6 baby sleeping bag evaluation: constant temperature sleeping bag, “black technology”? Real Technology?


Little red flower evaluation said:

After the beginning of winter, the baby’s sleeping bag’s sleeping bag evaluation was long overdue. Sorry for the long -awaited pollen.

At this time, no matter the north -south babies, kicking the quilt at night, it is easy to catch a cold, which is an annoyance of the mother’s heart, so it is necessary to start a baby sleeping bag.

The sleeping bags on the market are varied. From the morphological division, there are pheasant, envelopes, vests, legs, and even alien sleeping bags. There is also a constant temperature sleeping bag and non -constant temperature sleeping bag.

This time, Huahua’s evaluation is currently more popular, and it looks like a “black technology” full of temperature sleeping bag. Are these relatively expensive constant temperature sleeping bags really have a “constant temperature effect”? Is it worth starting?

Table of contents

■ Evaluation sample evaluation index

■ Constant temperature vs non -constant temperature: constant temperature sleeping bag has a certain constant temperature effect

■ Constitution comparison: Little Tiny is better, Best Martin is weak

■ Breathable test: have nothing to do with thickness

■ Details design: poor design causes sleep distress


■ Safety: 3 types of inspection products are safe

■ General comment: Little Tiny’s comprehensive performance is better


■ QA about sleeping bags

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Test samples and indicators

At present, there are only a handful of technological matte heating materials. Among them, OUTLAST technology is counted as one, and its temperature adjustment performance and safety have been tested for a long time.

It was originally the US Space Agency, a astronaut

Developed by making space clothes

Later, Kelheim Fiber Company, German special fiber manufacturer, jointly developed Outlast sticky fiber and used in ordinary textiles.


On the major e -commerce platforms, the publicity of the infant temperature sleeping bag is concentrated on “Outlast Technology”.

There are some constant temperature sleeping bag brands that are not Outlast, but they will be described in some exact text, suggesting that consumers are outlast, such as a “similar type” before, but the effect is difficult to say.

In addition, as temperature -adjusting clothing is becoming more and more popular with consumers, various new types of temperature -adjusting fibers are emerging, and they are also used in baby sleeping bags.

According to the claimed temperature adjustment technology and the types of temperature -regulating fiber, the sales volume of e -commerce platforms, and finally the small red flower test selected the following 4 constant temperature sleeping bags as the sample of this evaluation.

The questionnaire survey issued before the small red flower evaluation, this time the sample is a 6-month-3-year-old baby’s split-style sleeping bag, with a thick-length dress with a length of 80cm.

In order to facilitate comparison, Xiaohonghua’s evaluation also purchased two non -constant temperature sleeping bags as a control effect.

▲ Sample map

Evaluation indicators: temperature adjustment effect, breathability, detail design, safety

Constant temperature vs non -constant temperature

The constant temperature sleeping bag has a certain constant temperature effect

The constant temperature sleeping bag is realized by the phase -changing material (PCM = Phase Change Materials).



Take a chestnut, our most common phase change materials -water. When the temperature is higher than 0 ° C, the water changes from solid (ice) to liquid, which absorbs and stores heat. When the temperature is as low as 0 ° C, the water changes from liquid to solid (ice) to release heat. During the phase change process, the temperature is constant.

In the same way, the technician implanted the phase -changing material into the fabric fiber in the form of a microcapsule and made it into a sleeping bag. After the baby puts on this sleeping bag, when the external environmental temperature and body surface temperature rises to a certain temperature (such as 1-2 hours after falling asleep), this material begins to absorb heat, transforms from solid to liquid, and heats the heat in liquid. In the form of storage, the body surface temperature is reduced due to the heat absorption, and the baby will not sweat because it is too hot.

When the ambient temperature and body surface temperature decreases to a certain temperature (such as the second half of the baby’s sleep), this material begins to change from liquid to solid state, releasing heat to supplement the human body’s discharge, so that the baby will not cool down due to the loss of heat loss. Essence

In this way, regardless of the external environment, the constant temperature sleeping bag will “temperature adjustment” through phase change materials, forming a relatively stable and suitable buffer between the baby’s skin and sleeping bag.

The principle is so, is the actual effect? Let’s verify it.

Judging from the test method of the existing literature, there are three methods to verify whether the fabric material has temperature regulation: the scanning volume heat method (DSC), the sweat warm body simulation of the real person test, and the test of the heating rate.

This time, the little red flower test is the third method–

Rainers and cooling rate test



Test principle:

Heat the temperature adjustment material and ordinary materials at the same time (or cool down),


Observing the curve of the two to a certain temperature at the same time, the more gentle the higher it means the slower and the lower the temperature, the better the temperature adjustment of the material.

