Emi’s new electrical heating, the flame visual effects are too realistic ~ I thought it was really hot


The electric heating in the market has always been white -gray -black heating tablets … Okay, let’s not say it, ugly is really ugly …


After all, electrical heating is to be placed in the environment of the bedroom living room and other homes ~~ Why can’t it be beautiful?


No matter how cold the outside is, the room is warm as spring, and a glass of wine with the beautiful beauty, it is a romantic life ~ warm and warm is what we want!

The design of the practical intention is not difficult ~ For example, the latest listed super -simulation romantic flames recommended by 2021 to you today ~

If it wasn’t for the scene, everyone would shout: Oh ~ the electric heater is on fire! At this time, I used my hands to scratch the flames and do it feel magical, but I don’t burn my hands ~


Actually, this is not a fire ~~!

This is the unique ultra -realistic superpoper wet water fog light simulation flames of Emite electric heaters!


Zhaoling and see

It turns out this flame

It is the small water mist of the humidifier

Effect of the orange -red light effects below

Let me introduce it to you in detail, this latest listed super -simulation romantic flames in 2021 ~~ The romantic atmosphere watching, humidifying, and heating -AIRMATE “Emiut” winter firework kick kick -kicking electric heating heating

AirMate “Emiut” is a well -known domestic appliance brand. It was established in 1973. It has 48 years of brand history. It has won multiple brand design awards. The products are exported to more than 60 countries at home and abroad …

Now in the field of home appliances, it is almost a guarantee of high quality. The graphene heater launched was the first in the same competition in 2020, which was loved by thousands of families.

Today, this winter fireworks kick -kick -kicking electric heating is a new product developed. It can be said that the AIRMATE “Emiut” has decades of electric heating technology!

First of all, its visual effect is extremely amazing!

Using 5D atomization flame design, the atomized water vapor is released through the humidifier’s mouth, and a cluster of flame is rendered by the orange -red stove visual effects lighting, and the heat is rising, as if a small stove is constantly burning, just look at it alone, just look at it. Give people warm, comfortable and comfortable ~

Once there is a weak airflow disturbance, these water vapor will show more realisticly into flame -shaped under the light. It can be said that it is completely chaotic ~

(Generally, you need to remind your family in advance when you buy it home.

By the way, don’t forget to introduce the working principle: the waterproof LED auxiliary light sources are irradiated on the 80cm long humidification out of the fog, accompanied by the warmth and warm visual effects formed by the fog, so even if you touch it with your palms, it will not be really ” “Boiled” to …

At the same time, this design is not just for the sake of good -looking ~ It is necessary to know that the heater is easy to dry and get angry when the house is used for a long time … and its built -in large -capacity independent humidification box, the foggy volume is as high as 120ml/h, which is no less than that of the fog. The professional humidifier bought by hundreds of flowers can be heated while humidifying, bringing a moist air!

In addition to the stunning visual, its heating effect is super fast, super wide, super warm, comparable to ground warmth ~


Its heating body uses 104 new aviation magnesium aluminum alloy as substrate, and the surface is superconducting six -square chunine graphene coating. Its thermal conductivity is 5300W/mk.


Superconducting hexagonal chunine graphene coating

Can provide high -conductivity

Make the heating effect faster and evenly

And when fever, it can release 6 ~ 16 μm far -infrared radiation calories. The far -infrared health waves close to the wavelength of the human body can easily penetrate the skin and be absorbed by the human body.

In the official experiment, when opening Emi’s winter fireworks kick -to -foot wire electric heating, it only needs to start fever in 3 seconds, that is, it is warm ~

In the experiment, the temperature -sensing paper -changing paper


Quickly change color in seconds in seconds

Frying chicken frying chicken quickly ~

And because the heating body is designed by using the principle of air thermal power, the heating air generated from the bottom up, upgrade the traditional heater “from point to the surface” to “from the face to the body”. Fast.

The heating method of “from point to face”

Upgrade to “from face to body”

Hot air comes from bottom to top


The temperature of the whole house is faster


It can also form a abundant “hot curtain” effect, realizing the even warm up of the whole house, from head to feet to warm the whole body. Compared with the warm ground, the ordinary oil heater is not comparable to it!

(Left) Traditional Oil Ting heater


(Right) Emite kicking skirting electric heating

With Emiut, people are really sitting in the room, heating can quickly fill the entire room, and the southerners can also feel the happiness of wearing short -sleeved in the northern house!

In addition, the intimate AI intelligent temperature control technology can also automatically adjust the heat according to room temperature changes to change the heat to ensure energy saving and power saving while reaching the preheating temperature.

It also supports a variety of control methods, which is suitable for different people’s usage habits. It can not only perform touch operations on the machine, but also use remote control to make remote control operations to make it more convenient to use.


Touch operation on the machine

Touch Digital screen display

Temperature adjustment, timing

Moisture, heating, and flames can be switched separately

When no flame effect is required

Can be performed

Make sleeping at night more comfortable and not disturbed


Remote control operation through the remote control

You can turn it on without getting out of bed in winter

It’s a gospel of lazy people ~

To be more secure, Emite also designed five security protection, and there is no dead corner to escort from the inside to the outside.


First weight: skin feel anti -hot

Designed for the mother and baby crowd, the double -sided body uses cation polyester -resistant material, which can resist high temperature to 150 ° C. It effectively reduces the surface temperature of the product. If you have a baby or pet, you do n’t have to worry about being burned!

Second: anti -scalding grille

The minimalist and luxurious fuselage is designed with anti -scalding grille. The distance between the grille is very small. It can effectively prevent the baby from putting his hand in and accidentally touched the scald, so that the safety is to go to the next level!

Third: IP24 level waterproof

The whole machine adopts the highest level IP24 waterproof design of the household appliances. It is placed in the bathroom. No matter from which angle to water, it is no problem.


Just after taking a bath, standing next to the bath is as warm as a baking fire ~~~ Drip water is not afraid, and you can change the clothing artifact in seconds!

And because of the special nature of graphene antibacterials, when placed in the bathroom, it can be easily dried through graphene antibacterial+streaming wind, which can easily cope with the pain points of the bathroom stuffy and humid after bathing, and it is easy to breed bacteria.


Fourth: Pouring power off


Dump the automatic power off. When the accident is pushed to the machine, the machine automatically cuts off the power without worrying about accidental accidents caused by dumping.

Fifth: overheating protection


Using high -standard original devices and new patent technologies, once the machine temperature is too high, the power will be automatically cut off. Don’t worry about various disaster tragedies caused by high temperature … Always escort safely!

The last thing to mention is that although there is a power of 2200W, as long as you use the ordinary socket at home, you don’t need to be equipped with high -power sockets ~

It is very beautiful, making your family flourish ~~! The whole house is ,, moist and comfortable, and super romantic atmosphere, just use this electric heater ~

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Comparable to the heating artifact of mobile floor heating

¥ 899