Rural monster “phenomenon”: Wearing pajamas is trendy, and it looks ugly and earthy. Why do villagers like to wear?


In recent years, every year in winter, “pajamas” appears in the countryside. What is “pajamas”? After the weather is cold, wearing pajamas can be used everywhere, not only wearing at home, going out, and even going to the city to buy things. In response to this situation, some people say that it is indecent, uncivilized, or bad atmosphere. Some people say that no matter what clothes they wear, they are comfortable, and they do not stipulate that they cannot wear pajamas.

In fact, the pajamas mentioned here are not clothes worn during sleep,

This “pajamas” is not a pajamas! Some people call it “home service”,

As shown in the figure, but everyone calls it pajamas, so no matter whether home clothes or cotton clothes, they are also used to called pajamas.

Observing the surrounding people carefully. After winter, not only is it often simple in rural areas, but the city has also appeared. I have stayed in the city for a year in the past few years. After the winter, there are a lot of You can see people wearing pajamas. It’s just comparison, there are more people in rural pajamas.

In addition, not only friends who have lived in the countryside for a long time will wear, but some people who work in foreign workers and school will wear pajamas when they return home. Even if they are dressed like “boss” or “goddess”, they will also return to the village, and they will also return to the village. In a specific environment, put on pajamas and become “village aunt” or “rural guy”.

The author has lived in the countryside for a long time, and there are many people in our village wearing pajamas. They should wear pajamas. After asking, there are about 3 answers.

One, warm.

Although this kind of pajamas are not good -looking, the warmth effect is very good. Some are even made of cotton. From the perspective of the appearance, it looks thicker. Therefore, warmth is first. After all, if it is not warm, no one will wear the cold weather in winter.


Second, cheap.


The price of this kind of pajamas is very cheap. If the top is added, the cheap is only tens of yuan, and more than 100 are expensive. And it’s just a top. And this kind of pajamas is only tens of yuan or hundreds of yuan. It can be worn for several years, and the economy is affordable.

Third, dirty.


The resistance to dirt here is not to say that the material is resistant to dirt, but it does not distress after dirty. For example, the rural hometown may have a lot of dust. When you go out, you can play with your friends in the same village. After dirty, unwilling to wash, or go to the dry cleaning shop. It is said that after the pajamas, they are dirty. There is no problem. After returning to home wet towels after dirty, I will continue to wear it the next day. I wo n’t be distressed at all. Even if I wear it, I will buy it again.

Why do people say that wearing this kind of pajamas is not good? On the one hand, wearing this kind of pajamas is not so good -looking compared to ordinary clothes, or such clothes should be worn at home and should not be worn. On the other hand, those who say this may live in the city for a long time, and they rarely see the life in the countryside. In addition to putting on this kind of pajamas, the little girl has become an older aunt. I think this kind of clothes are harmful. Therefore, some people do not recommend going out of pajamas.

Regarding the uncivilized statement of pajamas, many villagers objected to this. They wear it as they want to wear. It is very comfortable to wear, and it does not affect other people. It is not only kept warm, cheap, but also very convenient to wear them. Therefore, you should wear it. What do you think of this?