Temperature testing method


Paste the single layer of each sleeping bag to a constant temperature water bath pot with a temperature of 60 ° C, and use the contact type temperature measuring instrument to record the temperature changes in the 90s.

The contrast curve is as follows:

Special explanation: The comparison of experimental data in the same environment can accurately reflect the relative advantages and disadvantages of the efficacy of the product, but it cannot avoid the effects of the experimental results of the slight change, the thickness of the sample, and the accuracy of the measuring instrument. Therefore, the absolute value of the data and the real use The situation is different, for reference only.


In the heating environment, the temperature of each sleeping bag was continuously rising at the beginning. By about 30 seconds, the temperature difference gradually increased, the heating speed of the constant temperature sleeping bag gradually slowed down, and the ordinary sleeping bag continued to rise rapidly. In the end It is generally gentle than ordinary sleeping bags.

Cooling test method


Paste the single layer of each sleeping bag on a 0 ℃ ice bag and record the temperature changes in the 90s with the contact type temperature measuring meter.

In the cooling environment, the cooling curve of the constant temperature sleeping bag is significantly slower than that of ordinary sleeping bags, and from the beginning, it is slower than the cooling rate of ordinary sleeping bags.

From the figure, we can see that the constant temperature sleeping bag curve is becoming more and more ease, and finally tends to balance. On the contrary, ordinary sleeping bags have always been in a cooling state. At the end of the experiment, the maximum temperature difference between the two reached 4.6 ° C.

It is not difficult to find that the entire temperature and cooling process is difficult to find that the constant temperature sleeping bag has a good buffer effect on temperature.


And ordinary sleeping bags do not have the function of storage heat.

For example, Cafelan and good children are also filled with polyester fiber, but the latter lacks phase -changing materials, so the rising and cooling curve is very different.

However, the point of reminding everyone about temperature adjustment is: The constant temperature sleeping bag solves is within a certain room temperature (about 13 ° C -27 ° C). The problem of grasping is a fine -tuning, slight buffer, and is not suitable for the temperature difference environment that has changed dramatically.

Constant temperature effect comparison

Little Tiny is better, Best Martin is weak

Let’s look at the temperature adjustment performance of the specific brand:

By comparing the rising and cooling curves of the 4 constant temperature sleeping bags, the two non -Outlast’s sleeping bags have similar curves to the Outlast material sleeping bag. Therefore, Huahua believes that these 4 products have a temperature adjustment effect.

However, the temperature adjustment performance of different fiber layers is also different. Next, the flowers will be analyzed by combining curve charts and specific data:


In the heating rate test, the Cavaliers heating curve that claimed to use the “German Cell Solution CLIMA Patent Authorized Intelligent Temperature Fiber” was the most smooth, the slowest temperature difference was only 14.4 ° C.

Two Outlast materials sleeping bags: Little Tiny and IBABY are ranked second and third, respectively, and finally the “TEMPSENENSE Intelligent Temperature Fiber” is adjusted to temperature adjustment. Except for Kohlan, the total temperature difference between the other three heating temperatures is not much different.

In the cooling rate test, the slower cooling curve is the Little Tiny, with a total temperature difference of 3 ° C;

Followed by IBABY, the total temperature difference is 3.5 ° C.

Although it is also an Outlast material sleeping bag, due to the differences in the process and technical processing between various brands, the functional experience experience will inevitably be different. The difference in 0.5 ° C may be here.


Cafelan, which performed well in the heating test, ranked third, and Bersmartin continued to the bottom.

Don’t look at their differences is only 1-2 degrees Celsius, but it will still have a greater impact on the body’s physical temperature. The temperature is high, and we will feel hot, and the low will feel comfortable.

The main application scenario of the constant temperature sleeping bag is winter. Huahua believes that it is more important to deal with cooling!

In summary, the temperature adjustment effect of Huahua on 4 constant temperature sleeping bags is shown in the figure below:

Breathable test


Nothing to be thick

The baby’s metabolism is faster than an adult, and often needs to consume too much calories in the body by sweating.

In autumn and winter, due to the low temperature, the state of sweating will be relieved, but if the breathability of the sleeping bag is not good enough, the baby’s delicate skin is wrapped in a humid environment for a long time, which can easily cause the diseases such as folliculitis and dermatitis.

So, what is the permeability of these 4 constant temperature sleeping bags? Let’s test it.


testing method:

Take 50ml of water in the cup, and place the back of the sleeping bag on the cup and hoop tightly. After the overall weight is taken, put it in a microwave oven for 1 minute, remove it for 30 minutes, and then measure the overall weight. The weight difference is the difference. The water vapor weight of the fabric on the back of the sleeping bag.

