Student dormitory mattress, enjoy the youth of sleeping and healthy


As a student, most children were educated: “Eat hard and suffer, and he is a person.” Among them, sleeping hard beds, pillowing hard books, and candle reading night reading is a manifestation of hardships. However, for a child with a development period and sufficient and high -quality sleep, a good student dormitory mattress is particularly important.

When students are in physical growth and development, the sleeping mattress should not be too soft or too strong, otherwise it will affect the development of the human body; the mattress also needs to have strong pressure, which can accurately support the body and make stress stress Uniform distribution, moisture -proof, mites -proof, and anti -allergic mattresses are also required by students.



Dormitory Mattress Soft Cushion Single Student Dormitory Plasma Catusels Non -slip Cushion

This mattress is thicker and foldable, non -slip and breathable, antibacterial and anti -mites, anti -slip, fixing four corners, comfortable fabrics, and beautiful patterns! The soft and hardness is moderate, and the cushion feels a bit slightly heated on the bed. The baby is not afraid of being cold on it. High -quality washing fabrics, soft and skin -friendly, breathable and humid, contacting the human body, not easy to static, not easy to remove hair, multi -layer mechanical shops, multi -layer mechanical shops Cotton, ensure uniform and fluffy, moderate soft and hard, fit the body lines, and the bottom of the bottom non -slip particles can effectively prevent the mattress move and bring you comfortable sleep. recommend!

Thick tatami mattress cushion can fold the sponge cushion for student dormitory 1.5m1 ….



Nurman Memory Cotton Mattoos Tatami Sponge Mattress

This mattress is very comfortable to touch. The non -slip on the back is very intimate. It brings the child to school for school. It is very convenient. The rebound force is very good. I personally think that it is enough to spread it in the summer. In winter, you can add a cotton wool mattress to keep the warmth effect better. It will feel stiff, fill in the five -layer structure, and interact. Mattress is made of knitted cotton fabrics, soft and comfortable, good hygroscopic, and the entire latex filled design of the inside. recommend!


Nooman Memory Cotton Mattress 0.9m Tatami Sponge Mattrics bedroom Mattack Student Overnight … ¥ 299



Student dormitory on the upper and lower single mattress cushions with pads thickened mattress


This mattress is good, the material is good, the packaging is powerful, the paving is flat, very comfortable, and very thick. The overall effect is very good. It is very satisfied. The shop has been collected. I bought the mattress, the size and my bed were just right. It had been sleeping for two days. It was very soft and comfortable. The quality of sleep at night was significantly improved, and I was reluctant to leave the bed. Very soft and comfortable, without odor, suitable thickness, soft and thick -grinding fabric, environmental protection printing and dyeing process, not fading, comfortable and environmentally friendly, large color fastness, strong and durable. The entire fiber cotton fills, ergonomic design, to achieve a natural state of comfortable sleep, exquisite sewing design, mattress more convincing, fine needle feet, firm and durable. recommend!

Student dormitory on the upper and lower single mattresses 0.9m cushion by 1 bedroom bed 1 meter 1 … ¥ 58

— 4–

Latex mattress plus a single person 0.9m soft mattress pad by a student dormitory

This mattress design is reasonable. There is also a non -slip design to prevent moving. A pleasant purchase of a mattress is really comfortable to sleep. The mat is breathable. There is no smell, and the fabric feels good. It is very good in summer, and the thickness is very moderate and very delicate. Soft knitted cotton fabrics are comfortable skin and soft touch. Imported breathable latex can inhibit the growth of mites and bacteria, so you can ensure that children live in school. Back to sleep or sleep on the side, the latex is close to the body, providing comfortable sleep, foldable design, more convenient to carry. recommend!

Latex mattress plus a thick single person 0.9m soft mattress pad by a student dormitory 1.2 … ¥ 68


Playboy mattress dormitory Single students on the upper and lower layers of Thai latex mattress

This mattress feels comfortable and good. Life is your own. Of course, you have to sleep comfortably. The mattress has no smell. It is comfortable to lie on the waist. Things, very satisfied. After returning, I immediately spread it. There was no taste, and the size was just asleep and comfortable. It is appropriate to use in summer and good breathability. This will always be fluffy. I personally feel that it is much better than cotton wool. There are also non -slip chefs below, and the fabric is also good. It is so thick. After a day of exposure, it feels like it. recommend!

Playboy mattress dormitory Single students are dedicated to the upper and lower pavement 0.9m dormitory Thailand … ¥ 159



Thai latex mattress student dormitory folding sponge mattress

It feels very comfortable to go up on this mattress pad. It is also good to press the elasticity with the hand pressure. After a while, it will rebound, and the four corners also have straps, the strict silk fitting with the mattress, and the cushion is super warm at night. Very soft and comfortable, it is hot when it feels dawn. The surface feels delicate, very breathable, good workmanship, no extra line head, the sewing of the corner is also strong, the whole mattress is full of three -dimensional feeling. Moderate thickness mattresses are not thicker, the better. After all, it is good to sleep every day. recommend!


Thai latex mattress student dormitory folding sponge mattress mattresses single bedroom pavement cushion … ¥ 118