How to maintain the fabric sofa? Detailed explanation of the common sense of cloth sofa maintenance and misunderstanding


The fabric sofa is very common in home life, but many owners do not know how to maintain the fabric sofa. Today we will take a look at the relevant knowledge about fabric sofas. Use it.

Fabric sofa maintenance common sense

1. The fabric sofa is best placed in a area that can avoid severe sunlight. If there is no way to avoid it, you can use the translucent curtains to separate the sunlight. Life life.

2. If the fabric sofa is placed in the living room, it must be vacuum at least twice a week, and the fabric sofa placed in the bedroom can be vacuum once a week. In this way, the fabric sofa can maintain the original luster.


3. The cushion on the fabric sofa is best flipped once a week. This will make the mats wear evenly evenly. The cushion will not have a new side, but the side is very old.

4. If the fabric sofa is stained with stains, you can immerse them in clean water with a clean rag, and then wipe it up and wipe it. Just dry it.

Precautions for cloth sofa maintenance

1. The elasticity of the fabric fabric of the fabric sofa can directly determine the comfort of the fabric sofa. Long -term direct sunlight will not only reduce the elasticity of the fabric, but also easily reduce the color. It is best to place where you can avoid the sun.


2. The fabric sofa is very vulnerable. You can lay a sofa towel or large towel on the sofa. This can not only increase the decorative effect, but also prevent dust. Shoot, dust every week.


3. The fabric sofa is very easy to deform, so pay attention to avoid sitting in the same position for a long time to prevent the sofa pad from deformation and wear. You can also often take the mats outdoors to shoot outdoors. It can be loose sponge structure and remove the surface area of ​​the surface.

4. Clean the fabric sofa with a cleaning agent once a year. After the cleaning, the cleaner must be completely washed off. Otherwise, it is easier to dye the dirt.

Fabric sofa maintenance misunderstanding

1. The sun is good in summer. Many people feel that taking the pillow and cushion of the sofa to get rid of the bacteria on the sofa, but the drying should be a degree, and it should be dry in the sun to kill the bacteria, but it is in Drying under the sun will make the sofa stiff and brittle, which will reduce the life of the fabric sofa.

2. The sun is strong in summer, and many people will distribute the fabric sofa in the sun. The exposure can be sterilized, but the exposure to the fabric sofa is also very large. The change of temperature will affect the color of the fabric and fade the fading. The phenomenon of discoloration.

3. Many people have misunderstandings about the dust removal of the sofa. They believe that often shooting can effectively remove the dust and keep the cushion clean. In fact, the cushion does not need to be shot frequently. Loose and make the cushion deformed.

The above is the relevant knowledge about the fabric sofa, I hope to help you.