long and straight, the mouth, legs and feet are bright red

Scientific research and ornamental value is high

Dream back to Guyun metropolis

Revisiting the vicissitudes of history

The Neolithic era 6000 years ago

The ancestors are blue wrapped in the road, pioneering foundation

The history of Lingqiu Jianxian, more than 2300 years

The vicissitudes are written today and the chapter of Hua Cai


Lingqiu County Museum


Located in King Wuling theme Park

It is the first one in Datong

County -level Comprehensive Museum

Here is a stage for Wen Tao Wuli

Hu Wei rides, expands Xinjiang to achieve soil, and achieves Qianqiu Yingming

Great righteous flags, the dynast


Anti -Japanese and imperial insults, fight blood, defend national dignity

Here are the engraving of ancient Feng Wenyun

The old city of the city, Zhaibaoyu shop, build the concept of Anbang

Disposal residual rolls, inscriptions on the inscription, record strategy of governing the country

Great Wall, Lin Lifeng, guarding the mountains and rivers

There is a furnace with ethnic fusion here

Bai Zhai Wuyu, Xianlidan, connects cultural integration

The Northern Wei Dynasty built the road, and the south patrolled the royal shot, and the paintings were staggered

Horse back loess, civilization and mutual learning, it is natural to fit together

King Zhao Wuling

Zhao Guo’s sixth generation monarch

From 325 BC to 299 BC, during the reign of 299 BC

The innovation map is strong, open Xinjiang to expand


Building the city and the county, strong soldiers and rich country

It is a very building politician, military, and reformer

Facts to promote the Huaxia nation

Integrate with the northern ethnic minorities


The Tomb of King Zhao Wuling is located one kilometer west of the county seat


Key cultural relics protection unit in Shanxi Province

The protection area is 10900 square meters now


The tomb is 394 meters long, 10 meters high


During the Chongzhen period of the Ming Dynasty, a stone monument was established, and there was a monument building


After 7 years of the Republic of China repair, building monuments, and building Shinto

Today’s repairs archway, tomb hill

More magnificent, solemn and magnificent

Jueshan Temple is located 15 kilometers southeast of Lingqiu County

It is a key cultural relics protection unit in Shanxi Province


The temple was built in the Northern Wei Dynasty for seven years

Emperor Xiaowen Tuo Hong Xiao’s mother -in -law respects his relatives

Give “Jue Shan Temple” plaque


“East, West, Middle” three -axis parallel

“Qian, Middle, East” three halls Qi seat


There is a dense eaves tower in the Liao Dynasty in the temple

As a national cultural relics protection unit

The tower is 13 feet high, and the dense eaves are solid brick

The pillar of the tower is an octagonal

There is a woodcarving in the lying Buddha in the inside


There are 60 square meters of Liao Dynasty murals in the four walls

There is brick carving kabuki around the tower seat

For Liao Dynasty brick carving art treasures


The tower base is divided into three layers, and the bottom is an octagonal Sumi seat

Carved lion beast, Buddha statue, bodhisattva, etc.

It is a flat seat hook rail, and it is the stains of the stains on the top


Royal Table Ruins are located in Chengtouhui Village, Hongshiyu Township

Back Yilf Mountain, Linkuan Tangheshui

Founded in the Northern Wei Dynasty

An area of ​​about 58,800 square meters

Stele arc -shaped, double dragon surround

Six large characters of the “Emperor’s Southern Tour” of the small carcass body

The width of the monument is 137 cm, 29 cm thick, and 4 meters high

The inscription calligraphy is Wei style with a strong book of Lishu

Gongkai specification, Juan is beautiful and chic


Beiyang records the southern tour of Wencheng Emperor

The great scene of the people’s security, the great scene of Wuba Bangning

Stele Yin records the name of the southern tour and official jue

CCTV’s “National Treasure Archives” column reviews this monument

History and Cultural City Datong Datong Store Storu Instead

Historical and academic value


The most artistic value of calligraphy art is the ancient monument

It is the initial stage of Chinese characters in the early stage of the Northern Wei Dynasty from the beginning of the case

The royal master’s work of Wei Bei Book

But can be called the “first monument of Pingcheng” in the ancient capital of the Northern Wei Dynasty

River Village, Hongshiyu Township, is located in Nanshan District

Youyouxi water around the village, the house courtyard deep forest hidden

The bank of the Tanghe River, water source wood

Ancient Village and Guzhai, Chicken Bark Bark

Living in the countryside, farming farmland

You can also enjoy it, and you can enjoy yourself

Qu Hui Temple is located in Quhui Temple Village, Duyu Township

For national key cultural relics protection units

The temple leans on Jiulonggang, facing Yan Jiling


Duyu River flows from east to west

Water Qu Fenghui, beautiful scenery

Qu Hui Temple as an official temple

At the beginning of the temple of the Tang Dynasty, the scale was quite magnificent

