Douyin burst of bamboo charcoal toothpaste, can it really be white? Cottage goods are here to exaggerate and publicize again


Good evening, today’s argument, again

“Zheng Zheng”

Come and share with you!

As the “non -famous professional food” of the bowl home, I usually eat too many things, and I like to taste new food, so I care about the problem of oral health.

In the past two days, the bamboo charcoal toothpaste that claims to be “brushed into white” in Douyin has been full of high -level sense in English. The yellow teeth in the video instantly turned white and even made me stupid (determined). ) Desire (open) (driving).

Most people’s teeth have tooth stains and yellowing that have accumulated all year round, and I am no exception, then let’s try it ~


Quickly place the most hottest orders, and the measured is tested!

Sure enough, I didn’t know, I was frightened.


Troubled trial,

No effect at all!

Don’t say anything, try it yourself.


In order to be careful not to affect the effect, I use a manual toothbrush and electric toothbrush at home, and brush it once according to my usual brushing habits to see if it will really be white.

Let’s talk about the specific experience:

The squeezing is black, I am not very acceptable from the senses, the same as the shoe oil …


(The 2 models are all dark, the right is stronger, and the edge of the flow is gone as soon as it is squeezed.


For testing, I can only bite my head.

The foam is very rich, but the taste is a bit astringent. After brushing the mouth and the tongue, you feel a slight astringent feeling.

the most important is! Intersection Intersection

For teeth whitening, there is no effect at all! I can bear it as blind



Black disgusting object.

Isn’t it a good brush? Look at my manual brush and electric toothbrush. After brushing, there is no change at all!

(The front camera from the iPhone8plus, the original picture is not repaired)

Because the main ingredients are similar, I am not nauseous to try the second paragraph, and the bristles of the electric toothbrush have been brushed because of the high density, not clean, and a bit dark.

But why can those people in the video be “white”?


This is the focus of today. Let’s continue to steep.



Fake+exaggerated publicity,

This toothpaste hurts teeth for a long time!

First of all, why can you “brush white” in the video?

The probability is that the video falsifies.

One is to use Meita special effects when shooting;


The second is that in the later period, the big brothers first handled the whitening of the teeth before uploading.

But can you whiten your teeth and chase the roots in the end?

What you want to see is toothpaste itself.

Looking at the three pictures below, do you feel the similarity is very high?

The two on the left are burst into the fire. We bought it, which was calculated about 20 yuan, and the right side was a very expensive Australian version, one 100 yuan+.


The original version of the high price did not dare to say that he could brush his teeth 100%, but the cottage dared to claim to be “1 week in white, the more white brushes”, “you can go to yellow tartar”.

Moreover, the comparison chart before and after use (at first glance is P), which is really gorgeous.

These 2 models have something in common:

Love pretend X




One of the domestic products, the packaging one by one is basically English? Intersection Intersection Do you still say that you originated from the UK?

Looking down, there is a detail page that talks about yourself

Sodium -free sodium sulfate

The composition table is clear, and the ranking is quite high.


The cottage is a little bit more heartbroken, okay?


Does it hurt to beat your own face?

The essence of toothpaste is finally looking at the ingredients inside,

The face -to -face propaganda on the flowers will be the professionalism of their team.

The components of the two types are almost all: friction agent+moisturizer+bonding thickener+foaming agent+flavoring agent+water+preservatives.

Compared to ordinary toothpaste, the only special thing is that there is one more

Bamboo charcoal powder

This is one of the sources of selling points of these two toothpaste.

Key explanation:


Bamboo charcoal powder does have adsorption ability,

But the teeth of the teeth and tea stains cannot be cleaned by brushing and bamboo charcoal toothpaste!

“British Dental Magazine” has also published a comment that the popular charcoal black toothpaste is just a marketing gimmick, which is not good for teeth:

① Charcoal black does not provide additional benefits of “anti -bacterial/fungi”, “whitening”, “whitening” and “preventing tooth decay”.

