Deli Technology plans to list the new three boards in 2015. 2.64 million yuan in net profit

0 Comments News on May 9th, Hangzhou Deeli Technology Co., Ltd. has officially applied for the new three board listing in the near future. The listing information disclosed by the national stock transfer system shows that Deli Technology was established on September 25, 2002. Chairman Shen Liang With his wife Zhu Yi directly and indirectly accounted for 81.25%of the shares, he was the actual controller.

The announcement shows that the operating income of Deli Technology in 2014 and 2015 was 33.3538 million yuan and 39.782 million yuan, respectively; net profit was 1.0597 million yuan and 26.402 million yuan, respectively.

According to data from the new Third Board Research Institute, Deli Technology is mainly engaged in the research and development, production and sales of photovoltaic and building materials special adhesives.

Deli Technology has mainly formed two major chemical new material products: building materials and photovoltaic categories. Among them, building materials products mainly include AB glue, cloud stone gum, planting muscle gum, porcelain crystal gum, etc. A photovoltaic special adhesives such as adhesive rods, resin glue, and alcohol materials for cutting are mainly used in the fields of semiconductor electronics, photovoltaic and building materials industries.

Customers in Deli Technology mainly include Lanti Technology, GCL Group, Longji Group and other large listing or Hong Kong and Taiwan joint venture photovoltaic materials companies or dealers in high -quality building materials.

The host brokerage of Deli Technology’s listing this time is CITIC Construction Investment Securities, and the legal adviser is Beijing Deheheng (Hangzhou) Law Firm. The financial audit is the Lixin Zhonglian Accounting Firm (special common partnership).