Later after several rising and declining

Song, Liao, Yuan, Ming, and Qing all have cultivation

Yuan, Ming encounters two after the fire after the fire reconstruction


The third arson of the Japanese invaders burned the Millennium Brahma

There are only relics of the original palace base, platform, step on the road, and pillar foundation

Stone statue distributed near Quhui Temple

The monument is called “stone tower”

Tianbao built 306 stone towers for ten years

There are currently only 51, with a protective area of ​​27 square kilometers

The stone carving Buddha statues under the stone tower are different and lifelike

It is an unprecedented discovery in the history of Buddhism and archeology

It is a valuable wealth of my country’s historical and cultural heritage


Dongfutian Village is located at the northern foot of Tai Baiwei Mountain

The Tanghe in the north, beautiful scenery

The ancient charm is elegant, ecological livable

In recent years, around the rural areas

Actively carry out a new era of civilized practice activities

Successfully host the “Xiangrui Futian” Lantern Festival

Rural Culture and Art Festival, mass cultural exhibition

Village Rongcun Village Promotion Upgraded

Village wind and folk style up to good

The lives of the people are becoming rich

Relying on Lingqiu County Global Tourism Platform

New party and mass activity center, cultural square, Futianju

Create a housing and breakfast experience, farming experience

Parent -child education


“Special Tourism Cultural Demonstration Village”

Well was rated as a demonstration village of AAA -level rural tourism in Shanxi Province

Beautiful and livable rural demonstration village, etc.

Wind erosion soil wall, green moss and green tile

Stay away from the hustle and bustle, quaint and quiet

It is full of rural atmosphere


There are also folk traditions such as grass editors, face plastic plastic

Qunying’s talent to show talent


Entering the old revolutionary area

Understand the immortality of the revolutionary spirit

September 25, 1937

When the Japanese invaders invaded China

Leader of the Communist Party of China

Eighth Route Army 115 Division

Volume the Japanese army in the main battlefield of Qiaogou

Get the flat type Guan Dagai

Pingxing Guan Datijie Site

Located on the southwest side of Lingqiu County


Including Pingxing Guan Dajie Memorial Hall

13 attractions including General Square


It is a national key cultural relics protection unit

National Patriotic Education Demonstration Base

One of the hundreds of red tourist attractions across the country

December 1938

Bethune’s needs of the anti -Japanese struggle

Yangzhuang Village, Xiaguan Township

Founded a special surgery hospital

Do your best to do medical skills

Blood dyeing Qingshan Yao Wanluan

He takes the liberation cause of the Chinese people

Unexpectedly as your own career

Dr. Bethune in Lingqiu 103 days

Together in stone alum, skewers

Hei Temple and other places rescue the wounded

For the Jinchaji Military Region

Trained 23 surgery medical backbones


He has his superb medical skills

And the spirit of excellence

Salvation of thousands of Eighth Route Army wounded members

More than 700 examples to complete surgery

Interpret the spirit of real communists

A song “South Niwan” is famous for the north and south of the river


The 359 brigade of the country during the Yan’an period

Once with the people of Lingqiu in the war fire

Formed affectionate friendship

July 1938

Wang Zhen’s Legal 359 Travel to Lingqiu

Responsible for consolidation and development


The heavy responsibility of Yanbei Anti -Japanese Base

One year and three months

CPC Shanxi Five -Place Committee

Have been established

Yanbei Office of Sacrifice

Channan Yanbei Office, Chanda -border District of Jinchaji


A large number of patriotic youths

Top participation in the Eighth Route Army

Work with local anti -Japanese work


Make Lingqiu a border area of ​​Jinchaji

Reliable strategic fulcrum

The aquarium is located in Xiaozhai Village, East Henan Town

It is a collection of red education and folk tourism

Non -genetic inheritance, farming culture

The immigration relocation point integrating the business inns


There is a wall museum in the aquamine’s courtyard

Chen Zhan includes “Luoluo cavity” and “son -in -law’s palm”


“Little Village Playing a Child”, “Red Stone 塄 Yangge”

“Bai’s Paper -cut”, “Lingqiu Yellow Bread” and other rural characteristics

There is also a large -scale real -life performance

It has become

New Era Lingqiu Red Research Base

Lingqiu was determined in 1991 as


National poverty -stricken county

The State Council decided in 1998

Group Central Central Committee Assistance


124 poor villages in the county

15941 households 41192 poor people

Realize stable poverty alleviation

The incidence of poverty is reduced to 0.44%

April 2019

Shanxi Provincial Government approval

Lingqiu withdrew from poor counties

For 23 years

Under the direct leadership of the Central Book of the Youth League

League Central Committee formed

18 batches of work team

Select more than 80 cadres

With Lingqiu County cadres and the masses

Together, the same direction, accompanying





Keep in mind the original mission

Strive for hard work

Gathering the heart and running for this “relay race”


The people’s residence advocates green life

Ningxin Gathering Ecological Home

“China’s Most Beautiful Ecological Livable Tourism County”


“National Leisure Tourist Resort”

Lingqiu is looking forward to your arrival

Source: Central Youth League Central Committee