The Beijing Winter Olympics creates the “most beautiful city business card”


Source: Workers Daily

A audience who came to watch the Beijing Winter Olympics accidentally lost the ticket and stood at an anxiety at the ticket gate. The volunteers of the Beijing Olympic Park Park Park, who learned the situation, immediately came to the ticket gate to provide help. Ticketing, communications, security and other departments linkages, and quickly handled this situation …

This is a scene in the practice of volunteer training at the Beijing Olympic Park Park Park. In the emergency response area, volunteers have substituted themselves into different service scenarios through live exercises, solved practical problems, and accumulated service experience. “Training adopts the easy way to accept volunteers, allowing them to quickly understand their job responsibilities, improve emergency response capabilities, and improve service levels.” Guo Shuai, head of the public district service service of Beijing Olympic Park.

As the Beijing Winter Olympics approaches, the volunteer service preparations of the Winter Olympics have also entered the final sprint stage. The enthusiastic professional volunteer team has received praise from the “most beautiful city business card” during the 2008 Beijing Olympics. When the “Double Olympic City” Beijing once again ushered in the Olympic event, the volunteer service as an important part of preparation is also solid and stable, and strive to make the volunteer service of the Olympic city business card more beautiful.

Winter Olympics volunteer service enthusiasm is high

With the expansion of the modern Olympic Games project and scale, the preparations of the event have been paid more attention to. In a series of preparations such as the construction of the competition venues and infrastructure, transportation, security, and accommodation, volunteer services have gradually become an important part of the service guarantee for the competition.

Volunteer recruitment of the Beijing Winter Olympics began in December 2019. By December 5, 2021, the number of volunteers for volunteers in the Beijing Winter Olympic Games exceeded 1 million. After early screening and training, nearly 20,000 people will be put into the volunteer service of the Beijing Winter Olympics and the Winter Paralympic Games.

According to the reporter’s understanding, volunteers of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games are divided into two categories: general -purpose volunteers and professional competition volunteers. Among them, professional competition volunteers refer to the professional knowledge, skills and experiences required for volunteer service of the competition conference, and can provide professional services with professional services, such as language services, medical services, driving services, etc. Volunteers other than professional competition volunteers are general -purpose competition volunteers.

According to the relevant requirements, volunteers of the competition will provide volunteer services for the opening and closing ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics and the Winter Paralympic Games and various competitions. In order to contact external contact, competition operation, media operation and broadcasting, venue operation, market development, and other 12 categories.

The above -mentioned Beijing Olympic Park public district as an example is an example. This will be one of the venues with long running time, wide service scope, rich volunteer sources, and a large number of volunteers during the Winter Olympics cycle. According to reports, there will be more than 800 volunteers in the competition, supporting more than 10 venues and supporting service facilities including national stadiums, ice cubes, national gymnasiums, Beijing Awards Plaza, and main media centers.

Volunteer service upgrade

At present, it is less than a month before the opening of the Beijing Winter Olympics. The Beijing Winter Olympic Village on the south side of the “Bird’s Nest” on the National Stadium also enters the final preparation stage before the village. According to the Beijing Winter Olympic Village Stadium Operating Team, more than 900 volunteers served in the village during the Winter Olympic Games have been in place after the New Year, and welcomed visitors from all parties when they opened the village on January 23.

The smooth and efficient volunteer service has become an important guarantee for the successful holding of sports competitions such as the Olympic Games. The Beijing Winter Olympics volunteer service continues the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games successful experience, and then upgrade from volunteer selection, pre -match training to service content, and strives to provide more professional and efficient volunteer services for the Winter Olympics.

The hosting of the Winter Olympics has made Beijing the first “Double Olympic City” in the world, and also puts forward higher requirements for the quality of volunteers. Compared with the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the Beijing Winter Olympics faces objective situations such as the normalization of the epidemic prevention and control and the two -place and three areas.

In order to allow about 20,000 contests volunteers to successfully pass the job, the Beijing Winter Olympic Organizing Committee has designed a total of four stages of training systems in general training, professional training, venue training and job training. Resources, guiding colleges and venues, and conducting a systematic and distinctive training of volunteers.

Especially considering the actual situation of the epidemic prevention and control and the actual situation of the Winter Paralympic Games, the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee also planned the special training of the epidemic prevention and control and helping the disabled in the competition of volunteer training, and faced the volunteer manager and the winter Olympic volunteer training training. Key groups such as Shi and backbone volunteers have conducted a series of special training.

It is worth mentioning that, considering the reality of the relatively weak foundation of the ice and snow sports in my country, and relatively insufficient experience in the ice and snow sports volunteer service experience, the Volunteer Department of the Winter Olympics Organizing Committee set up the history of the Winter Olympics, job skills, common sense of ice and snow sports, cold -proof and anti -freezing knowledge Special training courses for equal content make the Winter Olympics volunteer service more targeted and practical.

Multiple measures to improve urban volunteer services


In addition to the volunteers in the competition, urban volunteers are also an important part of the Beijing Winter Olympics volunteer service work. According to reports, the Winter Olympic City Volunteers will be mainly responsible for participating in and undertaking urban operation guarantee work, including volunteers around the venue, volunteers of urban volunteer service stations, volunteers at the Winter Olympics ice and snow sports venue, volunteers of key community, and disabled service volunteers , Civilized Transportation Volunteers, News Center Volunteers, including seven categories of urban volunteer service teams.

According to Li Jian, deputy commander of the Beijing Winter Olympics City Volunteer Headquarters, the Beijing Winter Olympic City Volunteer Headquarters has formulated the “Winter Olympics City Volunteer Work Plan” and “Work Guidance” and “Recruitment Plan” The method has established the command system during the Winter Olympics City Volunteer Championship, “it is expected that about 200,000 urban volunteers who have served the service”.

It is understood that the relevant departments will set up 758 urban volunteer service points in key areas such as the center of the Olympic center, the head area, the Winter Olympics Organizing Committee, and the Yanqing Xiaohai Tang area. At present, according to the overall work requirements of the Winter Olympics, urban volunteers have been in the main service site on December 5 last year. It is expected to start full service from January 25 this year until the Beijing Winter Olympics and the Winter Paralympic Games event Finish.