Eye movement heart movement Canon releases full -frame special micro camera EOS R3


High -quality quality, this is one of the design concepts of EOS R3. Canon’s independently developed full -format back illuminating stack image sensor has about 24.1 million pixels, with high -performance Digic X digital image processor high -speed image processing, with RF lenses with high optical quality, the three realize optimized configurations, in the three, in the three, in the optimized configuration, in the three, in the configuration, in the There are many aspects such as clarity, noise performance, and optical properties, which presents high -quality images with rich details for users.

EOS R3 adopts a new full -format back illuminating stack CMOS image sensor can greatly increase the setting rate. The commonly used sensitivity reaches the width of the ISO 100-102400, and the extended sensitivity is as high as ISO 204800. The powerful high sensitivity performance allows photographers to easily improve sensitivity shooting. High -speed shutter can also be used in scenes with insufficient light, which is widely suitable for indoor and night shooting. Image stability performance helps to achieve night scenes and dark light scene shooting.

EOS R3 commonly used sensitivity to the wide range of ISO 100-102400

The EOS R3 has a built -in fuselage image stabilization function. With a lens with optical image stabilization, it can also obtain a strong anti -shake effect, which greatly improves the success rate of handheld shooting. When a compatible RF lens with optical image stabilization, the fuselage image stabilization can collaborate with the lens optical image stabilization, providing the maximum 8 -level hand shake compensation effect.

EOS R3 benefits from the high -speed processing capabilities of the DIGIC X digital image processor. It can also be optimized in real time when shooting at high -speed continuous shooting+mode. The machine also supports the use of automatic brightness optimization and high -gloss color priority at the same time. The automatic white balance algorithm has been enhanced through deep learning technology. In the natural green scenarios of many plants and grass, it will improve the automatic white balance.

※ 1 When the compensation effect is set to “strong”, the continuous shooting speed may be reduced.

【Professional short film shooting】

EOS R3’s short film record specifications reached 6K 59.94p/50.00p raw. The horizontal perspective without cutting 6K RAW short films can give full play to the characteristics of full -frame easily to obtain background blur, and make full use of the horizontal perspective of the lens to provide convenience for the shooting of the grand scene. The 6K high -resolution image provides 2 times the 4K image, and the screen clarity of 9 times the full HD image can provide users with rich image details. The 4K or full HD image based on the 6K RAW short film can simulate the effects of shaking and pull -pull lenses without compressing the picture quality, which is also very helpful to increase the number of screen numbers. In addition, the camera also supports 6K/5.6K super sampling to generate high -fine 4K short films and shooting 119.88p/100P (NTSC/PAL) 4K high -frame frequency videos. All modes can be carried out by the automatic service automatic focus/tracked automatic focusing.

EOS R3 supports 59.94p/50.00P frame frequency 6K RAW short videos

眼动心动感动 佳能发布全画幅专微相机EOS R3

EOS R3 supports a variety of recording methods, including information rich 6K 12 -bit RAW short film recording, CINEMA EOS movie system is widely received and easy to color Canon Log 3, high -specification HDR PQ, etc., which can deal with professional image production Different needs. In addition, EOS R3 not only supports standard BT.709, BT.2020 color gamut, but also supports Cinema Gamut color gamut. When used with Cinema EOS, it can also provide consistent tone materials. The video taken with Canon Log 3 or HDR PQ uses HEVC encoding and supports 10 -bit recording and HDMI output with a color sampling rate of 4: 2: 2. In addition, when recording MP4 format short videos, CFEXPRESS and SD memory card support dual card slots at the same time, and can complete the backup while shooting. Don’t worry even if the memory card fails.

When shooting a short film, the same is the same as the static image. The EOS R3 can identify the eyes, facial, head, and body of the characters; when detecting animals (dogs, cats, birds), the eyes, facial, and body are appropriately focused according to the specific situation. In addition, vehicles used in racing motion can be detected. The camera body provides a 5 -axis image stabilizer. Even if it does not have the image stability function (OIS) in the lens, it can inhibit the jitter and perform a stable short film shooting. If the RF lens equipped with an image stabilizer is used in the lens, it can better reduce the jitter by collaborative control. In addition, the EOS R3 can be shot more reliably for a longer time, and it can be recorded for a maximum of 6 hours (the longest can record 1 hour 30 minutes at high frame frequency).

[Reliability, scalability, network function]

眼动心动感动 佳能发布全画幅专微相机EOS R3

As the EOS R series professional high -speed models, the EOS R3 reflects the needs of front -line photographers in the design of the fuselage. As the first professional model in the EOS R series adopting a vertical handle, it has fully considered mobility and operability in design, and is more small and lightweight. In the absence of battery and memory cards, the single body weight of the EOS R3 is only about 822 grams. Compared with the weight of the EOS-1 X Mark III of the EOS SLR camera, about 1250 grams of about 1250 grams is reduced by about one-third of the weight. At the height of the fuselage, the model is about 85 % of the EOS-1D X Mark III. In addition, the EOS R3 uses a magnesium alloy shell and has the same level of dust/waterproof droplet performance as EOS-1D X.

眼动心动感动 佳能发布全画幅专微相机EOS R3

EOS R3, as an integrated model of vertical shooting handle, is equipped with rotating LCD monitor and supports touch operation. 3.2 “” high -fine LCD panels with about 4.15 million points, the picture is fine and high -quality, and it is convenient to shoot at multiple angles. Based on the traditional human -machine engineering design of EOS, the EOS R3 uses a small concave dot jewelry, The design is full of personality and freshness. Menu, playback, deletion and other buttons, power switch, static image shooting/short film shooting switch and other operating parts. The layout is basically the same as the EOS-1D X series. Users can get started quickly. Operation, menu and back-off-related buttons are designed with backlight lighting. EOS R3 uses large-capacity battery LP-E19 universal with the EOS-1D X series, and also supports the AC power adapter. It can also support USB through the USB Type-C terminal to realize USB Power supply or charging, do not worry about battery life in the case of long -term shooting short films.

EOS R3 is equipped with a high -fine LCD of about 4.15 million points that can be rotated 32 “

In order to improve the functionality and operability of the camera system, Canon has developed new multifunctional boots. When installing compatible attachments, the attachment can directly communicate with the camera through the electronic contacts of multi -functional boots. Data communication and camera power supply can be achieved without the connection cable. The newly launched accessories include multi-functional boots pointing stereo microphone DM-E1D, flash signal signal transmitter ST-E10, multi-functional boots adapter AD-E1, multi-functional boots smartphone adapter AD-P1.

Newly developed multi -functional boots on Canon on EOS R3

眼动心动感动 佳能发布全画幅专微相机EOS R3

The EOS R3 has a Wi-Fi communication function of the 2.4GHz/5GHz band, which supports IEEE 802.11b/g/n/A/AC specifications. Can connect smartphones through smartphone applications Canon Camera Connect for image transmission. For the first time in the EOS R camera series, 100BASE-T Ethernet terminals can be supported, which can achieve high-speed wired transmission. EOS R3 supports business -level image transmission functions such as FTP to meet the requirements of time -effective news reports and other photography services for image transmission.