I want home treasure: Parents who don’t understand mobile phones can also play smart phones | yes or no


I want home treasure: Parents who don’t understand mobile phones can also play smart phones | yes or no

Science and technology develops too quickly. While people enjoy the convenience of technology to people, we must also realize that some people are always thrown behind the times. The most important one is the elderly.

Nowadays, they are about to enter the era of artificial intelligence, and the elderly may still stay in front of the function phone. They never dared to use a TV remote control with a few buttons such as up and down, left and right volume, and digital keys; when they used functional phones, I couldn’t wait to tell them which button first pressed, and then they could call out. As for adjusting volume, changing ringtones, looking at photos and the like, they dare not think at all; and in the era of smartphones, they are even more confused in the face of mobile phones without a button. Today’s technology products are basically designed for young people, and lack of care for the “outdated” elderly people.

Recently, Mo -Dot Technology got a family accompanying robot named Xiangjiabao.

Not only does the idle smartphone at home, it can also be used to remotely accompany the elderly at home. More importantly, it is simply surprising in operation. It is definitely suitable for “outdated” old people who do not understand the mobile phone.

想家宝:让不懂手机的父母也能玩转智能机|YES or NO

What are the specific functions? Selling a barrier, let’s open the box first:

想家宝:让不懂手机的父母也能玩转智能机|YES or NO

In fact, before the product mass production, the reporter had seen Xiangjiabao products in advance. This time, it was the first time that the reporter saw the outer packaging of Xiangjiabao. The packaging was very beautiful and novel. It made people feel that they couldn’t bear to throw away. They must collect this packaging.

想家宝:让不懂手机的父母也能玩转智能机|YES or NO

包装采用独特的圆柱体设计,浑身以白色为基调,除了想家宝的产品图片外,包装上也就只有“想家就用想家宝”的slogan 以及产品主要功能介绍:” 被叫自动接通、 Remote control rotation, one -click video calls, and network electronic frames “are fresh and refined. “

想家宝:让不懂手机的父母也能玩转智能机|YES or NO

The material uses thick cardboard, which is more environmentally friendly. The surface uses smooth leather paper, which looks more beautiful. In addition, the packaging uses two sections of the upper and lower sections, and is fixed with tape. Although it does not look strong, it is found in the actual experience of the reporter that this is much stronger than the imagination and is absolutely enough.

After opening the box, we can find that its accessories box is also very distinctive: packaged into trapezoidal and fixed on the mobile phone bracket of the mobile phone machine. According to the instructions, the method of removing is also very simple: 1. Remove the rubber band 2. Remove the accessories box on the side. (In fact, there is a fixed knob behind the back, Panason

In addition, in order to prevent the damage to the fuselage during the transportation process, Xiangjiabao used two sponge pads at the mobile phone bracket to buffer. At the bottom of the box, a circular sponge surrounds it. So careful, I believe many people will be touched.

Coupled with the instructions at the bottom of the box to give the accessories a family portrait. (The power adapter was originally wrapped in multiple bubble buffer plastic film, which was removed here first)

In the end, the protagonist finally appeared. On the front, there is a warm yellow plastic board. This is the mobile phone stand. In addition to the LOGO of the family treasure, there is also a QR code for the app. Users can download the QR code directly to download. Related app. At the top, there is a USB interface, which is mainly for mobile phone charging. The bottom of the black black black pads also uses 4 rubber pads, which increases the stability on the smooth plane.

This picture comes from the network

On the operating table, there is only one button. The main role of this button is to return the main menu and connect and call. The three logos below the one -button button represent their respective functions: when the Bluetooth is connected, the Bluetooth logo will flash, and when someone passs by from the front of the machine, the humanoid logo will flash blue lights.

想家宝:让不懂手机的父母也能玩转智能机|YES or NO

Different from the spring bracket on the mobile phone selfie rod, I want Jiabao to use a spiral fixing method (as shown in the small round object in the figure, the rotation of the clockwise rotation can be spin loose, and then you can pull the lever to the appropriate height and rotate clockwise clockwise clockwise Fixed), you can adapt to 4 -inch to 8 -inch mobile phones or tablets.

Speaking of hardware and saying software

想家宝:让不懂手机的父母也能玩转智能机|YES or NO

Two mobile phones need to be used normally, one is a waste mobile phone, which is installed on the hostel host, and the other is the mobile phone we usually use. The two mobile phones can achieve mutual call function. Therefore, on the APP, Xiangjiabao also needs to use two different APPs: host app and mobile phone app.

想家宝:让不懂手机的父母也能玩转智能机|YES or NO

Host app:

After the host app is installed, the host mobile phone will first search for the hometown host. After the connection is successful, a QR code will appear for the mobile phone app to scan the code pairing.

想家宝:让不懂手机的父母也能玩转智能机|YES or NO

After the mobile phone scanning matches are successful, the host will automatically enter the above main menu, and users can set up a certain amount of APP here.

In fact, for the elderly who do not use mobile phones, these settings are superfluous, and they may not necessarily. Therefore, Xiangjiabao sets up remote control functions on the mobile phone to help the elderly set.

Mobile phone APP:

想家宝:让不懂手机的父母也能玩转智能机|YES or NO

After the installation and registration is successful, you need to add a user’s imaginative home console: Click “Just connect my imagination treasure”, and then a code scan (the two -dimensional code after the search is completed) will appear.

The three figures above are screenshots of the mobile phone menu, setting page, and clicking on “Family Treasure”. There are three major functions: video chat, sharing photos and remote settings.

The main remote control function is: schedule monitoring, regular reminder, calling ringing, automatic connection to four items. Among them, the schedule monitoring is more suitable for the elderly who live alone at home: I want to set up an infrared sensor in the family, can monitor whether someone walks around, place it in the living room of the elderly. No one walks in the specified period of time, and the mobile phone will receive reminders.

Use experience:

Think of Jiabao through the keys on the host, and directly connect the video through long press!

想家宝:让不懂手机的父母也能玩转智能机|YES or NO

Users can set the automatic answer time for the host of the family. When the elderly at home encounters an accident or the elderly do not use smart devices, I want Jiabao to answer automatically. Users can swipe the mobile phone end, remotely control the host side and rotate 360 ​​° left and right, up and down, up and down The perspective of 35 ° is adjusted vertically.

想家宝:让不懂手机的父母也能玩转智能机|YES or NO


想家宝:让不懂手机的父母也能玩转智能机|YES or NO

As soon as I got Xiangjiabao, I was convinced by the packaging at the beginning. Later, as the experience time increased, the reporter also liked this product more and more. The first is to make full use of old smartphones, tablets, etc., saving user costs; after that, the operation is simple, the elderly and children are easy to master; and the host also comes with smart charging, which is very user -friendly.

想家宝:让不懂手机的父母也能玩转智能机|YES or NO

Therefore, in this issue of yes or no, the reporter did not hesitate to choose YES.

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This article wants Jiabao: Parents who do not understand mobile phones can also play smart machines | yes or no from Motion Dot Technology.

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