The complex formula of intermediate “Financial Management” is difficult to remember? East Olympic Yan Huahong teaches you a clever method, and use it.


Intermediate accounting titles are composed of three subjects: “Intermediate Accounting Practice”, “Intermediate Economic Law” and “Financial Management”. Compared with the junior accounting titles examination, in addition to the increase in knowledge and difficulty, the “Financial Management” subject has also been added. It is difficult to understand the knowledge points and many formulas that cannot be remembered, which brings great resistance to preparation. In the view of Teacher Yan Huahong, a famous teacher in the East Olympics, the complex logic of “Financial Management” is understandable, and many formulas can be remembered.

Elegant and learned, coaching “Financial Management” for more than 20 years of Tao Li Tianxia

After graduating from graduate school, Mr. Yan Huahong began to teach. As a doctor of management and professor of accounting, she is now coaching. Since 1997, the examination training has been started. In 1998, he started writing the first version of the “Easy Customs ®️” series of books. It has been more than 20 years since it has been written. He joined the East Olympics in 2008, the lecture on “Financial Cost Management”, intermediate “Intermediate Financial Management”, Tao Li Man in the world.

Teacher Yan Huahong, with the gentleness and quietness of a southern woman, she is rigorous, elegant and learned, with a smile on the lecture, high affinity, spring wind and rain, and moisturizing.

The accumulation of teaching experience over the years has enabled her to insight and indicate the direction of preparation for students; logic is meticulous to help students build a knowledge structure;

Control the overall situation, analyze the tactics of textbooks to outline knowledge context


The middle -level “Financial Management” textbook consists of ten chapters. For beginners or advanced camily accounts, they have not yet seen a lot, not to mention the integration. In Teacher Yan Huahong’s opinion, the study of “Financial Management” actually has tricks to find.

At the tactical level, Mr. Yan Huahong analyzed the top ten chapters of the “Financial Management” and guided the students to build the correct learning ideas in accordance with the subject logic.

“The textbooks of” Financial Management “can actually be divided into three parts, which are basic knowledge, working links and main contents. Basic knowledge consists of chapter 1 and Chapter 2. The first chapter is the theoretical basis. And theory, the second chapter is the basis of the calculation of the whole book, such as the calculation of currency time value, the necessary remuneration rate, cost -based analysis of the required investors, and many chapters later. “

“The entire textbook is connected in series according to the work link and financial management content, so from Chapter 3 to Chapter 10, it is performed by the main line of financial management. , Analysis and assessment afterwards. Therefore, it will be much easier to learn knowledge according to this main line. The core content of financial management is decision -making and control, that is, the content of Chapter 4 to the ninth chapter. The focus is on fundraising management. Investment management and capital management involve allocation. Everyone knows that profits = income-cost, so control costs can increase profits. “

After the analysis of Teacher Yan Huahong, the seemingly heavy and unclear “Financial Management” immediately became a clear framework, and there was a trace to follow. Students could quickly build a knowledge framework to make the test preparation process more solid and clearer.


Turn into simplifying, derive transformation and guide students to understand the complex formulas of memory

For the “Financial Management” candidates, the most headache is more memorable. At first glance, some complicated formulas often mistakenly think that they are doing higher mathematics questions. Due to the complexity of the formula, it also increased the pressure of the students’ exam preparation. “Frequent learning and forgetting” is like a curse that cannot be cracked.


In the classroom of Teacher Yan Huahong, the students have never encouraged the students to master the formulas in a hard memorization. Instead, through the in -depth disassembly of the formula, they are transformed into the form that students can easily grasp and reduce the amount of memory.

The calculation formula of external financing demand is complicated. Various code is dazzling. If you cannot learn from the level of understanding, you will consume a lot of time if you want to write down such complex formulas.


“You gave a bunch of code in reading the book. It looks very troublesome. In fact, I don’t want everyone to memorize it, but I understand this formula in the future.” Teacher Yan Huahong said.

In the explanation of Mr. Yan Huahong, he cut in from the formula of “asset = liability+owner’s equity” formulas, and stepped up the formula step by step.

In the end, the complex formula of Ru Tianshu was transformed into a formula that students can easily understand, and avoiding heavy preparation pressure brought by the hard back of death.


2021 Intermediate Accounting Examination

It will be held from September 4th. At present, most candidates have completed the study of basic classes and entered the stage of strengthening and improvement. If you encounter difficulties in the process of learning, you can come to the East Olympic Intermediate Accounting Title C Class C to see Yan Huahong. How do teachers explain thoroughly, solve problem -solving skills, and teach formulas ingenuity tricks. I wish you in a good state to welcome the upcoming exam and get satisfactory results.


The mid -level accounting preparation in 2021 is underway. Candidates should take each knowledge point and every test question carefully, study solidly, and prepare for the exam! I wish candidates who can pass the exam as soon as possible and get a certificate!