Pay attention to confinement! Intersection Can I wear ordinary pajamas?


Many experienced Baoma suggested that the newly produced Baoma should not put ordinary pajamas as confinement during confinement. Although in terms of material, many ordinary pajamas and professional monthly moon The sub -clothes are the same. They are made of pure natural fabrics such as cotton, hair, and silk, which is not very different in warmth. But you should pay attention to that after giving birth, the body of the Baoma generally does not recover as fast as celebrities. If the original pajamas are used as a confinement, it must not be so comfortable, and it is not so convenient to duck ~


Also, the confinement clothes are all long -sleeved trousers, and the hem is slightly longer than that of ordinary pajamas. This is because the waist and abdomen of Baoma during the confinement are cold and cold. In terms of design, in order to facilitate the feeding of Baoma and not to cause embarrassing pictures, the confinement can generally open, lift or unveil it on the design of the front part. To avoid breastfeeding And this design, ordinary pajamas do not exist ~


During the confinement of the new mother, the most common phenomenon is sweating, sweating more ~ ​​We can call it “mattress sweat”, Baoma must prepare at least 2 sets of clothes to replace it every day ~

The confinement service has good breathability and good sweat -absorbing function. It is difficult to meet this requirement for ordinary pajamas. Especially in summer, ordinary long -sleeved pajamas can easily be wet! Increasing the frequency of clothes for Bao Ma, it may also increase the coldness of Baoma ~~