Come on, this winter, use this thin and warm leggings to run away 2018!


In winter, is your leggings good?

PB comes from Germany, which is well -known in the world with “high -quality manufacturing”. It is not very loud in domestic advertisements and does not have specific publicity.


But as long as the women who have tried through, they know that the brand’s pantyhose is very cost -effective. Who knows who wears it!

Since contacting this brand, we have been out of control. We all know that leggings are easy to get up and even deform seriously.

Today’s leggings recommendation, divided into 80D, 750D, 800D and 1500D


The thickness of the leggings is based on “Denier”. “D” or “Denier” refers to the fibrous unit of the fiber. Every 9000 meters of fiber weigh, as much as “D”, the larger the number of “d”, the thicker the leggings.

80D (Southerner Special, then briefly introduce)


Material: velvet


Texture: Importing matte veil, classic spring and autumn thickness, comfortable pressure, basically not fleshy.


Appropriate temperature: 15-20 degrees spring and autumn seasons


款 Dressed feeling: This is the thinning leggings in the spring and autumn seasons. It has a very comfortable micro -pressure force, which is thinner than wearing socks. In terms of details, the hips are made of two lines, the comfort is higher, and the workmanship of the waist and toes is also fine. It is necessary for spring and autumn, and must be available in spring and autumn!

750D (the most thinner one, please read the focus if you have the need for skinny legs)

Material: Nylon material, compile of 350 stitches of velvet firing coil

Texture: The surface layer of the tablet, matte texture, opens non -reflective, the ware is very delicate and dense, and the effect is first -class!


Appropriate temperature: 5-15 degrees

/ Design details (This is a real shot after being washed by the violent machine once!)


△ This is a pantyhose that has been penetrated and washed but can still maintain good pants. It is not easy to get the ball, it will not hook up, let alone the file, as always soft and delicate!

△ On the back, a three -dimensional massage abdomen and hip design are attached to the front, so that the small belly is hidden perfectly.


△ The ankle, the unique segment design, the soles of the feet are thin, play a non -slip and comfortable effect.

△ Inside, the flocking fur ring is expensive, and it is not as thick as ordinary hair circles on the market, but the warmth and thinness are better than that of ordinary hair circles, because the hair rings are thin and dense!

/ Upper body effect

款 Dressed feeling: This is the most recently worn, adding velvet but not thick velvet, which is very dense, so it is very thin and warm. Personally, I think the warmth of this one is top in thin leg socks, and the effect of skinny legs is even less inferior in the same warmth!

800D (Xiaobian Fang Push!)

Material: The outer layer uses a soft and organic new organic Xinjiang combed cotton with a soft and non -ball.


Texture: matte bottom yarn, the color is extremely soft, and when you touch it, you can’t help but praise the soft cotton!

Suitable temperature: 3-15 degrees (cold can be worn in large cotton pants, wide-leg pants)


/ plan the details

△ Use 1 needle, 3 lines, 3 stitches and 5 stitches, which is stronger, and perfectly avoid the problem of collapsed crotch!


△ The waist mouth has also been made into abdomen and hip lifting design (domestic craftsmanship is easy to pull hair and pull holes), so wearing is more beautiful and comfortable, and it is very easy to pull ~


△ The ankle is as segmented as ever. This kind of footsteps test the technical content of thin tests and high costs, which is definitely a reflection of quality!


△ The inner cotton is pulled, and the color of the inside and outside is unified. Farewell to the embarrassing colors of many domestic velvet, soil, and yellow, and very smooth and warm. sufficient! sufficient!

太 Feeling: It’s really surprising! Five -star recommended model! High -density is not easy to get ball, matte without light, feet to make thin and not stuffy feet, and really achieve micro -pressure, thinness, and not dropped! And the inside cotton hair is very skin -friendly and comfortable, and the warmth is absolutely enough in the south. The base that must not be missed this winter!

1500D (Northerner, the girl who is afraid of cold, watch this!)


Material: The outer layer uses a high -density velvet with a high density. The inside is a smooth and skin -friendly thickened mink velvet, weighing more than 340g, one is winter!

Texture: Advanced velvet woven is not easy to get the ball, ultra -dense and ultra -windshield, the inside of the mink velvet is very neat and shiny, soft and fine, it is personal and warm!

Suitable temperature: below zero (so cold is actually not recommended to go out)

/ Design details (small unpacking)

△ Add velvet on the leg, do not add velvet on the foot, and do not wear a boring foot. More importantly, thickened velvet models are generally bloated, but this one is very thin. High -end goods are hundreds of prices in physical stores.


△ Ultra -thickness does not fall down, thickness is two or three times that of 800D above, keeping warm is certain. It can be described as winter -cold artifact. This one is really affordable!

△ Add an extra line to the sewing line, the appearance is flat and comfortable, and the actual dressing will not have the problem of collapse.

了 Dressed feeling: Add thick velvet, so there must be no 750D and 800D thin, and it is already good to do its job well. The bloated is simply a surprise. Once again, it praises its ankle segment, and the soles of the feet are thin without velvet, and you can also match various ankle boots and low -top shoes in winter!

Summary [Key reading! .

As shown in the figure, the 750d is more dense, while the 800D is softer, all do not reflect, do not fall off, resist the ball, and have super elasticity and super strong!

750D specifications: only black, tablet, socks & step on your feet

800D specifications: two colors of black and gray, flat plates, socks & step on the feet (considering the 800D gray look good, as shown above)

1000D specifications: only black, stripes, socks & steps (no light board, stripes are more thin while keeping warm)

1500D specifications: Only black, flat plates, socks & stepping on the feet (without stripes, it is an upgraded version of 1000D tablet, the most warm and warm model!)

In summary:


Hematology: 1500> 1000> 800> 750> 80


Short weight: 80> 750> 800> 1000> 1500

Softness: 80> 800> 1000 = 1500> 750

多 PB has a lot of styles. Xiaobian has done a lot of homework. Thousands of choices are required. Please do not make more colors, more colors and many requirements. Intersection

身 Pantyhose is a personal private item. If you try it through, you cannot return and exchange it. If you do n’t wear it, how do you know good? “Please detour. Thank you.

耗 Pantyhose belongs to consumables. Girls should be treated rationally about the problem of getting ball and the problem of ticking bad. Ten pantyhose is incomparable!


/ Upper body effect

/ Upper body effect