② Charcoal black particles may increase teeth wear, causing tooth decay or teeth sensitivity. The charcoal black particles may also enter the filling of the replenishment, or enter the gums to stimulate the gums.

The most important thing is that the main ingredients of these 2 toothpaste,

If it is used for a long time, it consumes a lot of teeth and oral losses.

Hydrological silica:

The friction agent, the main cleaning ingredients of toothpaste, but this ingredient will not be divided over time, which will damage the tooth enamel, and

It is easy to cause teeth sensitivity, bleeding gums, and exposure to the roots

And other issues.

Sodium dodecyl sulfate:

It is the same thing as sodium sulfate and sodium laurel sulfate, which are surfactants and foaming agents. It has a strong cleaning effect.

It will destroy the fragile oral mucosa

People who often suffer from oral ulcers are not recommended.

Medical research has confirmed that sodium cinnamonate (SLS) in the foam in toothpaste

Treatment and aggravation of oral ulcers, leading to dry oral mucosa

, Timinal rupture. It can also cause cold allergies to teeth.

Therefore, these two bamboo charcoal toothpaste says that they can be white in a week, so that they are “brushed into white” in the video, just treat them … Fart!

No special place! It is ordinary friction agent to produce cleaning effects!

It is hoped that these merchants can look at the lesson of the front car of the big -name toothpaste. It was fined 6.03 million due to the exaggeration of whitening toothpaste advertisements.

Don’t “do it and do not do”. If you are not a big brand, you can circle small groups and harvest the IQ taxes of consumers who do not know consumers, so that you can make a lot of money.


Can really be able to whiten teeth,

Only these two means!

In the final analysis, the merchant also uses the problem of dental whitening that everyone is most concerned about, so it has led to the collection of IQ taxes.

One of the truth you must tell you here is:

Brushing can whiten is purely nonsense! No toothpaste can change the color of the teeth itself!

The color of healthy teeth was slightly yellow.


In addition, there are many external factors caused by yellowing of teeth, such as dental, food pigment staining, fluoroplastic tooth, tooth root canal treatment, and various types of dental diseases after treatment.


It really adds bleaching effect ingredients and whitening toothpaste with polished particles, which can indeed briefly improve the original color of the teeth, but this effect is fleeting, and the acidic ingredients and bleaching agents added are more damage to the teeth.

There are only two methods that can really be effective to whiten the teeth:

1. Washing teeth and cleaning. (Short -term effect, the effect is not great)

Professional tooth washing can remove the stains deposited on the teeth and wash a clean and happy bath for the teeth. Use polishing particles to polish the surface of the teeth to remove more subtle stains and make the teeth full of luster.

However, this has little effect on whitening teeth, and has greater health to maintain tooth and gums. The recommended frequency of tooth washing is only half a year to one year, so the effect is very limited.

2. Go to the hospital to make professional dentists whitening to teeth according to the condition of the teeth.

For example: cold light whitening, porcelain paste, full porcelain, porcelain crown, etc. (The effect is long -lasting, and the teeth are worn with a lot)

These operations should be handed over to professional and qualified dentists to tell you the risk and make a choice.

For example: Unprofessional cold light whitening may cause oral ulcers and gums to shrink; the amount of whole porcelain crown has a large amount of dental grinding, and the cost of maintenance in the later period is very high, and it is necessary to choose carefully.

As usual, give you a small summary, about whitening toothpaste:

能 No toothpaste can change the original color of the teeth!

1 There is no toothpaste to 100%to ensure that it is white!


Those toothpastes that say that they can brush their white, let them stay in where they should stay -trash can.



Written at the end:

When the teeth are yellow, care or affect life, it is reminding you to see professional dentists solve the problem as soon as possible, instead of relying on a toothpaste to comfort yourself, it is likely to lose money.

If you have a problem with your teeth, you should also find a professional doctor to listen to the professional reliable suggestions, which is stronger than anything.



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