Wan Qian’s clothing has never been disappointed. Leopard shirts with plush jackets, unprecedented and “big guys”


Text: Small makeup

Hi, I am a small makeup who is not worthy of expensive person. I must make you more beautiful, and then it will be worthy of your appreciation of me! ▼

To present the ideal shape, you need not only pay attention to the style of clothing, but also need to be reasonably selected according to your height. This also shows that it is more important to avoid the strengths of the school in the dressing. For example, in the mall, you have seen a piece of clothes. Although the style is novel, it looks “short waist wide legs”, and the overall shape effect is very failed. This shows that it will focus on the long -term avoidance to make your clothes better, and it will make your dress look more decent.

So how should we use wearing skills to achieve development?

In fact, it is not difficult. Wan Qian, who is well known to many people, has given us the answer through a set of styles. She is also considered to be the most changeable female star in the entertainment industry.


She is very good at what she is suitable for wearing and how to use single items. This

A set of styles not only have a thin effect, but also very high. In the future, how will this shape of Wan Qian create a significant and thin effect.

One: Wan Qian’s highly thin model analysis

1: The upper body shape uses the “foreign minister’s internal short” to shorten the proportion

If you want to be high and thin, you need to focus on the shaping of your proportion.

Although the body ratio is natural, in fact, the matching of the single product,


It can also be visually shaped to reshape the proportion of the body, creating a golden proportion of golden proportions with long lower body legs.

The shape of Wan Qian’s upper body uses a coat and shirt to wear, and stacking is also the most popular method of wearing young people at the moment. However, in terms of the length of the hem, you need to pay attention to it, especially to make yourself high, you can not be too long.


Otherwise, whether it is from the side or back or front, it will cause the proportion of the upper body to be stretched. What we need to pay attention to is to shorten the proportion of the upper body before it can show the proportion of the lower body.

Therefore, Wan Qian stuffed the leopard shirt’s clothes into the waistline, so that the length of the velvet jacket was greater than the inside and the waistline, but it would not produce the visual sense of covering the waistline. Instead, the proportion of the upper body is shortened.

2: High waist pants to create high waistline


What is the focus of the high shape? It is to create a pair of visual long legs! To create this effect, I have to mention it


Waist line

Essence If your natural figure is five or five points, the waistline is not obvious, and it doesn’t matter. Just put on a pair of high waistline pants to lengthen the proportion of the legs.

Wan Qian wore a pair of high -waist leather pants,

This leather pants itself fits her leg shape, coupled with the design of dark black tones and high waist models, the waistline has also been improved a lot, and the length of the legs is also extended.

3: Relying on the middle boots and shoe types to lengthen the length of the calf


Wan Qian’s strongest thing to feel the public in this high shape lies in her long and straight beautiful legs. Why can Wan Qian present this effect? If you look closely, it is not difficult to find that the two items worn on her legs are very good in extending. Both leather pants and leather boots are unified, so the lower body shape has a coherence.

The shape of this pair of leather boots itself is relatively three -dimensional, and the length of the middle tube also contains the calf legs naked. In addition, the zipper and the pointed design of the upper zipper and the toe are stretched. Make your legs visually very slender.

Many netizens looked at her shape, and they all said: Leopard -style shirts with plush jackets, there is also a “big guy fan”.


Two: Create a high -shaped knowledge point

1: Tightening and loose dressing method

If you want to make yourself look tall and thin, the most important thing is to master some tricks in the combination of clothing. For example, you are not tall or very slim, so how do you make yourself look slim and high? Consider the method of wearing up and down to modify the defects of height and figure.

You can choose a slim -fitting clothing on the upper body. You can choose a pair of straight -leg pants on the lower body. The high -waist design of the straight pants and the naturally vertical trousers make your legs look straight and long, so that you can create a significant shape.

2: The top of the top must not be too long

In order to cover up the defects in their bodies, some girls will choose a top with too long and too wide version when choosing clothing. This kind of top is easy to cover the proportion of the upper body, and even the number of long -term pulling in the lower body, shortening the proportion of the lower body, so that you look like the whole person is “dwarfed” again.

Even if these clothing is too wide on the version, it will block the shape, and the proportion of the upper body is widened.


The reason for Wan Qian’s popularity is not only her close people, good acting skills, but also she can wear it, and can get the appreciation and love of many netizens.

Her group of styles can become some reference templates that also want to wear thin and high -effect girls. Hurry up and try it.

I am a small makeup, and I update different body wearing skills every day. Here, you can not only learn various styles of dressing guide, but also help you have a deeper understanding of fashion.

“Dressing is not expensive” is an account that helps problem users to solve the difficulty of choice and provide solutions based on the subdivision category. The original intention of creating it was because I believe that beauty becomes a belief, and to treat various choices through methodology to learn from each other.

If you are not confident in your body, or if you want to understand different styles of dressing skills, please give me a private message or leave a message below. I will regularly summarize and give solutions. I hope we will always be overwhelmed on the way to become beautiful.

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