Dogs are also trendy!Moncler X Poldo Dog Couture specially creates a down jacket for pets!


In winter, the cold weather is coming, and major brands have launched down the cool and cold -shaped down single products for fashion enthusiasts. However, the fashionistas with small pets in the family are also very concerned about their styling.This time, Moncler, a well -known French luxury down brand, joined hands with the pet brand Poldo Dog Couture specially created a series of holiday pet costumes for dogs.As long as the pet series is made of red, blue, white, and black. The high -quality down inner orchin is matched with the stylish and handsome shape.Friends who want to buy a dog at home may wish to go to Moncler’s store to choose one or two!

狗狗也潮流!Moncler x Poldo Dog Couture专为宠物打造羽绒外套!

Source: IG