The results are as follows:

The results of the comparison thickness and evaporation weight can be seen: Little Tiny is the most light and breathable, and Best Martin is the thickest and impermeable.

Although the fabric is thick, the breathability ranks second, indicating that the breathability and thickness are not proportional. The material, structure and process can affect the breathability of the sleeping bag.

detail design

If the design is not good, it will cause sleep distress

The baby likes to stretch freely and is unrestrained, even when he sleeps, all kinds of sleeping positions.


If the design of the sleeping bag is unreasonable, they are limited by their hands and feet activities, and they are likely to wake themselves up in the struggle.

In the previous questionnaire surveys, many Baomao also reflected the lack of details of some sleeping bags in detail, such as running up the trouser legs and unreasonable designs at the ankle.

Therefore, for the “split -legged” sleeping bag, some points of details that need to pay attention to when buying are combed.


If a split -leg sleeping bag can meet most of the requirements, it can create a good sleeping environment for the baby.

Let ’s take a look at the details of the details of the sleeping bags of this evaluation:

1. Caiphara zipper-like sleeve disassembly method is a little more difficult than the buckle, -0.2 points.

2. Little Tiny performed well in detail design and got full scores.

3. There is no buckle -0.2 points at the IBABY foot and thread.

4. Best Martin’s neckline has a strong sense of restraint, and his sleeves cannot be disassembled. Compared with the other three, its zipper head is large, and the zipper care is wrapped. The child will be a bit embarrassing when sleeping on his stomach. HIN is embarrassed ~

▲ From top to bottom, Koklan, Little Tiny, IBABY, Best Martin

And its integrated zipper is opened. When changing the diaper, the baby’s feet may be taken out. It is easy to disturb the baby’s sleep, and the legs and foot are not pressed and the hem is narrow. The details are the most inferior to the details.


3 types of inspection products are safe

In autumn and winter, sleeping bags must be in close contact with their children every night, and safety must be guaranteed!


Little Red Flower Evaluation sends the Little Tiny, Kofflan and IBABY that perform well in the previous test to a professional testing agency to test the three indicators of formaldehyde, saliva resistance and carcinogenic aroma.

The results showed that the three products were in line with national compulsory standards “GB 18401-2010 National Textile Products Basic Safety Technical Specifications” and “GB 31701-2015 Infant and Children’s Textile Product Safety Technical Specifications”.

General review

Little tiny comprehensive performance is better

Based on the evaluation results of the above indicators, the small red flower evaluation divides the weight according to the importance of different indicators, and then gives points.


Little Tiny’s various indicators performed well and ranked first in comprehensive rankings.

Reasons for recommendation


: OUTLAST temperature fiber filling, the actual measurement is good, the breathability is good, the details are intimate, without formaldehyde, which can decompose carcinogenic aromatic amine dyes, and the salvis resistance is qualified.


QA about sleeping bags

Q: How to choose the style of sleeping bag?

A: Newborn suggests choosing sleeping bags to prevent shock. When the baby will climb away, you can choose to split your legs and sleeping bags. In autumn and winter, it is recommended to choose a split -leg sleeping bag with a sleeve.

In addition, choose more white or light monochrome -lining sleeping bags to prevent the baby’s skin stimulation due to unqualified dyes.

Q: How to choose a thick sleeping bag?

A: Sleeping bags can be divided into summer models, spring and autumn models, winter. Basically, the thickest winter pajamas are not used in heating areas, you can buy spring and autumn.

Q: How to choose a sleeping bag size?

A: If you choose a sleeping bag for your baby, you should not be too tight.

Q: How should I match sleeping bags, clothes and quilts?

A: When there is no heating area in the south, when it is very cold at night, you can put on a slightly thicker pajamas and pajamas and sleeping bags;

When there is no heating night in the north, when it is very cold, we can put on a slightly thicker pajamas, pajamas, and sleeping bags. At the same time, you can cover a thin blanket. After heating, you can try thin pajamas and pajamas and medium -thick sleeping bags.

Moms can explore the rules according to the actual situation of the children ~

This evaluation agency: Guangdong Entry -Exit Inspection and Quarantine Technology Center


This test fee: sample fee+testing fee = 4991 yuan

Text/Liu Zixing


Introduction to Xiao Honghua Testing:

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The “Little Red Flower Evaluation” adheres to the three principles: not accepting test samples provided by the enterprise, advertising and sponsorship attempts to affect the test results, and entrusted national certification testing institutions to test independently.

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