Support games, alarm clocks, and voice comments functions, the girl is full of heart, but it is a Bluetooth audio


Smart speakers are no longer familiar to us. Everyone’s home will have a sound more or less. This is not the enjoyment that headphones wearing songs can bring people. In terms of appearance, everyone is becoming more and more picky, and everyone is embarrassed for good -looking things.


With a unique design, Divoom, a self -owned brand that has cultivated in digital audio and Fan Entertainment Smart terminal for 13 years, is based on the first day of the founding brand, and in addition to continuous progress in audio effects, it is It is also based on unique pixel presentation and appearance design to capture the hearts of a large group of consumers.

I got Tivoo, which had a creative retro TV shape before, and also got two other Bluetooth audio in their house. The experience experience is good.



This time the TIMOO added a hand -lifted gift bag. The careful illustration design and simple parameter introduction are reflected on the packaging bag. At the same time, the packaging box is a raised design. The back is the APP QR code and simple parameters. I got Nordic green, and the whole of the whole packaging bag was from the box to the box. The pink green was extremely lovely.

And TIMOO also has a name, that is, the small like Bluetooth audio, because his shape is really like a cute little image, round body, short and thick four calves, and cute little tail on the back. The shape of the girl, the girl’s heart, whoever meets it, should like it. It is very suitable whether it is given away or placed on the desktop.


The front of the small statue is a LED screen that can show animation. The interior of this screen is a 16*16 programmable LED light array. It is precisely a variety of wonderful pixel animations through the arrangement of the lamp array. The orange embellishment below the screen is the brand logo.

In front of the familiar grille, the source of the audio playback is located, the reason why it is familiar because the previous Timoo uses the same design method. In addition to the shape, the white surface treatment of the two is also different. The former adopts the former. It is painted, and the small as if the matte material is more comfortable in terms of feel. There are three buttons and a microphone at the top. Two large rotating buttons can adjust the volume, screen brightness, and switch menu. A small button in the middle has functions such as calling the function menu and manual design alarm clock.


The cutest one is this small tail. It is placed behind the fuselage. After opening the tail, the power supply and charging port. The TF card is inserted. The small tail is very fitted with the shape design. More and more cute!


What I have to praise is the function of the small like sound. It is not more abundant. I have already experienced this before on TIMOO, showing you the experience of the upgrade. TIMOO is no longer a simple Bluetooth speaker. Divoom give it a pixel function, but also gives it more playability on this small screen. Let me show you a few functions that I like more.


We can download the APP by scanning the instructions or the soles of the portrait of the portrait, and then the first connection can be connected through Bluetooth. The use of the channel, radio, and settings tab is lined up below. First of all, the popular dynamic pixel chart provided by the great gods of the netizens. And all functions are displayed in the bottom window, which can also be simply operated for Xiaobai.

Voice message function: This is due to my classmates asking if I have appropriate electronic products that can be recorded, but only as the first voice playback of gifts, it is normal to be the sound. Like this function, the idea of ​​starting is to record audio, and then find a way to place it in the audio. Later, after having a small image, I realized the power of the function, so I recommended it to him.


Xuanyin Factory: It covers a variety of rich instruments, all kinds of percussion, orchestra. We can play, or even DJ blows according to our hobbies. This is quite fun.

Animation display: We can edit the text by ourselves. Creative animation functions can recycling the fonts you edited repeatedly. In this way, you can directly edit a sentence or show different animation functions. At the same time, the main interface of the page is also the night light function. You can choose the color of the night lamp you like, and it is very warm when placed on the bedside. There are too many other functions, such as playing games with the screen, using its setting alarm clock, and so on.


【Sound quality】

The body of the Bluetooth speaker itself, as a audio, is a small hole design behind the 6W 钕 magnet vocalization unit. In fact, it is a pores. Therefore, although the sparrows are small and the pore design can enhance the bass effect. Don’t underestimate this small Bluetooth speaker. In actual experience, the effect is very ideal.


TIMOO pixel speakers have a large-capacity lithium battery of 2500mAh built-in, which can be played for up to 6-8 hours. Therefore, whether it is indoor or outdoor, the battery life is absolutely guaranteed.



This is rich in function. I do n’t know if it ’s the advantage or disadvantage. The advantage is that the function is rich and playable, but some of the functions are a bit of the chicken ribs and will not be used too much. In addition, the battery life and appearance design can be regarded as its selling point. It is very good and attractive. It may be insufficient that the waterproof function is not available. Other shortcomings are temporarily unconvinced.